December 2021





Michael McIntyre s The Wheel
Unterhaltungsshow, Michael McIntyres The Wheel 6/16. Michael McIntyre hosts as Joey Essex, Rosie Jones, Will Kirk, Angela Rippon, Jonathan Ross, Ranvir Singh and DanTDM try to help the contestants win a life-changing cash prize. [S] [HD]

Blankety Blank
Unterhaltungsshow, Blankety Blank 8/10. Bradley Walsh hosts as Tess Daly, Adil Ray, Roisin Conaty, Sue Perkins, Gregg Wallace and Mark Wright try to fill in the missing blanks and help the contestants win big prizes. [S] [HD]

Weather for the Week Ahead
Weather, Detailed weather forecast.

Joins BBC News
News Info, BBC One joins the BBC s rolling news channel for a night of news.

BBC News
News Info, BBC News BBC One joins the BBCs rolling news channel for a night of news. [S] [HD]

Bring Molly Home
Special, BBC News BBC One joins the BBCs rolling news channel for a night of news. [S] [HD]

BBC News
News Info, BBC News BBC One joins the BBCs rolling news channel for a night of news. [S] [HD]
Public affairs, Delivering Christmas: What s in Store. Reporter Jane Corbin goes on the distribution front line to hear from companies struggling to find enough HGV drivers to move essential foods around the country and speaks to farmers who fear their crops will be left to rot if they can t find enough workers. With wages rising and the recent hike in energy prices putting pressure on costs the programme analyses household bills and asks whether families are facing a New Year hangover.

BBC News
News Info, BBC News BBC One joins the BBCs rolling news channel for a night of news. [S] [HD]

News Info, BBC News BBC One joins the BBCs rolling news channel for a night of news. [S] [HD]

BBC World News
News Info, BBC News BBC One joins the BBCs rolling news channel for a night of news. [S] [HD]
World Business Report
Bus. financial, The latest news from the business world with analysis and speculation straight from the world s leading financial centres.

UK Championship Snooker
Snooker, Snooker: UK Championship Extra Highlights of the second day of the last 16 at the 2021 UK Snooker Championship. [S] [HD]
The Hairy Bikers Go North
Cooking, Tyne and Wear Newcastle. The Hairy Bikers explore a region close to Si s heart: Tyne and Wear and its great city of Newcastle where he spent most of his life. After weeks travelling across the stunning northern countryside the bikers are having an urban adventure.
Strictly Come Dancing
Reality, Week 10. Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman host as the final leg of the competition approaches and every dance has to be better than the last to guarantee a place in next week s quarter-final.
Strictly Come Dancing
Reality, Week 10 Results. The results show opens with a futuristic group routine from the professional dancers and there is a music performance from Years Years. With a place in next week s quarter-final up for grabs the dance-off is not to be missed.
Entertainment, A preview of upcoming programmes from BBC Two.

Sound of Musicals with Neil Brand
Documentary, Sound of Musicals with Neil Brand 1/3. Series exploring how musical theatre evolved over the last 100 years. Neil finds out how its modern shape was established through pioneering works. [S] [HD]

Winter Walks
Nature, Winter Walks: Nihal Arthanayake 4/4. BBC presenter and radio host Nihal Arthanayake explores coast and countryside around the Cumbria and Lancashire border, embracing moments of solitude and reflection along the way. [S,AD,SL]

Antony Gormley: How Art Began
Special, Antony Gormley: How Art Began Britains most celebrated sculptor Antony Gormley is setting out on a journey to see for himself the very beginnings of art. [S,AD,SL]

This Is BBC Four
Event, This is BBC Four This is BBC Four. Programmes start at 7.00pm. [HD]
This Is BBC Four
Event, BBC FOUR is the BBC channel for people who want more. More depth more range more to stimulate the mind.
News Info, The BBC s Breakfast programme features the latest news sport business weather and other items on a daily basis.
Morning Live
News Info, Kym Marsh and Gethin Jones present a lively mix of topical content and expert advice.
Claimed and Shamed
Documentary, A cheating cabbie involves his loved ones in a bogus injury claim following a car accident. A gardener claims on his personal accident insurance following accidents at customers properties but is found out when his supposed clients say they have never heard of him. Why are four students the only ones making personal injury claims when a double decker bus has a minor bump The truth is revealed on the CCTV.
Frontline Fightback
Documentary, A team of super recognisers police officers with an extraordinary ability to recognise faces could be the key to catching criminals who commit multiple offences.
Homes Under the Hammer
House garden, A house in London s Plaistow a shell of a home in Little Plumpton in Lancashire and a two-bedroom flat in Blythe Bridge in Stoke-on-Trent are all sold under the hammer. All the developers have bought them for investment but will any of them make any money

