December 2021




The Graham Norton Show
Talk, Joining Graham: Hollywood stars Tom Holland and Zendaya starring together in Spider-Man: No Way Home Superman Henry Cavill returning to Netflix series The Witcher and actor Gugu Mbatha-Raw talking about new BBC series The Girl Before . With music from Little Mix who perform Between Us .
Weather for the Week Ahead
Weather, Detailed weather forecast.
The Media Show
News, Social media anti-social media breaking news faking news: this is the programme about a revolution in media.
BBC News
News, Twenty-four hours a day the latest national and international stories as they break.
Justice Delayed
Special, Dontae Sharpe spent 26 years in a US prison in North Carolina for a murder he did not commit. After proving his innocence he s trying to rebuild his life. Following Dontae as he demands justice from the system that stole his freedom.
BBC News
News, Twenty-four hours a day the latest national and international stories as they break.
The Travel Show
Travel, Join the team on their journey of discovery as they explore new destinations around the globe and uncover hidden sides to some of the world s favourite holiday hotspots.
BBC News
News, Twenty-four hours a day the latest national and international stories as they break.
News, Hard-hitting interviews with international political leaders corporate decision makers and entertainers.
BBC World News
News, A closer look at international news reported from London and BBC correspondents from around the world.
World Business Report
Bus. financial, The latest news from the business world with analysis and speculation straight from the world s leading financial centres.
Environment, Compton Verney. Ellie Harrison and Joe Crowley are at the Compton Verney estate in Warwickshire to mark 300 years since the death of Britain s greatest master carver Grinling Gibbons. Known as the Michelangelo of wood Gibbons was influenced by nature and Joe discovers how his legacy lives on today. Ellie explores Compton Verney s 120 acres of parkland shaped by 18th-century landscape architect Capability Brown and finds out why it is now a haven for local wildlife including orphaned badgers.
What We Do in the Shadows
Dark comedy, The Chamber of Judgement. Justice is served both vampirically and also in small claims court.
Entertainment, A preview of upcoming programmes from BBC Two.
Dramaserie, Max tries to derail the private detective he engaged to assuage Walter s niece Angie s fears. Max is also dealing with threats from Walter s neighbour Sheila who reveals that she witnessed something that night. For a price she will keep her mouth shut. Can Max convince his increasingly suspicious wife Claire to part with the money under the guise of yet another lie
Britain s Lost Masterpieces
Art, Manchester. At the Manchester Art Gallery Dr Bendor Grosvenor discovers a painting of a country gentleman from the 1770s which he believes has been wrongly attributed to Nathaniel Dance. He feels sure it is in fact by the German painter Johann Zoffany a favourite portraitist of the royal family under King George III.
Treasures of the Anglo Saxons
Documentary, Dr Nina Ramirez reveals the codes and messages hidden in Anglo-Saxon art by examining artefacts like the Sutton Hoo Treasures the Staffordshire Hoard and the Franks Casket.
This Is BBC Four
Event, BBC FOUR is the BBC channel for people who want more. More depth more range more to stimulate the mind.
This Is BBC Four
Event, BBC FOUR is the BBC channel for people who want more. More depth more range more to stimulate the mind.
Newsmagazine, The BBC s Breakfast programme features the latest news sport business weather and other items on a daily basis.
Morning Live
Newsmagazine, Kym Marsh and Gethin Jones present a lively mix of topical content and expert advice.
Claimed and Shamed
Documentary, Insurers turn to undercover filming as they expose one man s exaggerated personal injury claim while pet insurers are left scratching their heads when they find themselves dealing with a time-travelling pooch.
Fraud Squad
Documentary, A painstaking seven-year investigation unmasks the former professional footballers behind an audacious £5 million theft from the public purse and the Fraud Squad go after a mum who has been stealing her daughter s disability payments to fund a life of luxury.
Homes Under the Hammer
House garden, A three-bed semi in Crewe in Cheshire a tiny studio apartment in Hammersmith in London and a mid-terrace in Colne in Lancashire are sold under the hammer. All three properties have surprises in store for their new owners but will they impact any potential profits
The Tournament
Game show, Eight contestants compete in a series of fast-paced quiz battles in an attempt to eliminate their opponents from the day s game and walk away with a cash prize.
