November 2021
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Bargain Hunt
Unterhaltungsshow, Bargain Hunt: Children in Need... ...Special. Actor and comedian John Thomson and his daughter Olivia take on newsreader Reeta Chakrabarti and her daughter Roxy. Hosted by Natasha Raskin Sharp. [S,AD] [HD]
BBC News at One
News Info, BBC News at One The latest national and international news from the BBC. [S] [HD]
BBC London
News Info, This Is BBC One HD Please switch over to BBC One for the latest news from your area. Programming will resume on BBC One HD after the bulletin. [HD]
The Tournament
Unterhaltungsshow, The Tournament 10/25. In the ultimate knockout quiz, eight players do battle on the Tournament Run in a series of exciting tug-of-war quiz matches. Hosted by Alex Scott. [S] [HD]
Garden Rescue
House garden, Garden Rescue 3/11. Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers transform a sea of dingy gravel and paving into a peaceful haven. [S,AD] [HD]
Escape to the Country
House garden, Escape to the Country 51/70. Jules Hudson helps a retired couple who have decided to escape town life after over 40 years in the same property and buy a rural retreat in west Wales. [S,AD] [HD]
Clean It Fix It
Home improvement, Clean It, Fix It 10/15. The Olgun familys rented two-bed flat in south west London is bursting at the seams, so the team revamp the hallway to get rid of the clutter. [S] [HD]
Politics UK
News Info, Politics UK Jo Coburn presents highlights of the weeks proceedings at Westminster, the Scottish and Welsh Parliaments and the Northern Ireland Assembly. [S] [HD]
Dancing Through Christmas
Drama, Dancing Through Christmas When widower Michael meets Olivia, his daughters dance teacher, a flame is sparked in the firefighters heart. [2021] [S] [HD]
The Best Christmas Food Ever
Cooking, The Best Christmas Food Ever Paul Ainsworth and Catherine Fulvio are joined by Martine McCutcheon as they share culinary secrets, perfect for creating delicious festive flavours for Christmas. [S,AD] [HD]
Documentary, Coast 4/24. Nick Crane explores some of the most spectacular and scary sea cliffs in Britain. [S] [HD]
Antiques Roadshow
Collectibles, Vintage Antiques Roadshow 26/29. Fiona Bruce and the team of experts head to Cumbria for another busy day handing out valuations and discovering objects with remarkable stories. [S] [HD]
This Is BBC Four
Event, Something Special: Were All... ...Friends. Dragon School. Justin visits a friends school to make a recycled dragon and to take part in a dragon parade. Meanwhile, its school photo day with Teacher Tumble - say cheese! [S] [HD]
Danny and Mick
Comedyshow, Danny and Mick Party Crashers. When Danny and Mick make a magician vanish, somebodys going to have to take his place. [S,AD] [HD]
All At Sea
Impro-Comedy, All at Sea Beast. Charlie and his family run a bed and breakfast by the sea. There is a wild animal on the loose in Scarborough, but are the various sightings around town fact or fantasy? [S,AD] [HD]
4 O Clock Club
Impro-Comedy, 4 OClock Club Mr Garland. Comedy series. Owen loves wearing his granddads coat - until he is mistaken for a teacher. Amber and Violet try to avoid the celebrations for Darneshs birthday. [S] [HD]
Hetty Feather
Dramaserie, Hetty Feather For Shame. Drama series. Agness job is put at risk when her family secret is revealed, while Emily argues with her father about her future. Jack thinks Gideon has betrayed him. [S,AD] [HD]
The Next Step
Dramaserie, The Next Step A-Troupe Escape. Reality-style drama series. A-troupes ability to work as a team is put to the test when the dancers find themselves locked in an escape room. [S,SL] [HD]
So Awkward
Kinder+J. Sonstiges, Still So Awkward Burke Hill TV: Something New. Claire Fox presents Something New: Everything You Need to Know About Starting Uni. [S,AD,SL] [HD]
Diddy TV
Comedyshow, Diddy TV Mr Bully. Join Holly Willoughay and Holly Willoughby for Surprise Surprise Surprise Surprise. [S,SL] [HD] Followed by Lifebabble; The Lifebabble team talk about loneliness.