Bargain Hunt
Unterhaltungsshow, Bargain Hunt Natasha Raskin Sharp is in Worcester, where experts Thomas Forrester and Tim Weeks help our teams find the best items to sell at auction. [S,AD] [HD]
Virtually Home
House garden, A retired couple in Uxbridge West London call on the help of interior designer Simon Hamilton and the virtual reality studio for advice on how to redesign their tired living room. They have very different views when it comes to colour and style.
Walking With..
Nature, Walking with Nick Grimshaw. Famous for waking up the nation on Radio One and his afternoon drive-time show DJ and presenter Nick Grimshaw heads to the north east of England for a stroll through a fascinating landscape. Exploring historic areas of Warkworth and Amble in Northumberland Nick begins his walk at first light dipping his toes in the sea for a refreshing wake-me-up along the beach. Crossing sand dunes and an ancient river Nick heads for the streets of Warkworth and reflects on the importance of family life including the positive influence of his late father. Nick talks about recognising his sexuality as he was growing up - including questioning what being gay would actually mean. Taking the short boat crossing to the extraordinary Warkworth Hermitage - a retreat carved from a sandstone cliff - Nick talks about the benefits meditation has brought to his life. As Nick approaches the end of his walk the conversation turns to the future.
Nadiya s Fast Flavours
Cooking, Quick and Easy. Nadiya Hussain turns her attention to quick and easy recipes. As a working mum of three Nadiya is no stranger to juggling work and family and she shares useful recipes that are all loaded with flavour but can be rustled up in no time.
BBC News
News Info, Twenty-four hours a day the latest national and international stories as they break.
BBC News
News Info, Twenty-four hours a day the latest national and international stories as they break.
This Is BBC Four
Event, BBC FOUR is the BBC channel for people who want more. More depth more range more to stimulate the mind.

Danger Mouse
Adventure, Danger Mouse: The Snowman Cometh The Snowman Cometh. Animated series. Its Christmas, and DM and Penfold are tasked with protecting Santa from the villainous clutches of the festive season-destroying Snowman. [S,AD] [HD]

Dennis Gnasher Unleashed
Adventure, Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed Boarding Beano. Doctor Pfooflepfeffers first act as head of governors is to turn Bash Street School into a boarding school. However, the pupils devise a series of daring attempts to escape. [S] [HD]

Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese
Animated, Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese Curling Tail. Boy, Girl and Cheese learn that their animal siblings have a tough time with their tails and want to understand what its like. So Mouse builds them mechanical tales to wear. [S] [HD]

News Info, Newsround 03/12/2021. Topical news magazine for children. [S] [HD]

Ninja Express
Animated, By the Seaside. When an exhausted mother orders a replacement for her daughter s lost cuddly toy the Ninjas must travel to a seaside fairground and stand up to some delinquent dolphins.