Virtually Home
House garden, A mother and daughter in Surrey call on the help of interior designer Kunal Trehan and the virtual reality design studio for advice on what to do with their dark and dingy hallway. They both have different views on how the space should look especially when it comes to colour so Kunal has a job on his hands to offer up two designs that will please them both. Will immersing them in the space using cutting edge VR technology mean they can decide which way to go
MasterChef: The Professionals
Reality, The first test is set by Marcus. Two of the four chefs must demonstrate classical preparation skills and attention to detail as they prepare poussin cooked and served on the bone with braised endive and a pear and hazelnut salad. The other two chefs are challenged by Monica to make chickpea panisses with an aubergine dip. All have only 20 minutes to produce a flawless dish.
MasterChef: The Professionals
Reality, Heat five continues as the four contenders return to the MasterChef kitchen to face their second challenge. They have 1 hour and 30 minutes to prepare their Signature Dishes: a main and a dessert which demonstrate skill creativity and individuality.
BBC News
News, Twenty-four hours a day the latest national and international stories as they break.
BBC News
News, Twenty-four hours a day the latest national and international stories as they break.
This Is BBC Four
Event, BBC FOUR is the BBC channel for people who want more. More depth more range more to stimulate the mind.
Danger Mouse
Adventure, The Other Day the Earth Stood Still. Only Danger Mouse can save the world from chaos when the Baron stops the world from spinning with a plague of traffic lights.
Danger Mouse
Adventure, Welcome to Danger World. Attempting to prove his theory that the world always needs a hero Danger Mouse fights off what appears to be an alien invasion of Earth.
Dennis Gnasher Unleashed
Adventure, President Dennis. Dennis is accidentally elected class president and is eager to shed the burden that comes with the title. However every daft class policy he declares only makes him more popular.
Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese
Animated, Perfectly Dysfunctional. When a Professor is due to review Mouse s experiment to create the perfect family Mouse is sure he s going to fail but his siblings convince him to hire actors to play perfect versions of themselves. It s a bad idea on paper and an even worse idea in real life.
News, News magazine keeping young viewers up to date with the latest stories and events happening at home and abroad.
Ninja Express
Animated, Mad For Mariachi. With their juice bar empty a grandma and granddaughter ask the Ninjas for a mariachi band to entice customers but Konpeki s trumpet-playing threatens the delivery.
Class Dismissed
Children, Sugar-Free Tuesday. Linda cracks down on sweets Mr Phillips and Mr Alan clash over a flour bomb Mr Smorgasbord wings it as he stands in for PE and Mr Gentley s Scream Beast fuels a sugar frenzy.
Deadly 60
Children, Sri Lanka 1. Steve and the crew head for the island paradise of Sri Lanka in search of two massive predators. Steve attempts to free dive with the largest animal ever known to have lived the Blue Whale and back on dry land he goes in search of another giant the Asian Elephant. Along the way the Steve and the crew also encounter two very deadly snakes.
Hey You What If
Educational, You Try to Catch a Falling Star. What happens if you try to catch a falling star Spoiler alert probably best not to try.
Bitesize: 7-9 Year Olds
Children, Science 7-8 Year-Olds: Forces and Magnets. Learn about magnetic force push-and-pull forces and how magnets are used.
Celebrity Supply Teacher
Educational, Heston Blumenthal - Food Science. World-renowned chef and food scientist Heston Blumenthal presents a cookery class to remember as he welcomes us into his kitchen to discuss taste and flavour.
Absolute Genius: Monster Builds
Educational, Epic Bridges. Dick and Dom look at the world of monster bridges tracing the ideas that have taken us from ancient Roman arches to elegant cable-stayed suspension spans to a future that may see bridges 3D-printed by robots. They join the Royal Engineers for an army bridge-build race.
Horrible Histories
History, Awesome Ancient Civilisations. Delving deeper into the dastardly deeds of history s greatest blockbuster rulers.
