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Title Genre Date From To

NASCAR Cup Series: Penzoil 400 From Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Las Vegas.

sports event auto racing series

07.03.21 Sun 15:30 19:00

The Great North: Curl Interrupted Adventure Beef enlists Judy to help coach his adult curling team Wolf tries to turn the family fishing boat into a sunset cruise for lovers.

sitcom animated series

07.03.21 Sun 20:30 21:00

Bobs Burgers: An Incon-wheelie-ent Truth While on a family trip to the flea market Bob and Linda are haunted by a lie they told the kids about what really happened to their beloved stuffed animal Wheelie Mammoth.

sitcom animated series

07.03.21 Sun 21:00 21:30

The Neighborhood: Welcome to the Election Dave faces off against incumbent Isaiah Evans in a debate for a city council seat the race comes to a dramatic conclusion.

sitcom series

07.03.21 Sun 22:30 23:00

American Ninja Warrior: Las Vegas - Finals Night 1 The seasons top competitors compete in the national finals in Las Vegas.

action sports action adventure reality series

08.03.21 Mon 01:00 02:00

All American: Canceled Laura notices that Olivia has become more withdrawn and allows Olivia and Jordan to both take a mental health day and get some much-needed twin bonding time things get heated with Layla and Olivia lea

drama football series

08.03.21 Mon 20:00 21:00

Giant A cattleman Rock Hudson and his spoiled wife Elizabeth Taylor watch an upstart oilman James Dean try to take over Texas.

drama movie

09.03.21 Tue 20:00 00:15

black-ish: Dre at Home Order Dre underestimates how hard operating during a pandemic will be for the Johnsons Juniors attempts to bring his girlfriend closer to the family are stymied by the new realities of social distancing.

sitcom series

09.03.21 Tue 21:00 21:30

mixed-ish: Sweet Child O Mine After finding out Johan has been pretending to be a different race Rainbow gets mad Alicia and Paul try to find a way to encourage Johan to be proud of being Black.

sitcom series

09.03.21 Tue 21:30 22:00

The Goldbergs: Bevys Big Murder Mystery Party Inspired by his obsession Adam helps Beverly plan a murder mystery party for the family Erica tasked with declaring her major bumps up against Barrys cockiness as she considers going the pre-med route

sitcom series

10.03.21 Wed 20:00 20:30

Hells Kitchen: Theres Something About Marc With eight chefs left in the team challenge the red team and the blue team are each responsible for creating five different burgers: beef chicken lamb salmon and turkey.

cooking reality series

11.03.21 Th. 20:00 21:00

Naked Attraction Josh and Matt Mary. The show that dares to bare all returns as 20-year-old virgin Josh seeks a princess to help pop his cherry. Also Matt and Mary who have been together for four years seek a third pe


06.03.21 Sat 01:30 02:35

Timeshift Battle for the Himalayas: The Fight to Film Everest. Between the 1920s and the 1960s the worlds great powers sent vast expeditions to conquer the Himalayas with Everest at their head. This was a great


06.03.21 Sat 19:00 20:00

Darcey Bussells Wild Coasts of Scotland In Bute Darcey is shown the fine art of sword dancing and visits the Hermitage where her grandfather spent his childhood summers.


06.03.21 Sat 19:00 20:00

Top of the Pops The Story of 1978. In 1978 Top of the Pops began to turn the credibility corner. It seemed the kids time had come again for the first time since glam rock yet the biggest-selling singles of 1978 were


06.03.21 Sat 20:15 21:00

Man in Room 301 Boyfriend. The frightened Seppo comes to Greece. Risto believes Leon is Elias. Anna and Tyt have a mysterious party. Elias and the father quarrel over the knife.


06.03.21 Sat 21:00 21:50

Man in Room 301 Accident. Olivia is frantic with worry when neither Anna nor Tytti return home from Sonias party. In Greece Kalle sneaks out of the hotel room to go climbing with Leo.


06.03.21 Sat 21:50 22:40

Bus Party to Hell A party bus on the way to the Burning Man festival breaks down in the desert and all hell breaks loose as a group of Satanic cultists find the stranded young festival-goers.


06.03.21 Sat 23:00 00:35

Mindhorn A has-been actor known for playing British detective Mindhorn works alongside the police to catch a serial killer who will only speak to Mindhorn whom he believes to be real.


06.03.21 Sat 23:30 00:55

Top of the Pops 1978: Big Hits. A pick n mix of Top of the Pops classics from 1978 when in-yer-face punk and new wave rebellion co-existed with MOR suburban pop disco fever soul balladry reggae and prog rock and when


07.03.21 Sun 00:55 02:00
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