Class Dismissed
Kinder+J. Sonstiges, New: Class Dismissed Faffoo. Mr Ketterings cake business gets off to a rocky start. [S] [HD]
Deadly 60
Kinder+J. Sonstiges, Venezuela. Steve combs the Venezuelan wetlands looking for the biggest snake in the world the mighty Green Anaconda capable of growing to over six metres in length. Then Steve heads beneath the rainforest and into a dark cave infested with vampire bats. He searches within for a true toxic terror the Scolopendra a giant centipede armed with a powerful venomous bite.
Hey You What If
Educational, The Earth Was Shaped Like a Doughnut. Would it be possible to live on an Earth shaped like a doughnut You might be surprised.
Bitesize: 5-7 Year Olds
Kinder+J. Sonstiges, Science: Everyday Materials. Learn about naming describing and comparing materials.
Celebrity Supply Teacher
Educational, Marcus Rashford - PE. Manchester United and England superstar Marcus Rashford delivers a very special PE lesson as he demonstrates a stretch and warm-up routine designed to get fans ready for a big game or sporting event.
Absolute Genius: Monster Builds
Educational, Everlasting Energy. Dick and Dom s quest takes them into the world of renewable energy. In the Nevada desert they discover how the sun s energy could keep the world powered forever. At the Hoover Dam they uncover the genius behind how a lake can generate power.
Horrible Histories
History, Deadly Dynasties. Exploring some of the most famous families that have shaped the world.
Operation Ouch
Kinder+J. Sonstiges, Why Are Some People Faster Than Others. The doctors reveal the incredible bit of body kit that keeps you balanced your vestibular system and find out what makes Team GB hockey star Shona McCallin so fast in Brilliant Bodies. More medical mysteries are solved on the wards in Ouch and About and find out how to confuse your mates digits with a new body trick. Meanwhile in the Emergency Department Matthea s broken her arm after running into her friend in the playground.
Deadly 60
Kinder+J. Sonstiges, Vancouver. Steve Backshall takes to the icy waters of Vancouver in search of the biggest baddest sea lion in the world. After an unexpected encounter with a killer whale he heads back to the city on the trail of one smelly contender before trying his hand at becoming a raccoon. Despite immense strength powerful claws and a fearsome reputation in Canada there s a surprise in store.
Danger Mouse
Adventure, Danger Fan. Shortly after Danger Mouse s biggest fan comes to visit members of the team start to disappear.
Danger Mouse
Adventure, Quark Games. The heroes find themselves fighting for their lives in an alien world in Quark s latest money-spinning sports event.
Class Dismissed
Comedyshow, Careers Day. It s Careers Day at Dockbridge High so everyone will be getting some excellent advice from careers adviser Miss Droppitt if she can spare five minutes between her other jobs. Mark follows in Mrs Mark s footsteps and Mr Capp changes his appearance.
Bargain Hunt
Unterhaltungsshow, Newark 21. Eric Knowles heads to Runway Monday at Newark Antiques and Collectors Market in Nottinghamshire for today s show. Experts Caroline Hawley and Ochucko Ojiri are on hand to help two mother-daughter teams find the best bargains to take to auction. While the teams are busy shopping Eric asks fairgoers to guess what a mystery item used to be used for.
BBC News at One
News Info, The latest national and international news followed by weather.
BBC London
News Info, News sport and weather from London.
The Tournament
Unterhaltungsshow, Eight contestants compete in a series of fast-paced quiz battles in an attempt to eliminate their opponents from the day s game and walk away with a cash prize.
Garden Rescue
House garden, Fareham. Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers compete to design a £6 000 Italian garden for a couple in Fareham. The designers creative skills are going to be tested to the limit if the uninspiring grass patch is to become a Mediterranean idyll.
Escape to the Country
House garden, North Wales. Sonali Shah is on a property-searching mission in north Wales with a mother who has a £295 000 budget and a goal to move closer to her daughter. Away from the house hunt Sonali heads to Blaenau Ffestiniog and rides the zip line.
Virtually Home
House garden, A couple in Glasgow who have been living together for just a year call on the help of interior designer Karen Livingstone Welstead and the virtual reality studio for advice on how to revamp their living room that has a distinctly studenty feel. They have very different views when it comes to style but will immersing them in the space using cutting edge VR technology mean they can decide which way to go