Operation Ouch
Science, The Body Roadtrip. Join the doctors for a journey around the human body as they look at their favourite bits from your head to your toes. First stop is the head and mega-gross alerts are in store for this gash. Next stop is a special muscle that controls light coming into your eye and helps you go for a poo.
Deadly 60
Animals, Costa Rica. Steve gets strangled by a giant boa is struck dumb by the strike speed of a viper and plays hide and seek with a deadly bushmaster. He also gets hands-on with poisonous frog and nearly gets a nip from a blood-sucking vampire.
Danger Mouse
Adventure, The Inventor Preventor. In order to stop a deranged Victorian time-travelling chimp from un-inventing the world Danger Mouse and Penfold must arrive in the past just before the nick of time.
Danger Mouse
Adventure, Never Say Clever Again. When all the other danger agents become super-smart due to a batch of genetically enhanced celery Danger Mouse might need to find a new job.
Class Dismissed
Children, Monday Again. Mr Nasal suffers the consequences of his unfounded jealously and the pupils get a lesson in improvisation with drama teacher Mr Christopher.
Bargain Hunt
Game show, Bath 17. Eric Knowles is in the saddle as the teams go bargain hunting at Bath racecourse with experts Stephanie Connell and Raj Bisram. Eric also finds out about the history of the humble spoon.
BBC News at One
News, The latest national and international news followed by weather.
BBC London
News, News sport and weather from London.
Soap, Influence. Daniel details his role in exposing a loan shark at the University of Letherbridge.
The Tournament
Game show, Eight contestants compete in a series of fast-paced quiz battles in an attempt to eliminate their opponents from the day s game and walk away with a cash prize.
Escape to the Country
House garden, North Devon. Jonnie Irwin comes to the house hunting aid of a dynamic couple with a generous £1.1 million budget and grand ambitions of finding a country property in north Devon with holiday lets outbuildings for their hobbies and acreage for alpacas. Along the way Jonnie applies the brakes to the house search to ride the Lynton and Lynmouth Cliff Railway a Victorian feat of engineering and the longest funicular railway in the UK.
Virtually Home
House garden, A couple in Newcastle call on the help of interior designer Karen Livingstone Welstead and the virtual reality studio for advice on how to bring some style and character to their bedroom. They have very differing tastes with modern minimalism going up against traditional Edwardian but will immersing them in the space using cutting edge VR technology mean they can decide which way to go
Politics Live
Politics, Jo Coburn and panel discuss the big issues of the day.
The Best Christmas Food Ever
Cooking, Chris Bavin. Paul and Catherine are joined by presenter and former grocer Chris Bavin as they create Christmas Lites : dishes with all the taste and indulgence of Christmas but on the lighter side. They rustle up mouth-watering dishes like succulent stuffed roast turkey where one slice is all you need or a fragrant warm Cornish mussel broth. They also create Christmas French toast with smoked bacon plus a fantastic starter of Parma ham cups filled with goats cheese.
Game show, The Eggheads team are made up of some of Britain s top quizzers. They face a team of challengers trying to beat the incumbents in order to win a cash prize. If the Eggheads beat the challengers the cash prize is rolled over to subsequent episodes.
Heir Hunters
Documentary, Koskovitch Burgoyne. When a machine gun and rounds of live ammunition are discovered in the attic of Eileen Burgoyne s suburban home Michael Buerk and the team uncover a shocking secret life of bravery and cunning as they track down heirs for this unlikely hero. Meanwhile the search for beneficiaries leads to the estate of Nathan Koskovitch revealing links to a criminal past that help his heirs fill in the blanks of their family history.
The Hairy Bakers
Cooking, Celebration Cakes. From birthday cakes to traditional wedding cakes Simon King and Dave Myers delve into the world of celebration cakes and face their biggest challenge to date: making a five-tier wedding cake.
Great British Menu
Holiday, Christmas. The top three chefs from the canapé and starter rounds cook for the judges. At stake is the chance to cook their dishes as part of a special festive feast for some of the key workers who were the heroes of the pandemic.
This Is BBC Four
Event, BBC FOUR is the BBC channel for people who want more. More depth more range more to stimulate the mind.
