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Title Genre Date From To

80s Extreme


09.06.21 Wed 00:00 01:00

Tennis French Open Tennis - French Open Viertelfinal, Maria Sakkari (GRE) - Iga Swiatek (POL) aus Paris/FRA. Kommentar: Stefan Bürer|Kommentar: Heinz Günthardt|Kommentar: Manuel Köng


09.06.21 Wed 12:00 15:20

Schnell Ermittelt Sonja Horvath Schnell ermittelt - Sonja Horvath Auf dem OP-Tisch des Schönheitschirurgen David Meister haucht Sunny Horvath ihr Leben aus. Kunstfehler war es keiner, das steht bald fest. Wem aber ist Sunny Horvat


09.06.21 Wed 12:50 13:45

Tennis French Open Das Glück liegt auf dem Teller Spanien: Oriol Rovira. Oriol Rovira stammt aus einer ungewöhnlichen Familie. Die Schweine und das Gemüse, die in seinem Restaurant Els Casals auf den Teller kommen, z


09.06.21 Wed 18:30 19:05

Boruto Boruto Die Genin-Doku Zeichentrick, J 2018 Altersfreigabe: ab 12. Unter dem Schutz von Hokage Naruto ist endlich Frieden in das Dorf hinter den Blättern eingekehrt. Sein Sohn Boruto aber hadert mit d


11.06.21 Fri 18:05 18:30

Eishockey WM Final Eishockey - WM Final aus Riga/LAT. Kommentar: Jann Billeter|Kommentar: Mario Rottaris|Moderation: Lukas Studer|Experten: Marc Reichert


06.06.21 Sun 19:00 19:30

American Ninja Warrior: Los Angeles City Qualifiers Competitors face six obstacles including the Jumper Cables and the Doorknob Drop series veterans Sean Bryan Kevin Bull and Flip Rodriguez compete.


07.06.21 Mon 01:00 02:00

All American: Bring the Noise When Spencer learns that Grace skipped her own college graduation he enlists Olivias help to throw her a surprise party Billy is worried about his players chances at college recruitment so he tries to


07.06.21 Mon 20:00 21:00

Spencers Mountain The Wyoming Spencers Henry Fonda Maureen O Hara have nine children too small a house and a son James MacArthur who wants to go to college.

comedy-drama movie

08.06.21 Tue 20:00 22:35

The Sea Hawk A British privateer Errol Flynn raids Spanish ships with his queens Flora Robson permission in 1585.

adventure movie

09.06.21 Wed 11:50 14:40

The Man I Married An American Joan Bennett vacations in Europe with her husband Francis Lederer and watches him turn into a Nazi.


10.06.21 Th. 21:35 23:15

The Asphalt Jungle Recently released from prison Dix Handley gathers a team of small-time crooks to steal a fortune in jewels. The heist is a success until a stray bullet kills one of the men and the rest of the gang le


10.06.21 Th. 23:15 01:40

Seinfeld: The Label Maker Given a familiar label maker Jerry becomes suspicious of the friend Bryan Cranston who gave it to him.


10.06.21 Th. 23:30 00:00

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Each weeknight Jimmy Fallon hosts A-list guests alongside a topical monologue fan-favorite games signature comedy segments and todays popular music all part of his mission to make sure that viewers en

aktuelles thema

10.06.21 Th. 23:34 00:36

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert The comic interviews guests and introduces musical performances.

aktuelles thema

10.06.21 Th. 23:35 00:37

WWE Friday Night SmackDown


11.06.21 Fri 20:00 22:00

Dateline NBC Compelling mysteries powerful documentaries in-depth investigations.

news info

11.06.21 Fri 22:00 23:00

Live: The French Open Tennis 1 French Open Tennis: Roland-... ...Garros Live. John Inverdale presents coverage of the fourth round of Roland-Garros as the worlds best tennis players meet in Paris.


06.06.21 Sun 10:00 14:00

Live: The French Open Tennis 2 French Open Tennis: Roland-... ...Garros Live. John Inverdale presents coverage of the fourth round of Roland-Garros as the worlds best tennis players meet in Paris.


06.06.21 Sun 14:00 18:00

Vera Vera The Sea Glass: Detective drama series. When the body of a missing trawlerman is pulled from the sea, Vera must delve into the lives of his family in a close-knit fishing community. S6 Ep4


06.06.21 Sun 16:00 18:00
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