Aktuelles Thema, Danny and Mick April Foolers. Sharon has banned all pranks on April Fools Day - but Pottsfield has a mystery pranker, and for once it isnt Danny. [S,AD] [HD]
Danny and Mick
Comedyshow, Danny and Mick April Foolers. Sharon has banned all pranks on April Fools Day - but Pottsfield has a mystery pranker, and for once it isnt Danny. [S,AD] [HD]
Shaun the Sheep
Animated, Shaun the Sheep Happy Farmers Day. Animated series. Bitzer treats the farmer to a restaurant-style dining experience, but the main course goes missing. [S] [HD]
Dennis Gnasher Unleashed
Adventure, Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed Sausage Lossage. In an attempt to deprive Gnasher of the food that fuels his active gnashy ways, Walter takes over Butch Butchers sausage-making business. [S] [HD]
Dennis Gnasher Unleashed
Adventure, Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed Things Get Chilli. With Paul on vacation, Pieface falls under the influence of a fiery chilli pepper and unexpectedly turns rogue. [S] [HD]
Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese
Animated, Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese Imitation Games. Cheese and Dog are teasing each other about the things they like to do. However, trying out each others interests causes them to realise what theyve been missing out on. [S] [HD]
Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese
Animated, Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese Smoothie Operators. When Mouse brings home an old ice cream truck, the kids start their own smoothie business. [S] [HD]
The Repair Shop
Reality, New: The Repair Shop 35/40. Jay Blades and the team restore a beloved soft toy owl, a miniature piano and a work-torn wall clock. [S,AD] [HD]
Unterhaltungsshow, Pointless 38/55. The quiz in which contestants try to score as few points as possible by plumbing the depths of their general knowledge to come up with the answers no-one else could think of. [S] [HD]
BBC News at Six
News Info, BBC News at Six The latest national and international news stories from the BBC News team, followed by weather. [S] [HD]
BBC London
News Info, This Is BBC One HD Please switch over to BBC One for the latest news from your area. Programming will resume on BBC One HD after the bulletin. [HD]
BBC Children in Need
Fundraiser, Children in Need 2021 The annual charity extravaganza, hosted by some of the biggest names in entertainment and packed full of exclusive sketches, music performances and special guests. [S] [HD]
Lost Land of the Tiger
Animals, Lost Land of the Tiger 3/3. Wildlife adventure series searching for tigers in the Himalayas. Along the Tibetan border, explorer Steve Backshall has a close encounter with the worlds most elusive predator. [S] [HD]
Flog It
Collectibles, Flog It! 23/60. Paul Martin presents from Huddersfield in West Yorkshire. Experts Mark Stacey and Christina Trevanion are on hand to find a selection of objects to take to auction. [S] [HD]
Richard Osman s House of Games
Unterhaltungsshow, Richard Osmans House of Games 70/140. Edith Bowman, Fern Brady, Will Kirk and Martin Lewis test their general knowledge skills on this weeks House of Games. [S] [HD]
Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two
Reality, Strictly - It Takes Two 40/60. Rylan is on hand with more Strictly exclusives and is joined by a star-studded Friday Panel to discuss this weekends dances. [S] [HD]
Celebrity Antiques Road Trip
Collectibles, Celebrity Antiques Road Trip 8/20. Actors Robert Daws and Mark Curry find antiques with experts Roo Irvine and Izzy Balmer. [S] [HD]
This Is BBC Four
Event, In the Night Garden Igglepiggles Accident. Childrens show. Igglepiggle discovers the stones which Makka Pakka has carefully tidied into a special pattern, but then he accidentally knocks them over. [S] [HD]
This Is BBC Four
Event, This is BBC Four This is BBC Four. Programmes start at 7.00pm. [HD]
Country Queens at the BBC
Music, Country Queens at the BBC Featuring Bobbie Gentry, Anne Murray, Emmylou Harris, Tammy Wynette, Billie Jo Spears, Crystal Gayle, Taylor Swift, Lucinda Williams with Mary Chapin Carpenter and more. [S]
Ninja Express
Animated, Ninja Express Egg. In order to secure the highest star rating for her restaurant, Chef Topsee turns to the Ninjas to find a giant egg for critic Jean-Pierre Point Dorgure. [S] [HD]
We Bare Bears
Animated, We Bare Bears Icy Nights. Ice Bear rides his custom vacuum into the city. [S] [HD]
Odd Squad
Kinder+J. Sonstiges, Odd Squad Box Trot. The Mobile Unit is on a mission to get rid of a box containing villain powers, but Lady Bread, Star Wipe, and Monsieur Papier Mach?‘ have a plan. [S] [HD]
Danger Mouse
Adventure, Danger Mouse Crouching Hamster, Hidden Wagon. Penfold is summoned by his Granny to help retrieve the stolen book of Farm Fu. [S,AD]
The Next Step
Dramaserie, The Next Step: Anti-Bullying... ...Special. Anti-Bullying Special: Come Together. Riley helps the team get ready for competition by doing anti-bullying exercises. [S] [HD]
We Bare Bears
Animated, We Bare Bears Everyones Tube. We get a glimpse of the different kinds of videos the Bears have posted. [S] [HD]
Summer Camp Island
