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Title Genre Date From To

The Graham Norton Show The Apprentice Australia 4/12. The celebrities design and model swimwear at a fashion show at Sydneys Bondi Icebergs. [S] [HD]

aktuelles thema

19.10.21 Tue 00:55 01:40

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two Strictly - It Takes Two 17/60. Rylan chats to the lucky couple that survived the weekends dance-off, and a familiar Strictly face casts their expert eye over the weekends performances in Choreography


19.10.21 Tue 18:30 19:00

Would I Lie to You Would I Lie to You? 2/10. Rob Brydon hosts the comedy panel show. Joining team captains David Mitchell and Lee Mack are Rylan Clark-Neal, Sara Pascoe, Mary Portas and Paul Sinha. [S] [HD]


19.10.21 Tue 20:30 21:00

Back in Time for School Back in Time for School 5/8. The class enters the experimental 1970s. They rewrite the rule book and learn weird and wonderful lessons as the free spirit of the era creeps into the classroom. [S,AD]


20.10.21 Wed 19:00 20:00

India: Natures Wonderland India - Natures Wonderland 2/2. Wildlife expert Liz Bonnin, actor Freida Pinto and mountaineer Jon Gupta reveal the hidden wonders of Indias surprising natural world. [S,AD] [HD]


20.10.21 Wed 20:00 21:00

The Man in the Iron Mask The Man in the Iron Mask (1976) Richard Chamberlain stars in the dual role of the wicked Louis XIV of France and his noble twin brother Philippe, who is imprisoned with his identity hidden behind an


21.10.21 Th. 16:45 18:50

The Hitmans Bodyguard The Hitmans Bodyguard (2017) Violent action-comedy about a bodyguard hired to protect a hitman on his way to give evidence against a dictator. With Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson. Strong languag


21.10.21 Th. 21:00 23:20

...Sings Stevie Wonder This compilation celebrates over 50 years of covers of Stevie Wonders classic songbook filmed at BBC studio shows over the years. Featuring Cilla Black Jimmy Helms Dionne Warwick and many more.


22.10.21 Fri 19:00 20:00

Devil Girl From Mars A buxom martian Hazel Court in black tights and boots visits England with her robot to collect male breeders.

science fiction movie

16.10.21 Sat 01:40 03:20

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde March won an Oscar for his portrayal of the scientist whose experiments bring out a hideous side of his personality.

horror movie

16.10.21 Sat 20:00 22:05

The Reward A crop dusting pilot Max von Sydow betrays a fugitive Efrem Zimbalist Jr. and his girlfriend Yvette Mimieux to Mexican bounty hunters.


17.10.21 Sun 03:45 06:00

Mary Shelleys Frankenstein Dr Frankenstein Kenneth Branagh creates a soulless monster Robert De Niro from cadavers and tries to hide it from his beloved.

horror movie

18.10.21 Mon 14:55 17:20

Judge Judy: Charity Golf Drama Who Let the Cat Out A winning golfer at a fundraiser claims he was ripped off a house cat escapes and ruins a 9 000 flooring job.


18.10.21 Mon 16:00 16:30

The Omega Man Led by a former TV newscaster Anthony Zerbe light-sensitive mutants stalk the last normal man Charlton Heston on Earth.

science fiction movie

20.10.21 Wed 20:00 22:10

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert The comic interviews guests and introduces musical performances.

aktuelles thema

20.10.21 Wed 23:35 00:37

Reporter Marco Cortesi tritt ab - Der Polizeisprecher als Medienstar Film von Barbara Frauchiger. Marco Cortesi ist als Info-Chef der Stadtpolizei Zürich eine Legende. Über Jahrzehnte hat er unzählige Ereig


22.10.21 Fri 00:40 01:15

Monk Monk Mr. Monk und die schwarze Witwe. USA 2005|Obwohl sie mit ihrer schwerreichen Familie gebrochen hat, braucht Natalie Lt. Disher als Begleitung für die Hochzeit ihres Bruders. Kurz nach ihrer Anku


22.10.21 Fri 00:45 01:25

Dokumentation Das Land der Erleuchteten Deutschland 2013. Der raue, abgelegene Nordosten Afghanistans ist eine Hochgebirgslandschaft mit Gipfeln von bis zu 7.500 Meter Höhe. Es ist das Grenzgebiet zu Tadschikistan

dokumentation & report

22.10.21 Fri 00:45 01:30

Schatzjaeger Suche nach vergessenen Zivilisationen Schatzjäger! Suche nach vergessenen Zivilisationen Der Fund von Sutton Hoo. Großbritannien 2020|In einem Garten in Sussex liegt einer der größten Schätze Großbritanniens. Eine Entdeckung, die un

dokumentation & report

22.10.21 Fri 03:30 04:15

Die Stein Die Stein (3) Der kleine Samurai. Da Oliver das Weite gesucht hat, wird die Situation im Hotel langsam brenzlig. Katja ist auf der Suche nach einer Lösung, redet mit der Bank und erzählt auch Stefan

familien-serie telenovela

22.10.21 Fri 04:00 04:50
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