Politics UK
News Info, Jo Coburn presents highlights of the week s proceedings at Westminster the Scottish and Welsh Parliaments and the Northern Ireland Assembly.
Live: UK Championship Snooker
Snooker, Quarter-Finals. Coverage of the first two quarter-finals at the 2021 UK Snooker Championship.
This Is BBC Four
Event, BBC FOUR is the BBC channel for people who want more. More depth more range more to stimulate the mind.
Danny and Mick
Comedyshow, The Advert. It s a big day at Pottsfield Leisure Centre there is a new boss in town. Sharon Granger means business and wants to create an advert to bring in more customers and make her mark. She tasks Danny and Mick to make an advert showing the best bits of the leisure centre.
The Worst Witch
Kinder+J. Sonstiges, The Owl and the Pussycat. Let down by her parents again Enid is feeling blue but she finds a new purpose when Maud s cat Midnight starts fading away. The girls discover they need the tears of a Wise Owl to create a rescue potion and it s Enid who pulls off the amazing feat of summoning one. She s able to help Maud and Midnight... forgetting her disappointment and finally feeling better about herself.
4 O Clock Club
Impro-Comedy, Quitter. Darnesh discovers his locker is haunted by a hungry ghost with a sweet tooth. Meanwhile Eli and Fleur learn to Tango but the dance of love could spell the end of their friendship.
Hetty Feather
Dramaserie, The Tunnel. Lizzie discovers a secret tunnel with a clue while the gang races Ambrose to find the jewel and Hetty fears that Ashok is growing too friendly with Lady Grenford.
The Next Step
Kinder+J. Sonstiges, Three s a Crowd. Piper gets Finn and Amy together in the hopes of sparking a friendship between them but finds it quickly turning into a disaster. Meanwhile Summer struggles to keep track of rehearsals adjusting to unexpected changes in A-troupe.
Kinder+J. Sonstiges, Mugged. When Ray gets Sol s stolen game back Sol treats him like a hero until Ray won t leave.
Diddy TV
Comedyshow, Misty. This line-up includes Diddy Doctor Who The Belch and top rated game show Bees or No Bees
So Awkward Files
Documentary, Ollie has decided to improve any of Malone s questions he doesn t like the look of and Rufus isn t happy about the way Ollie is rewriting history replacing any tricky topics with memories of his greatest chess triumphs.
Nine Minute Ninja
Entertainment, Holiday Skills. Ricky Gav and Sarah plan a holiday but Gav s packed too much stuff. Ricky makes a suitcase to keep your desk tidy and is feeling beachy as the ninja apprentices challenge him to make art from sand.
Dennis Gnasher Unleashed
Adventure, The Great Beanotown Comic Con. The gang produce a hand-drawn comic which is a surprise hit all round Beanotown. Envious of their success Walter embarks on a mission of cartoon-drawing sabotage.
Class Dismissed
Kinder+J. Sonstiges, Mr Kettering s cake business gets off to a rocky start.
Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese
Animated, Suit Yourself. After a bad haircut Dog tries wearing a fancy tuxedo until his fur grows back. Unfortunately his initial reaction to wearing clothes causes him and the gang to accidentally destroy the rich neighbour lady s fence.
Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese
Animated, Clickbait and Switch. Lila has a brand new vlog that goes viral in school. Girl doesn t like seeing her nasty rival have such success and so begins filming her own vlog about her family s real life.
The Repair Shop
Reality, Jay Blades and the team bring three treasured family heirlooms and the memories they hold back to life. First to arrive is a delicately carved set of clay sculptures for the attention of ceramics expert Kirsten Ramsey. Owner Jackie treasures the figurines lovingly crafted by her older brother Andrew who tragically died in an accident at the tender age of 18. After over 40 years on display the unglazed figurines are crumbling and in dire need of repair.
Unterhaltungsshow, A twist on the classic quiz show formula contestants search through the depths of their knowledge in an attempt to score as few points as possible.
BBC News at Six
News Info, The latest national and international news stories from the BBC News team followed by weather.
BBC London
News Info, News sport and weather from London.
The One Show
News Info, Ronan Keating and Angellica Bell bring you stories that matter from across the country.
A Question of Sport
Unterhaltungsshow, Paddy McGuinness and team captains Sam Quek and Ugo Monye are joined by Olympic triathlon gold medallists Alistair and Jonny Brownlee and a pair of Olympic medal-winning boxers Galal Yafai and Frazer Clarke.
Flog It