Animated, Summer Camp Island The Basketballs Liaries. Oscar makes an impressive basketball shot that scores him a spot on the Gold League. [S] [HD]
Dragons: Riders of Berk
Animated, Dragons: Riders of Berk Breakneck Bog. Animation based on How to Train Your Dragon. Hiccup and the gang set off to retrieve a gift lost in a bog which is rumoured to be haunted. [S] [HD]
DIY Deadly with Steve Backshall
Animals, DIY Deadly with Steve Backshall Deadly Towns and Cities. From peregrines to bats, wildlife expert Steve Backshall explores our urban animals. [S] [HD]
Blue Peter
Quiz & Gameshow, Blue Peter: Children in Need... ...Spectacular!. Children in Need Spectacular! Its our Children in Need spectacular, with a performance from School of Rock The Musical. [S] [HD]
The Next Step
Kinder+J. Sonstiges, The Next Step Taking Care of Business. Reality-style drama following the lives of a group of dancers at the Next Step Dance Studio. Jiley is reunited! But the team has lost a member. [S] [HD]
Kinder+J. Sonstiges, Lagging Slugs. Becca likes a boy who is massively into gaming. However, she knows precisely zero about playing online games and so gets Sol to pretend to be her and game online on her behalf. [S,AD] [HD]
The Story of Tracy Beaker
Comedyshow, The Story of Tracy Beaker A Dogs Life. Drama series about life in a childrens home. The kids think they have found the perfect foster parents, but a surprise visitor threatens to steal the limelight. [S,AD]
Secret Life of Boys
Comedyshow, Secret Life of Boys Empty-ish Nest. Corey makes a shocking discovery about Thane, while Matt vows to get over Tabs. [S,AD] [HD]
BBC News at Ten
News Info, BBC News at Ten The latest national and international news, with reports from BBC correspondents worldwide. [S] [HD]
BBC London
News Info, This Is BBC One HD Please switch over to BBC One for the latest news from your area. Programming will resume on BBC One HD after the bulletin. [HD]
Stephen Merchant: Hello Ladies
Comedyshow, Stephen Merchant: Hello Ladies Stephen Merchant looks at the etiquette of love and romance from his unique perspective. Contains very strong language and adult humour [S] [HD]

In My Skin
Dramaserie, In My Skin 2/5. Bethan and her gang of friends from school have a fun time at an overnight visit to a local university, despite certain tensions running high. Contains very strong language. [S] [HD]
The Wild Gardener
Documentary, The Wild Gardener 1/2. Wildlife cameraman Colin Stafford-Johnson returns home to Ireland on a personal quest to transform his old childhood garden into a haven for native plants and animals. [S,AD] [HD]
Bridget Riley: Painting the Line
Special, Bridget Riley - Painting the Line A portrait of a true visionary and one of our greatest living painters. Contains scenes of flashing images. [S] [HD]
University Challenge
Unterhaltungsshow, University Challenge - Children... ...in Need Special. Kirsty Wark hosts a special edition of the quiz show as stars from the BBC and ITV go head-to-head for BBC Children in Need. [S] [HD]
News Info, Newsnight The days important national and international news stories. With Faisal Islam. [S] [HD]
BBC Weather
Weather, The latest weather forecast.
Inside the Care Crisis with Ed Balls
Documentary, Inside the Care Crisis with Ed... ...Balls. 2/2. After living and working in a care home, Ed turns his attention to paid and unpaid home care and shadows a professional carer on his 14-hour day, making 16 home visits. [S,AD] [HD]
Top of the Pops
Music, TOTP: 1991 Mark Franklin and Elayne Smith present the pop chart programme, first broadcast on 5 December 1991 and featuring Shades of Rhythm, Erasure, Simply Red and Guns N Roses. [S]
Top of the Pops
Music, TOTP: 1991 Tony Dortie and Claudia Simon present the pop chart programme, first broadcast on 12 December 1991 and featuring Cathy Dennis, Digital, Cliff Richard, Kym Sims and Salt N Pepa. [S]
Kenny Rogers: Cards On The Table
Documentary, Kenny Rogers: Cards on the Table Documentary chronicling Kenny Rogerss remarkable rise to the top of his game and the golden era of country music he ushered in, featuring interviews and performance footage. [S] [HD]
Country Music Awards 2021
Special, Country Music Awards 2021 BBC Radio 2s Bob Harris introduces highlights from the 55th annual Country Music Awards. The event took place on 10 November at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee. [S] [HD]
The Old Grey Whistle Test
Music, The Old Grey Whistle Test:... ...Emmylou Harris. Innovative country legend Emmylou Harris and The Hot Band perform in a special concert recorded for The Old Grey Whistle Test in 1977. [S]
Documentary, Loretta Lynn - Still a Mountain... ...Girl: Arena. Country music singer-songwriter Loretta Lynn looks back at her long, extraordinary life. Contains some scenes which some viewers may find upsetting. [S] [HD]
The Real Jamie Johnson
Documentary, The Real Jamie Johnson Ezra. The cast of Jamie Johnson travel the UK in search of young footballers. Jermaine, who plays Wozza in Jamie Johnson, meets up with gifted footballer Ezra. [S] [HD]
Jamie Johnson
Dramaserie, Jamie Johnson Game of Two Halves. Duncans plans to save the club seem to involve Jamie. Can Boggy uncover the truth? [S,AD] [HD]
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