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S E Title Genre Date From To
S03 E04

Navy CIS: New Orleans USA 2016 Navy CIS: New Orleans Der Teufelskerl Krimi-Serie Nach Ideen von Gary Glasberg, Zach Strauss, Greta Heinemann, USA 2016. Vor einer Diskothek wurde ein Soldat in einen Hinterhalt gelockt und wenig sp

science fiction serie

21.10.21 Th. 03:20 04:00

Naked Attraction Naked Attraction In the Naked Attraction studio, former club rep Chris hopes to meet someone to settle down with. Technophobe Louise wants an old-fashioned gentleman to sweep her off her feet. (S3 Ep


20.10.21 Wed 00:05 01:10

NFL This Week NFL This Week Highlights from the weeks NFL action. [S] [HD]


19.10.21 Tue 23:15 00:05

Back in Time for School Back in Time for School 4/8. Pupils and teachers embark on a time-travelling adventure. In the swinging 60s, the class experience bricklaying, typing, cooking and even a spot of Mini driving. [S,AD]


19.10.21 Tue 19:00 20:00

Naked Attraction Naked Attraction Two more hopeful singletons join Anna Richardson in the Naked Attraction studio, including martial arts instructor Ryan, who was born with cystic fibrosis. (S3 Ep3)


21.10.21 Th. 00:00 01:05

Vera Vera Protected: Detective drama series. Vera unearths a 30-year-old mystery when the son of a prominent local family is found brutally murdered on the sands of a seaside resort. S4 Ep2


21.10.21 Th. 20:00 22:00

Zero Dark Thirty Zero Dark Thirty Oscar-winning drama starring Jessica Chastain and Joel Edgerton, 2012. A chronicle of the decade-long hunt for Al-Qaeda terrorist leader Osama bin Laden and his eventual death.


21.10.21 Th. 23:05 02:10

Naked Attraction Naked Attraction Anna Richardson hosts the daring dating show as student Charles hopes to turn his disastrous love life around, while non-binary pansexual Lee is open to all genders. (S4 Ep1)


22.10.21 Fri 00:05 01:10

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Harry Potter and the Chamber... ...of Secrets. Fantasy starring Daniel Radcliffe, 2002. Harry Potter begins his second year at Hogwarts School of Wizardry, but great danger is predicted to await him

kinder j. sonstiges

22.10.21 Fri 17:50 21:00

Have I Got News for You Have I Got News for You 3/10. Jo Brand is guest host with panellists radio and TV presenter Rylan and journalist Robert Peston joining team captains Paul Merton and Ian Hislop. Contains some strong l


22.10.21 Fri 21:00 21:30

Gogglebox New: Gogglebox Britains sharpest armchair critics have been watching You, Coronation Street, Strictly Come Dancing, Celebrity Trash Monsters: Whats Your Waste Size? and other top TV. (S18 Ep6) [S]


22.10.21 Fri 21:00 22:00

The Last Leg Live: The Last Leg Stephen Merchant and Ruth Madeley join Adam Hills, Alex Brooker and Josh Widdicombe to pick over the top talking points of the past seven days. (S23 Ep4) [S]


22.10.21 Fri 22:00 23:05

NFL on FOX Pregame The latest NFL news and a look ahead to the upcoming games.

aktuelles thema

21.10.21 Th. 19:30 20:00

WWE Friday Night SmackDown


22.10.21 Fri 20:00 22:00

Die Ostseetaucher Einsatz unter Wasser S.W.A.T. Social Media Mord. Das S.W.A.T.-Team versucht, eine Bloggerin vor einem Stalker zu schützen. Doch ihre unablässigen Social-Media-Aktivitäten machen das gar nicht so leicht.

dokumentation & report

22.10.21 Fri 00:00 00:50
S01 E01

Atlanta Medical Atlanta Medical Aller Anfang ist schwer. Unterhaltungsserie|Spannend, dramatisch und emotional: nicht immer läuft hinter den Kulissen des modernen Klinikalltags alles nach Vorschrift ab. Es gibt gute


22.10.21 Fri 04:10 04:50

Gilmore Girls Gilmore Girls Vatertag Familie, USA 2002 Altersfreigabe: Ohne Altersbeschränkung (WH vom Donnerstag, 21.10.2021, 12:10 Uhr). Während Rory mitten in ihren Vorbereitungen für die Abschlussprüfungen

familien-serie telenovela

22.10.21 Fri 05:50 06:35
S03 E16

Navy CIS: L.A Navy CIS: L.A. Agent Blye (1) Crime-Serie, USA 2012 Altersfreigabe: ab 12 (WH vom Donnerstag, 21.10.2021, 14:50 Uhr). Granger hat Kensi im Verdacht, die Mitglieder der angeblichen Scharfschützen-Ausb


22.10.21 Fri 07:35 08:30

In aller Freundschaft In aller Freundschaft (572) Magie. Wegen einer Fehlbildung der Speiseröhre musste der achtjährige Jonathan viele OPs über sich ergehen lassen. Er flüchtet sich in die Fantasiewelt der Film-Superhe


22.10.21 Fri 14:30 15:15
S03 E18

Navy CIS: L.A Navy CIS: L.A. Der Drache und die Fee Crime-Serie, USA 2012 Altersfreigabe: ab 12. Ein junger Mann, Tuan, sucht Schutz im vietnamesischen Konsulat, wo am nächsten Tag eine Süd-Ost-Asien-Konferenz st


22.10.21 Fri 14:50 15:50
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