Collectibles, Rochester Cathedral. Today Flog It comes from Rochester Cathedral in Kent. Antiques expert Raj Bisram finds three tiny and rare Steif toys while an unusual pair of legs walk up to Adam Partridge. Presenter Paul Martin explores the story of the French Huguenots who influenced so much of British art and culture.
Richard Osman s House of Games
Unterhaltungsshow, Jessie Cave Ayesha Hazarika Simon Hickson and AJ Pritchard test their general knowledge skills on this week s House of Games.
Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two
Reality, Companion show to Strictly Come Dancing that dives behind the scenes to give an all-access view featuring all the backstage gossip from the dancing competition and drama from the rehearsal room.
Live: UK Championship Snooker
Snooker, Quarter-Finals. Coverage of the 2021 UK Snooker Championship.
This Is BBC Four
Event, BBC FOUR is the BBC channel for people who want more. More depth more range more to stimulate the mind.
This Is BBC Four
Event, BBC FOUR is the BBC channel for people who want more. More depth more range more to stimulate the mind.
Pop Go the Sixties
Music, Marmalade. A colourful nugget of pop by Marmalade mined from the BBC s archive.
Biffy Clyro: A Celebration of Endings
Special, Following the success of their 2020 album A Celebration of Endings Scottish rock group Biffy Clyro perform an ambitious one-off live show at Glasgow s iconic Barrowland Ballroom.
Ninja Express
Animated, Treasure Hunting. With his crew on the verge of a mutiny a pirate captain and his parrot order a treasure trove to placate them leading the Ninjas on a trip to the Egyptian pyramids.
We Bare Bears
Animated, Food Truck. When local food truck options disappoint the bears they set out and decide to open their own food truck.
Odd Squad
Kinder+J. Sonstiges, The Problem with Pentagurps. The Odd Squad Mail Department is overrun with Pentagurps so the Mobile Unit comes in to help before it is shut down.
Danger Mouse
Adventure, Greenfinger. Danger Mouse s attempts at gardening lead to a gigantic Welsh space plant taking over the world and an attack of intergalactic bees. Only Penfold s jam obsession can save the day
The Dengineers
Kinder+J. Sonstiges, Christmas Den. Astrid lives in one of the UK s most famous summer hot spots. Unfortunately for Astrid she prefers the winter and loves Christmas and wishes it could last all year. She needs a Christmas den so she can enjoy that special day year round.
We Bare Bears
Animated, Chloe. Chloe spends time with the bears to research them for a presentation who decide to help her by going into the laptop she accidentally left behind.
Summer Camp Island
Animated, The Haunted Campfire. The campers must battle ghosts of their own creation after their scary stories mysteriously come true.
Princess Mirror-Belle
Kinder+J. Sonstiges, Craft Fair. Mirror-Belle helps Ellen selling gingerbread men until the biscuits go missing.
My Life
Documentary, Fighting for Fashion. Youth activist Anita takes us on a journey to show the impact fast fashion has on our world. She is determined that fashion can be sustainable. Our buy and throw away culture contributes to the global warming crisis so something has to be done.
Blue Peter
Kinder+J. Sonstiges, David Walliams and Mwaksy s Secret Challenge. Children s magazine with things to make celebrity guests music sport food and a whole lot more. You can earn a Blue Peter badge by getting creative and entering competitions.
The Next Step
Dramaserie, It s All Fun and Games.... After being assigned a duet Noah struggles to find the chemistry on stage with Richelle because of his feelings for Jacquie. LaTroy Henry and Amy try to play a prank on Ozzy and Amy s mother discovers she has been lying about being on A-Troupe.
Kinder+J. Sonstiges, Mugged. When Ray gets Sol s stolen game back Sol treats him like a hero until Ray won t leave.
The Story of Tracy Beaker
Comedyshow, Back and Bad. Drama series about a young girl and her life in a children s home. Tracy is sent back to the Dumping Ground when she sets fire to Cam s kitchen. There Tracy meets a new care worker named Nathan and decides to give him an initiation he ll never forget.
Secret Life of Boys: Farther Christmas
Comedyshow, Day Five. Ginger and Matt discuss her boy problems which turn out to be about Ethan rather than her boyfriend. Matt lets her know that Ethan has been a problem for everyone. Ethan who is still dealing with his breakup with Penny calls Bob in Paris. Bob can t hide the fact that he s pampering himself on his trip but Ethan promises Bob that his secret is safe. Chris finalises his Father Christmas trap but Ginger tells him that it s too small to trap the actual Santa.