Danny and Mick
Comedy, Artful Bodgers. Talented artist Satchel has been painting a big mural at Pottsfield which is ready to be unveiled and photographed by the local paper. However Danny isn t happy with how he has been painted and decides to make a few small changes that leave the mural unrecognisable just as the photographer arrives.
The Worst Witch
Children, Bad Magic. When Julie s magic spirals into destruction Miss Hardbroom forces Mildred to face grim reality her old friend Indigo turned into a stone statue after similarly losing control. Mildred saves Julie from the same fate by using a rare magical lichen and rescues all the vanished people from Julie s model. Julie forsakes magic and leaves Cackles while Mildred is on her last chance and now the keeper of Miss Hardbroom s darkest secret.
4 O Clock Club
Sitcom, Gloves. Danny wants to ask PC Rowe on a date but will nerves mean he ll never find romance Meanwhile Amber s plans to win a lifetime s supply of chocolate get awfully messy.
Hetty Feather
Dramaserie, The Secret Door. The gang are in danger when Rosamund leaves Lady Grenford and Ambrose in charge. Hetty finally cracks the code but can the gang get to the Dawn Star in time
Blue Peter
Children, David Walliams and Mwaksy s Secret Challenge. Mwaksy tries her hand at a new job it s top secret but spoiler alert it involves food.
Nova Jones
Children, Friends of Nova. Pop sensation Nova learns the meaning of friendship from her dear pal... whatshisname Eco-minded McLaren prevents environmental disaster as Nova s unwanted gifts pollute a planet.
Diddy TV
Comedy, Angels. Diddy Dick and Dom present their very own dating show and Diddy Stampy Longnose turns up to watch the programmes
Shaun the Sheep
Animated, Bathtime. The flock refuse to have a wash in the freezing sheep dip so Shaun goes on a commando raid to hijack the hot water from the farmer s bath tub.
Nine Minute Ninja
Entertainment, Mini Skills. Ricky makes some mini masterpieces and a 3D shrunken scene while the Grand Master constructs an enormous pencil.
Dennis Gnasher Unleashed
Adventure, Teacher Off. Miss Mistry and Mrs Creecher clash over the best way to teach Class 3C about butterflies. The gang just want to get through the lesson so they can get out of school in time for a Grizzly Griller Wildlife Event.
Class Dismissed
Children, Sugar-Free Tuesday. Linda cracks down on sweets Mr Phillips and Mr Alan clash over a flour bomb Mr Smorgasbord wings it as he stands in for PE and Mr Gentley s Scream Beast fuels a sugar frenzy.
Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese
Animated, Colour Me Dog. When Dog admits he s colour blind the kids rally to help him see the world like they do. Wearing Mouse s colour-correction glasses Dog is blown away by colour and soon becomes a painter.
Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese
Animated, Living Outside the Box. Mouse is bored of always doing the same things the same way. Girl suggests he starts thinking outside the box and lives his life differently. While Boy and Dog hold out Mouse then Cat and Cheese follow Girl s lead and it s fun.
The Repair Shop
Reality, Paper conservator Louise Drover rescues a water-damaged pastel portrait of a young couple. Owner Simon cherishes the portrait of him and his late wife Vicky captured whilst on holiday in their youth. It is a delicate task for Louise as she uses more moisture to tackle the stubborn water stain. Mechanical maestro Steve Fletcher takes receipt of a 1950s toy rocket that once had sparks.
Game show, A twist on the classic quiz show formula contestants search through the depths of their knowledge in an attempt to score as few points as possible.
BBC News at Six
News, The latest national and international news stories from the BBC News team followed by weather.
BBC London
News, News sport and weather from London.
The One Show
Newsmagazine, If it s got Britain talking then it will get talked about here with stories that matter from across the country.
Soap, Jay finds himself in a sticky situation and Sonia s efforts to be a supportive friend backfire.
Holby City
Dramaserie, Dom remains in denial about Carole s ailing health Eli and Amelia face a difficult choice and Ollie is eager to return to work but Hanssen has doubts.
The Real Marigold Hotel
Reality, The group arrive at their new home in Old Kochi. From the get go Sheila used to living on her own is keen to make sure she gets what she wants out of the experience. Lionel however finds dealing with the realities of living in India unsettling.
