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Title Genre Date From To

Laura Kuenssberg: State of Chaos Laura Kuenssberg: State of Chaos 3/3. Laura examines Boris Johnsons relationship with the truth and his downfall. And when Liz Truss wreaks economic and political havoc, the Tories remove a second PM


25.09.23 Mon 21:00 22:00

Sandylands Sandylands 1/3. After her father goes missing at sea, Emily returns to her hometown for his memorial. Contains adult humour. [S] [HD]


25.09.23 Mon 22:00 22:30

A Very Social Democrat: A Portrait of Roy Jenkins A Very Social Democrat: A... ...Portrait of Roy Jenkins. Michael Cockerells candid profile of Roy Jenkins, author, politician and socialite. Contains some strong language. [S]


25.09.23 Mon 22:15 23:10

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two Strictly - It Takes Two 2/60. Fleur East is joined by more of this years couples and dishes up some backstage gossip and behind-the-scenes action from the world of Strictly. [S] [HD]


26.09.23 Tue 18:30 19:00

The Thick of It The Thick of It 8/8. As the Opposition eye the election prize, Malcolm is running out of options and friends. Contains strong language and adult humour. [S,AD] [HD]


26.09.23 Tue 21:30 22:00

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two Strictly - It Takes Two 3/60. Janette Manrara guides us through the backstage ballroom action. [S] [HD]


27.09.23 Wed 18:30 19:00

DNA Family Secrets DNA Family Secrets 1/6. Olympic athlete Sarah wants to find her father. Jean, 91, wants to know if her mum died during WW2, and twins Tanya and Kim want to discover their origins before time runs out


27.09.23 Wed 21:00 22:00

Strictly Come Dancing Strictly Come Dancing Tess and Claud are back with the first live show of Strictly Come Dancing 2023. Contains scenes of flashing images. [S,AD,SL] [HD]


29.09.23 Fri 01:40 04:00

Son of a Critch: Particip-action Mark is forced to participate in the schools Sports Day Fox fights for her mothers attention and attempts to break the school record for gold medals.


25.09.23 Mon 20:00 20:30

Kitchen Nightmares: Bel Aire Ramsay urges two brothers to work through their emotional conflicts to save their beloved Bel Aire Diner in Astoria New York.


25.09.23 Mon 20:00 21:00

Children Ruin Everything: Dignity Following embarrassing run-ins with her boss and co-workers Astrid feels on the back foot and disconnected from her younger co-workers Astrid realizes her best move might be to attend a drink night wi


25.09.23 Mon 21:00 21:30

9-1-1: Lone Star: The New Hot Mess Strand and the 126 race to the rescue when a woman is trapped in her mobile house Owen has a run-in with former nemesis Sgt. O Brien Tommy asks Grace for dating advice.


26.09.23 Tue 21:02 22:00

The Golden Bachelor Twenty-two incredible women ranging in age from 60 to 75 step into the spotlight in the hope of finding lasting love with golden bachelor Gerry Turner.


28.09.23 Th. 20:00 21:01

Hells Kitchen: The Dream Begins Contestants compete in the signature dish challenge after being divided into two teams the winning team is rewarded with a private dinner party with chef Ramsay while the losing team is left behind to


28.09.23 Th. 20:00 21:02

Numb3rs - Die Logik des Verbrechens Numb3rs - Die Logik des Verbrechens Doppelter Einsatz Crime-Serie, USA 2005 Altersfreigabe: ab 12 (WH vom Donnerstag, 28.09.2023, 23:05 Uhr). Vor einem Casino wird der Student Yuri Chernov erschossen.


29.09.23 Fri 02:15 02:55

Vorstadtweiber Dieter West vermittelt Joachim und Hadrian einen potenziellen Kaeufer für Simons Stundenhotel. Dem Mann scheint kein Preis zu hoch zu sein. Caro versucht ihr Verhaeltnis zu Hadrian wieder gerade zu b


29.09.23 Fri 02:30 03:15

alpha-Centauri alpha-centauri Was ist Superflare vom 27. Dezember 2004?. Geschichtenerzählen und Astrophysik - das sind seine beiden großen Leidenschaften: Harald Lesch ist Professor für theoretische Astrophysik


29.09.23 Fri 02:40 02:55

Die WWE-Schatzjaeger Die WWE-Schatzjäger The Undertaker Kane Doku-Reihe, USA 2021 Altersfreigabe: ab 12. Wohin sind die Kane-Maske und die berühmte Urne verschwunden, die dem Undertaker zum Verhängnis wurde? Die beiden

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29.09.23 Fri 02:50 03:30

Vorstadtweiber Vorstadtweiber (6/10) Österreich 2017. Drei Monate sind vergangen. Nicoletta hat Jörg geheiratet und testet bei seinen Eltern das normale Leben einer Lieblings-Schwiegertochter. Georg sitzt wegen Mo


29.09.23 Fri 03:15 04:05

Die WWE-Schatzjaeger Die WWE-Schatzjäger Jerry The King Lawler Doku-Reihe, USA 2021 Altersfreigabe: ab 12. Jerry The King Lawler hat die WWE-Geschichte geprägt. Kein Wunder, dass The King sich gerne an seine Zeit als Wr

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29.09.23 Fri 03:30 04:10
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