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Title Genre Date From To

The Shallows The Shallows (2016) Thriller starring Blake Lively. A surfer is stalked and attacked by an enormous great white shark, leaving her fighting for her life, just 200 metres from shore. Gory violence. [A


14.08.22 Sun 00:10 01:50

The Inbetweeners The Inbetweeners The Gig and the Girlfriend: To impress a girl in the year below, Simon attends his first concert since he saw Take That with his mum. But Will, Jay and Neil tag along too. (S3 Ep2/6)


14.08.22 Sun 00:30 01:00

CSI: Miami Killer Date. A woman is murdered while working for a high-class introduction service.


14.08.22 Sun 01:00 02:00

Beyond the Gates After their father goes missing two brothers meet at his video store to liquidate his assets. When they discover a VCR board game and the last video their father viewed they find that it may actually


14.08.22 Sun 01:25 03:00

Genius of the Ancient World Confucius: Genius of the... ...Ancient World. 3/3. Bettany Hughes visits China on the trail of Confucius, a great sage of Chinese history. [S,AD] [HD]


14.08.22 Sun 01:55 02:55

Panhandle A former gunslinger takes up arms against his brothers killer.


14.08.22 Sun 01:55 03:40

CSI: Miami Recoil. The CSIs investigate when an eight-year-old girl becomes the innocent pawn in an ugly and abusive custody battle that ends in murder.


14.08.22 Sun 02:00 03:00

Starsky and Hutch Starsky and Hutch When his ex-wife is found shot dead with his police pistol in his apartment, Hutch becomes the prime suspect. (S3 Ep19)


14.08.22 Sun 02:45 04:00

Desolation A young mother goes into a remote wilderness area with her son and her best friend to scatter her late husbands ashes. On their trek home they begin to realise that a lone hiker has been following the


14.08.22 Sun 03:00 04:30

The Dog House The Dog House Young Pharaoh is thrilled to meet Gizmo the pug. And it could be third time lucky for Rocco the Jack Russell, as he meets the Job family who want a pet who can keep up with them. (S2 Ep


14.08.22 Sun 04:40 05:35

Ginos Italian Coastal Escape Ginos Italian Coastal Escape Tuscany and Lazio: Gino DAcampo takes a culinary journey along the Italian coast. He visits some of Tuscanys hidden gems, before heading to the town of Gaeta in Lazio. [S


14.08.22 Sun 05:05 05:30

Ladies Who Do A British colonel teams up with a cleaning lady to profit from office wastebasket tips.


14.08.22 Sun 06:00 07:45

Who Was That Lady After hes caught kissing one of his co-eds college professor David Wilson Tony Curtis is given marching orders by his livid wife Ann Janet Leigh . In order to avoid divorce David concocts an elaborate


14.08.22 Sun 09:25 11:40

Sunday Brunch Live: Sunday Brunch Bananarama, Lily Cole and Jack Holden join Tim Lovejoy and guest co-host Miquita Oliver, with music from Cat Burns. Plus: Simon Rimmer is live from Boardmasters Festival in Newqua


14.08.22 Sun 09:30 12:30

Agatha Christies Poirot Agatha Christies Poirot The Adventure of Johnnie Waverly: Inspector Japp does not consider a ransom note a threat to public order, but Poirot disagrees. S1 Ep3


14.08.22 Sun 09:55 11:00

The Return of Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes - The Hound of... ...the Baskervilles. The famous sleuth investigates the mysterious death of Sir Charles Baskerville - is it due to a curse that stalks the Baskerville family?


14.08.22 Sun 10:00 12:20

Gunfighters Mackennas Gold A US Marshal is captured and forced to guide a band of outlaws across the Arizona desert to a hidden valley of gold bullion. Stars Gregory Peck, Telly Savalas and Omar Sharif. (1969)


14.08.22 Sun 10:40 12:30

True Grit True Grit (1969) Classic Oscar-winning western film starring John Wayne and Glen Campbell, 1969. A one-eyed US Marshal risks his life to help a young woman find out who murdered her father.


14.08.22 Sun 12:20 15:00

Star Trek All Our Yesterdays. Kirk spends the last hours of a doomed planet in a library with an extraordinary database which strips 50 centuries of Vulcan civilisation from Mr Spock.


14.08.22 Sun 13:00 14:00

Songs of Praise Songs of Praise: Bible Blessings Katherine Jenkins visits a Bible school in Lancashire and recalls stories of when the Bible has proved to be a blessing, including when one, found in a hotel room, sa


14.08.22 Sun 13:15 13:50
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