Flog It
Collectibles, The team are at Penrhyn Castle in North Wales. Antiques expert Claire Rawle uncovers a pristine vintage Barbie doll and Adam Partridge finds a 300-year-old map of the area. Paul Martin finds an ice axe that may have been used to scale Mount Everest.
Richard Osman s House of Games
Game show, Every day this week former winners Rickie Haywood-Williams Sally Phillips Vikki Stone and Dan Walker take on a series of quiz rounds selected by the host quiz legend Richard Osman.
Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two
Reality, Rylan chats to the lucky couple that survived the weekend s dance-off and a familiar face will be back in the studio to look at the weekend s performances in Choreography Corner.
Celebrity Antiques Road Trip
Collectibles, Consumer journalists Nikki Fox and Matt Allwright investigate profit-making antiques in Kent alongside expert guides Natasha Raskin Sharp and David Harper.
This Is BBC Four
Event, BBC FOUR is the BBC channel for people who want more. More depth more range more to stimulate the mind.
This Is BBC Four
Event, BBC FOUR is the BBC channel for people who want more. More depth more range more to stimulate the mind.
The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross
Educational, The Property Line. Bob Ross paints an old dead tree and snow-capped fence to mark the line between home and the edge of the forest.
Christmas University Challenge
Game show, Manchester v Queen s Belfast. It s the second match of the Christmas quiz with two teams of graduates fighting it out for a place in the semi-finals. Playing for the Manchester team are actor Adrian Edmondson and war surgeon David Nott.
Ninja Express
Animated, An Epic Wave. When an obnoxious boat owner parks his big ship in front of her beach surfer Tyler orders an epic wave and the Ninjas give it their all to deliver.
We Bare Bears
Animated, Panda s Date. After being rescued at a farmer s market Panda believes he has found the woman of his dreams. Unfortunately Grizzly and Ice Bear accidentally keep ruining his date
Odd Squad
Children, Welcome to the Odd Squad: Part One. Little O has been asked to record a new training video for kids interested in becoming Odd Squad Agents however a Sandbeast is on the loose and causing oddness all over town.
Danger Mouse
Adventure, Pink Dawn. Super-villain Princess is determined to pinkify everything. Only Danger Mouse dressed as a little girl can save the world.
Scooby-Doo Haunted Holidays
Animated, A strange clock tower and a scary snowman give the gang some mysteries to solve while joining a holiday parade. Scooby Doo and his friends help a toy store celebration out by investigating the strange occurences.
Donkey s Caroling Christmas-tacular
Comedy, In this festive animation featuring the characters from Shrek the irrepressible Donkey leads a Christmas carol singalong with musical numbers including It s the Most Wonderful Time and a unique version of Jingle Bells .
We Bare Bears
Animated, Burrito. Grizz cannot bring himself to eat the masterpiece of a Bear-Sized Burrito so he brings it with him everywhere.
Summer Camp Island
Animated, Sneeze Guard. Oscar and Hedgehog must work with the witches to cure Alice s camp-threatening illness.
Princess Mirror-Belle
Children, Treasure Hunt. Mirror-Belle helps Ellen try to win a prize for her grandparents anniversary but somebody is cheating.
My Life
Documentary, Hedgehog Rescue. Fourteen-year-olds Kyra and Sophie started rescuing hedgehogs in their Stratford-Upon-Avon home when they were just nine years old. They have now saved over 600 hedgehogs rescuing rehabilitating and then releasing them back into the wild.
Horrible Histories
Children, A pirate captain worries about an early bedtime a soldier from World War I struggles to cook with fake food and the four King Georges form a boyband.
The Next Step
Dramaserie, Heathers. Piper discovers a new dancer to bring to TNS West while Zara tries to juggle her commitments at TNS East. Noah and Jacquie struggle to get on the same page romantically.
Almost Never
Children, Fashion Victims. A fallout between The Wonderland pushes Nate closer than ever towards Sasha s solo offer. Nate and Chloe go on a date while Tyra organises her first fashion event.
