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Title Genre Date From To

College Football: SEC: Teams TBA

sports event football series

25.09.21 Sat 15:30 19:00

Dynasty: You Vicious Miserable Liar Fallon Sam and Kirby take a trip to Los Angeles Adam presents his research to the board Jeff remains annoyed that Dominique is nowhere to be found and exhibits disturbing behavior Cristal has a heart-

drama series

25.09.21 Sat 16:00 17:00

Professor T: Queen Olivia When a woman is murdered and thrown overboard during a sailing trip the police investigate Professor T realizes a piece of evidence has been confiscated from the police file on his fathers suicide.

drama series

25.09.21 Sat 19:00 20:00

To Be Announced Programming to be announced.


25.09.21 Sat 20:00 21:00

To Be Announced Programming to be announced.


25.09.21 Sat 21:00 22:00

Saturday Night Live Talented actors and comedians who are accompanied by a weekly guest host present a series of skits and sketches includes musical performances from popular artists.

comedy series

25.09.21 Sat 22:00 23:00

Do Not Disturb An Americans Rod Taylor work with his secretary in London leaves his wife Doris Day open to a Continental charmer.

comedy movie

25.09.21 Sat 22:40 00:50

Bull: Unambiguous Bull and the team tackle jury bias as their client publicly accuses a star athlete of assaulting her Benny encounters an ex who happens to be a fellow attorney.

crime drama series

26.09.21 Sun 01:05 02:05

FOX NFL Kickoff A preview of the days NFL action including interviews with NFL newsmakers reports from NFL game venues breaking news and updates.

sports non-event sports talk football series

26.09.21 Sun 11:00 12:00

Fútbol Premier League: Arsenal vs. Tottenham Desde el Estadio Emirates en Londres Inglaterra.

sports event soccer series

26.09.21 Sun 11:00 13:30

The NFL Today Featuring highlights predictions and the latest news from across the league.

sports non-event sports talk football series

26.09.21 Sun 12:00 13:00

FOX NFL Sunday Hosts Curt Menefee and Terry Bradshaw with analysts Howie Long Jimmy Johnson and Michael Strahan.

sports non-event sports talk football series

26.09.21 Sun 12:00 13:00

Schitts Creek: Jazzagals Moira tries to join the a cappella group Alexis enjoys her new relationship Johnny helps out at Bobs Garage.

sitcom series

26.09.21 Sun 18:00 18:30

Schitts Creek: Estate Sale Johnny and Moira go to an estate sale Mutt gives Alexis a bike Roland asks for Davids help to shop for a special item.

sitcom series

26.09.21 Sun 18:30 19:00

The OT Sports scores highlights and post-game coverage.

sports non-event football series

26.09.21 Sun 19:30 20:00

The Great North: Brace Off Adventure Judy embarks on a journey after getting some unexpected news from the dentist.

sitcom animated season premiere series

26.09.21 Sun 20:30 21:00

Bobs Burgers: Manic Pixie Crap Show Louise must pay a debt to Millie by attending the Pixie Princess Promenade a bouquet in the shape of a dog forces Linda to confront her past.

sitcom animated season premiere series

26.09.21 Sun 21:00 21:30

Wellington Paranormal: Mobots Officer Minogue meets Officer O Learys mom when they use her house for a stakeout to investigate why a mass quantity of obsolete electronics goes missing.

comedy docudrama season finale series

26.09.21 Sun 21:00 21:30

The Tony Awards Present: Broadways Back Leslie Odom Jr. hosts a celebration of Broadways highly anticipated return to live theater performances from Jagged Little Pill Moulin Rouge The Musical and Tina: The Tina Turner Musical.

special entertainment special

26.09.21 Sun 21:00 23:00

Family Guy: LASIK Instinct With her vision waning Lois elects to get LASIK surgery but exploits her new disability for monetary gain Peter Chris and Stewie must partake in all the activities with Doug that his father neglects.

sitcom animated season premiere series

26.09.21 Sun 21:30 22:00
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