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Title Genre Date From To

Wagon Master Forced out of Crystal City a group of Mormons head westward in search of the promised land. The journey is treacherous and two footloose horse traders are persuaded to give the Lord a hand and guide t


20.01.22 Th. 22:30 23:50

The Hunt for Bible John Exploring the 1968 case in which three women are killed after a night of dancing triggering Scotlands largest manhunt. In November 1969 Helen Puttock was found dead after a night of dancing at the Bar


21.01.22 Fri 01:15 02:15

Screw Officer Leigh Henry is coming under increased pressure to produce her birth certificate to secure the promotion she so desperately wants. Meanwhile with the help of her colleagues Rose starts to find


21.01.22 Fri 02:00 02:50

Escape to the Country Wiltshire and Somerset. Travelling through the counties of Wiltshire and Somerset Jonnie Irwin is helping a pair of early retirees to spend their whopping £1.3million budget on an impressive home in

house garden

21.01.22 Fri 15:00 15:45

The Ellen DeGeneres Show Jessica Chastain Girl Named Tom. Ellen DeGeneres presents her very own unique variety chat show. She invites her a wide variety of celebrity guests for conversations and fun with her own unique brand

aktuelles thema

21.01.22 Fri 15:00 16:00

Wycliffe Charades. Wycliffe and his team move in to investigate the death of a man found blasted by a shotgun at a Cornish holiday home. The investigation reveals an animosity between the dead man and his brot


21.01.22 Fri 15:40 16:45

Rick Steins Cornwall Rick visits the Rame Peninsula. Far from the traditional tourist track this part of Cornwall is famed for its cliffs and beaches. Rick also meets a beachcomber who has found some remarkable objects wa


21.01.22 Fri 18:30 19:00

From Russia With Love James Bond finds his life under threat when he aids a beautiful Russian woman who wants to defect to the West with a politically invaluable cipher machine. It soon becomes apparent that the spy is mer


21.01.22 Fri 20:00 22:25

The One In the near future a technology called quantum tunneling allows human beings to travel between parallel universes. An agency of quantum travelling cops apprehend violators of inter-dimensional laws. I


21.01.22 Fri 21:00 22:45

Live at the Apollo The magnificent Zoe Lyons introduces comedians Ria Lina and Tom Ward to the stage.


21.01.22 Fri 21:45 22:30

All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite Action from the American professional wrestling promotion founded in 2019. Featuring Cody Rhodes The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega.


21.01.22 Fri 22:25 00:25

Texas with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra Texas join forces with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra in the iconic Barrowland in Glasgow for a special collaboration for BBC Music Day. Including unique versions of classic tracks including Summ


21.01.22 Fri 22:30 23:30

The Bourne Ultimatum A former CIA assassin continues his quest to fill in memory gaps. When a Guardian reporter stumbles onto his trail the man spies his chance to blow the Blackbriar black-ops brigade wide open. With som


21.01.22 Fri 23:10 01:00

Charles Darwin Darwins Erkenntnisse wirken bis heute. Charles Darwin (1809-1882) hat mit seinem Werk Die Entstehung der Arten die Wissenschaft revolutioniert. Er hat den Beweis erbracht dass sich alle Lebewesen stet

dokumentation & report

21.01.22 Fri 19:15 19:30

Stromberg Die Rückkehr. Becker holt Stromberg (Christoph Maria Herbst) vertretungsweise wieder zurück. Am alten Arbeitsplatz muss er feststellen dass man ihn dort nur noch als einfachen Sachbearbeiter eingete


21.01.22 Fri 00:00 00:30

Kriegsschiffe Giganten der Meere. Nach der Schlacht von Pearl Harbour 1941 erklaerten die Vereinigten Staaten Japan den Krieg. Die Amerikaner konzentrierten sich darauf ihre Luftstreitkraefte mit Hilfe von Flugzeug

dokumentation & report

21.01.22 Fri 00:05 01:00

Im Namen des Glaubens Die boesen Samariter. Scheinbar erleuchtete Heilerinnen die ihre Anhaenger ins Unglück stuerzen oder Priester polygamer Gemeinschaften die über Leben und Tod ihrer Frauen entscheiden: Im Namen des G

reality soap

21.01.22 Fri 00:10 01:10

Chez Kroemer Chez Kroemer - die Show von und mit Kurt Kroemer und einigen Gaesten die nichts Besseres verdient haben. Ob absurd naive Fragen boeser Witz oder praeziser Konter: Der Gast in Kroemers Verhoerraum ist


21.01.22 Fri 00:25 01:00

Stromberg Herr Nehring. Der Sohn von Bauer Nehring hat die Scheune in Brand gesetzt. Nun soll Stromberg (Christoph Maria Herbst) die Angelegenheit zum Haftpflichtschaden erklaeren. Doch der denkt nicht dran


21.01.22 Fri 00:30 01:00

Reporter In der Sendung werden Menschen in aussergewoehnlichen Situationen vorgestellt sowie gesellschaftliche Trends und politische Entwicklungen beleuchtet. Die Inhalte sind dabei weit gefächert

magazine, reportagen, news

21.01.22 Fri 00:40 01:10
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