The Story of Tracy Beaker
Comedy drama, Brothers. Nathan is working on a food project at the Dumping Ground providing nothing but salads at mealtime. Lol and Bouncer rebel and set up their own shop selling the kids all the unhealthy snacks they want.
Would I Lie to You
Game show, At Christmas. Rob Brydon is back in the host s chair for a very special Christmas episode of the award-winning comedy panel show. Guests Jo Brand Joe Swash Joe Lycett and Ruth Madeley join Lee Mack and David Mitchell to sort the festive facts from the fibs.
MasterChef: The Professionals
Reality, The nine strongest and most talented chefs return to the MasterChef kitchen for the semi-final round where they must create a dish based around their favourite food memory.
BBC News at Ten
News, The latest national and international news with reports from BBC correspondents worldwide.
BBC London
News, News sport and weather from London.
I Like the Way U Move
Reality, The final themes are revealed and the new routines are designed to be the ultimate test for their chemistry and connection on the dance floor. The couples rehearse and have their final discussions ready to bring their all to the final Dance Off.
Have I Got a Bit More News for You
Game show, Clive Myrie guest hosts with actor Miles Jupp and journalist Camilla Long joining team captains Paul Merton and Ian Hislop as they delve into the news.
Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby
Travel, Reid s Palace Madeira. Monica Galetti and Giles Coren visit Reid s Palace on Madeira which first welcomed the world s glamorous elite 130 years ago and is working to keep its silver service traditions alive in the modern world.
Impeachment: American Crime Story
Dramaserie, Stand By Your Man. The President must admit the truth to the Nation and to The First Lady.
What We Do in the Shadows
Dark comedy, The Escape. An ancient beast escapes and threatens the existence of all vampires everywhere.
Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby
Travel, Mashpi Lodge Ecuador. Giles and Monica head to the Andean Cloud Forest of Ecuador to work at Mashpi Lodge. The 10-million dollar modernist hotel features an extraordinary gondola cable car that flies guests one mile through the jungle canopy.
News, The day s important national and international news stories. With Emily Maitlis.
BBC Weather
Weather, The latest weather forecast.
NFL This Week
Football, Osi Umenyiora and Jason Bell introduce highlights from week 13 and discuss the latest NFL talking points.
Keeping Up Appearances
Sitcom, The Charity Shop. Hyacinth is at her wit s end. There s the charity shop Councillor Nugent Rose s love life - to say nothing of Daddy s Can she cope and keep the flag flying let alone her sanity
One Foot in the Grave
Sitcom, Who Will Buy. Victor and Margaret meet their new neighbours. Murder and mystery ensue when Victor digs out his ventriloquist s dummy and finds it promptly banished by Margaret.
Sitcom, Party. The works do becomes incredibly formal and mock-Japanese. Everything goes well for Bren until her mother turns up and gets stuck into the sake.
Mark Lawson Talks to...
Interview, Liz Smith. Mark Lawson talks to actress Liz Smith about her life and career. She reflects on her lonely childhood and her days as a single mother struggling to make ends meet as well as her determination to join the acting profession.
Play for Today
Theater, Hard Labour. A quiet housewife and charwoman is abused and exploited by just about everybody including her daughter-in-law.
This Cultural Life
Talk, Mike Leigh. Mike Leigh talks to John Wilson about the art and experiences that have shaped his own creative life. Leigh recalls his early life in Salford and reveals how a life-drawing class at art college proved a formative influence on his later career.
Secret Life of Boys: Farther Christmas
Comedy drama, Day Seven. Ginger is worried that she s upset both Ethan and Robbie and wants to make it right. Robbie feels just as bad and wants to get on the plane to apologise in person all he has to do is get over his fear of flying so Chris offers to help him out. Ethan decides to swallow his pride and reach out to Penny but he botches the video and makes things worse with her.
Secret Life of Boys
Comedy drama, My Big Maaan. Thane contends with unrest in the ranks during an animal rights meeting Matt takes up mixed martial arts and Chris learns about puberty... in the most humiliating way possible.
Jamie Johnson
Children, Revelations. Phoenix play the Seagate Lions in the ultimate grudge match leading to shockwaves both on and off the pitch.
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