Familien-Serie+Telenovela, The Taylors are devastated and Karen makes clear who is to blame. Aaron continues to manipulate a situation to his advantage and Kim realises she needs to move forward but her plan is halted by Howie.
MasterChef: The Professionals
Reality, This week s quarter-final sees the strongest four chefs from the heats seven and eight return to face two more demanding challenges. First it s an Invention Test. Marcus and Monica ask the chefs to create a dish based on the theme of cheese. With 10 minutes to select their ingredients and 70 minutes to cook the chefs must act quickly to produce an accomplished dish that balances the bold flavours and textures of cheese.
Have I Got News for You
Comedyshow, Clive Myrie guest hosts with actor Miles Jupp and journalist Camilla Long joining team captains Paul Merton and Ian Hislop as they delve into the news.
BBC News at Ten
News Info, The latest national and international news with reports from BBC correspondents worldwide.
BBC London
News Info, News sport and weather from London.
The Graham Norton Show
Aktuelles Thema, Joining Graham: Hollywood stars Tom Holland and Zendaya starring together in Spider-Man: No Way Home Superman Henry Cavill returning to Netflix series The Witcher and actor Gugu Mbatha-Raw talking about new BBC series The Girl Before . With music from Little Mix who perform Between Us .
In My Skin
Dramaserie, As Trina s mental health deteriorates Bethan once again finds herself caring for her mother and hiding the truth about her life from her friends. However Cam won t be fobbed off with her lies and wants to know the truth.
Thriller, Frances innocently forms a friendship with Greta a friendly widow who enjoys classical music and loves sipping tea. But when Greta becomes more and more obsessive and erratic Frances does whatever she can to end the relationship.
Celebrity Antiques Road Trip
Collectibles, Made in Chelsea s Sam Thompson takes to the Cotswolds B-roads with his best friend Pete Wicks from The Only Way is Essex. Under the supervision of experts Margie Cooper and Raj Bisram these reality TV star rivals go head-to-head.
New Forest: A Year in the Wild Wood
Special, Writer and environmentalist Peter Owen-Jones spends a year in the enchanting landscapes of the New Forest exploring its wildlife history and meeting the Commoners the people whose ancient way of life has helped shaped the land since Neolithic times.
Holiday, Noel. Sandi Toksvig hosts the QI Christmas special with guests Josh Widdicombe Susan Calman Matt Lucas and Alan Davies.
News Info, The day s important national and international news stories. With Kirsty Wark.
BBC Weather
Weather, The latest weather forecast.
UK Championship Snooker
Snooker, Highlights: Quarter-Finals. Highlights from today s quarter-finals.
The Shipman Files: A Very British Crime Story
Crime, Picking up the story as the case comes to trial this is a look at how the true scale of Shipman s crimes began to emerge and how his murders conformed to a chilling pattern: his victims were mostly elderly patients killed in their own homes.
Top of the Pops
Music, Christmas Special 1984. The 1984 Christmas special featuring Frankie Goes To Hollywood Howard Jones Duran Duran Nik Kershaw Culture Club Thompson Twins Jim Diamond Wham Paul Young George Michael and Band Aid.
St Andrew s Day at the BBC
Special, From Texas to Travis Annie Lennox to Lulu and Primal Scream to The Proclaimers this collection of the best of Scottish rock and pop is the perfect way to celebrate St Andrew s Day.
Proclaimers: This is the Story
Special, Superfan David Tennant talks to Craig and Charlie Reid about 30 years in the business which has taken them from playing small pubs and clubs across Scotland to become one of the nation s most iconic bands.
Travis with the BBC SSO at the Barrowland
Music, Travis perform in collaboration with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra at the the Glasgow Barrowland Ballroom one of the world s most iconic music venues.
Secret Life of Boys
Comedyshow, The Darkness. During a power cut the family play a sinister board game that pushes them to the brink. Ethan becomes Thane changing his name and his look.
Scooby-Doo Haunted Holidays
Animated, A strange clock tower and a scary snowman give the gang some mysteries to solve while joining a holiday parade. Scooby Doo and his friends help a toy store celebration out by investigating the strange occurences.
Nikki Lilly Meets
Aktuelles Thema, Abby Roberts. Nikki Lilly Meets make up artist and influencer Abby Roberts. Abby talks about her passion for make up and transformation plus how she grew a following of over 8 million
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