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S E Title Genre Date From To

Simon Schamas Power of Art Simon Schamas Power of Art 8/8. Mark Rothko believed that tradition was all used up, that figurative art could no longer connect us, viscerally, to the human tragedy. So he set himself - and New York


27.11.23 Mon 20:00 21:00

Art That Made Us Art That Made Us 6/8. With the industrial revolution transforming the British Isles, the cities and country are divided, and artists respond to the upheavals to lives and the landscape. [S,AD] [HD]


27.11.23 Mon 21:00 22:00

Eyewitness to History Eyewitness to History: Norma Percy Award-winning film-maker Norma Percy looks back on her 2005 series The Elusive Peace. Contains scenes which some viewers may find upsetting. [S] [HD]


27.11.23 Mon 22:00 22:15

Andrew: The Problem Prince Andrew: The Problem Prince The inside story of Prince Andrews infamous Newsnight interview with Emily Maitlis in 2019, exploring a chain of events that led from Falklands war hero to a royal disaster


27.11.23 Mon 22:00 23:05

Andrew: The Problem Prince Andrew: The Problem Prince In 2019, Prince Andrew made the remarkable decision to go on Newsnight for an interrogation by presenter Emily Maitlis, with disastrous consequences for the prince. Buy why


27.11.23 Mon 23:05 00:05

Hometown Holiday A woman who escapes the city in favour of her small hometown finds herself falling for a rancher but hes not what he seems.


29.11.23 Wed 21:00 22:00

Being Kae Tempest Being Kae Tempest A look into Kae Tempests creative process and insights into their life throughout a period of profound personal and artistic change. Contains strong language. [S,AD] [HD]


29.11.23 Wed 21:00 22:00

Grand Designs Liskeard Cornwall Revisit 2023. In 2017 Leigh and Richard bought a derelict Cornish flour mill to restore and turn into their home. By 2021 rooms and landscaping were still unfinished. Kevin McCloud r

house garden

29.11.23 Wed 21:00 22:00

College Football: Teams TBA


25.11.23 Sat 20:00 23:30

Dateline NBC Compelling mysteries powerful documentaries in-depth investigations.

news info

25.11.23 Sat 22:00 23:00

The Wonderful World of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration Derek Hough and Julianne Hough host and perform holiday music along with Michael Bolton Mickey Guyton Adam Blackstone Andra Day Chris Janson Tori Kelly Chrissy Metz The Smashing Pumpkins Robin Thicke

special entertainment music special

26.11.23 Sun 20:00 22:00

Chicago Fire As the courageous firefighters rescue squad and paramedics of Chicago Firehouse 51 head first into danger bravely fighting to save the people of their city from peril they also forge deep unbreakable


28.11.23 Tue 20:00 21:00

Fútbol UEFA Champions League Cobertura de los partidos de la UEFA Champions League el torneo de clubes más importante de Europa.


29.11.23 Wed 12:25 14:50

The Weakest Link New: The Weakest Link 2/16. Celebrities including Stephen Mangan, Myra DuBois and Alistair McGowan compete to win. [S] [HD]


25.11.23 Sat 17:45 18:30

Planet Earth III Planet Earth III 5/8. Sir David Attenborough explores forests, where lives are entwined in unexpected ways. [S,AD] [HD]


26.11.23 Sun 14:00 15:00

Escape to the Country Escape to the Country 24/55. On a bid to escape the city, todays couple and their three children are looking for a change of lifestyle for the whole family, and Nicki Chapman is in Norfolk to help th

house garden

28.11.23 Tue 15:00 15:45
S17 E01

Greys Anatomy - Die jungen Aerzte Greys Anatomy Eine neue Welt. Unterhaltungsserie|April, 2020. Das Grey Sloan Memorial befindet sich mitten in der Corona-Krise. Dr Webber nimmt seine Arbeit im Krankenhaus wieder auf und wird von Bail


01.12.23 Fri 01:35 02:20
S17 E02

Greys Anatomy - Die jungen Aerzte Greys Anatomy Schreien befreit. Unterhaltungsserie|Maggie und Catherine machen ihrem Frust Luft, wichtige Operationen verschieben zu müssen und Patienten am laufenden Band zu verlieren. Nach ihrer Af


01.12.23 Fri 02:20 03:00

The Good Doctor The Good Doctor Der letzte Tag. Unterhaltungsserie|Nachdem Dr Glassman zurückgetreten ist, hat Dr Andrews die medizinische Leitung des Krankenhauses übernommen. Glassman möchte sich voll und ganz a


01.12.23 Fri 03:00 03:40

Dahoam is Dahoam Die Reifepruefung. Pfarrer Neuner (Peter Rappenglück) freut sich mit Maria (Daniela Maerz) dass sie zur Ausbildung als Mesnerin zugelassen wurde. Die Sache hat bloss einen kleinen Haken

daily soap

01.12.23 Fri 09:10 09:40
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