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Title Genre Date From To

Worst House on the Street Ian and Stephs derelict three-bed house and shop on Kents Isle of Sheppey has lain empty for almost 20 years. Can they turn this house of horrors into a high-street honour

home improvement

23.07.24 Tue 20:00 21:00

UFO Flight Path. Roper is a SHADO technician with a pretty younger wife and aliens have threatened to kill her unless he passes on to them cryptic computer co-ordinates.

science fiction

23.07.24 Tue 20:00 21:00

Keeping Up Appearances Daddys Accident. Hyacinths father has sustained an injury chasing the milkwoman on his bicycle and is now heavily sedated in hospital.


23.07.24 Tue 20:15 20:45

Ghosts The Polterguest. Alberta hits it off with a poltergeist who is attached to a newly arrived Woodstone guest Isaac and Nigel have separate bachelor parties.


23.07.24 Tue 20:30 20:50

Butterflies Fox Hunting. While Ben catches butterflies Ria is outraged by the apparent cruelty of a fox hunt and determines to put a stop to it.


23.07.24 Tue 20:45 21:15

Love Island There are only a few days left to go here in paradise and the couples are making the most of every minute right now - the Islanders face plenty more twists and turns as they battle to be there at the

competition reality

23.07.24 Tue 21:00 22:05

Britains Forgotten Slave Owners The Price of Freedom. David traces the bitter propaganda war waged between the pro-slavery lobby and the abolitionists revealing that paying off the slave owners for the loss of their human property w


23.07.24 Tue 21:15 22:15

Storyville Attica: Americas Bloodiest Prison Uprising. A look at the violent five-day standoff between inmates and law enforcement which gripped America in 1971.


23.07.24 Tue 22:15 00:05

This Country Steam Fair. Its the most important day of the year for Kerry as it is the annual steam fair and as a bonus this year it falls on her birthday and Kurtan has organised a surprise present for her.


23.07.24 Tue 22:40 23:10

BBC Wales Investigates Town of Steel. As thousands of steel workers jobs hang in the balance the town of Port Talbot is facing a crisis. We go back 15 years to catch up with those who fought to keep the plant open to see wh

news info

23.07.24 Tue 22:40 23:40

Women on Death Row Shawna Forde. Shawna Forde was convicted for a 2009 crime that resulted in the violent murders of Raul Flores and his 9-year-old daughter Brisenia.


23.07.24 Tue 23:05 00:05

The Inbetweeners The Fashion Show. Its the start of term and Carli is organising a charity fashion show and like every school fashion show - its only for the coolest and best looking kids.


23.07.24 Tue 23:05 23:40

This Country Family Loyalties. Family loyalty is vital in rural communities and Kerrys ambition to work with her father Martin is finally realised. Meanwhile a job at the bowls club gives Kurtan a new sense of pur


23.07.24 Tue 23:10 23:40

Made in Britain A look at craftsmen making acoustic guitars fit for the stars and the mass production of cooking oil.


23.07.24 Tue 23:40 00:05

The Inbetweeners The Gig and the Girlfriend. Simon is chasing a fit girl in the year below so to impress her he goes to his first gig since his mum took him to see Take That at Wembley Arena.


23.07.24 Tue 23:40 00:15

Art on the BBC Constable: The Rural Rebel. Often dismissed as a chocolate box painter in his day Constable was a revolutionary. Art historian Rose Balston explores six decades of BBC archives to discover how TV has


24.07.24 Wed 00:05 01:10

The Turkish Detective Now convinced that either Dillon or Cem was responsible for Demirs death Ikmen is given 24 hours to pinpoint the killer. Meanwhile Suleyman and Kemal take Leyla back to her old apartment where they di


24.07.24 Wed 01:20 02:10

Car S.O.S Ford Escort Rs2000. Tim and Fuzz take on carpenter Mikes 1980 Ford Escort RS2000. After his sons road accident Mikes family want to repay his selfless devotion and give him the Car SOS treatment.


24.07.24 Wed 02:00 02:50

The Bidding Room World War II Compass. Nigel Havers presides as five sellers aim to get the best price for their items including a music box chess mould a gallery painting a zoetrope and a World War II compass.


24.07.24 Wed 02:10 02:55

Judge Judy: Never Pepper Spray a Cops Kid Vandals Apology Caught on Text Neighbors fight over the collateral damage caused by a fight between their dogs a man stands accused of beating a car with a bat outside a nightclub.


23.07.24 Tue 15:00 15:30
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