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The Late Show With Stephen Colbert The comic interviews guests and introduces musical performances.

aktuelles thema

28.05.20 Do. 23:35 00:37

American Dad American Dad! Bush Comes to Dinner: Animated series about a CIA agent. Stan wins a contest to have his hero George W Bush come over for dinner, much to the chagrin of the rest of the family. [AD,S] S


28.05.20 Do. 00:00 00:30

Walking with Elephants Walking with Elephants Levison Wood concludes his journey following Botswanas elephants. After wading through wetland teeming with wildlife, they reach Kanes home village and witness a wonderful sigh


28.05.20 Do. 00:10 01:05

American Dad American Dad! Dungeons and Wagons: Animated series about a CIA man. Stan decides to try drag racing after Francine tells him that she is looking for more excitement in their marriage. [AD,S] S3 Ep5


28.05.20 Do. 00:30 00:55

The Real Marigold Hotel The Real Marigold Hotel 1/4. Britt Ekland, Duncan Bannatyne, Dame Zandra Rhodes, Paul Chuckle, Henry Blofeld, John Altman, Susie Blake and Barbara Dickson arrive in Puducherry and settle into their n


28.05.20 Do. 00:30 01:30

CSI: NY Tanglewood. When a man is found beaten to death Mac and Stella encounter a gang called the Tanglewood Boys - young men who kill for sport and not business and Danny and Aiden investigate a hit-and-run


28.05.20 Do. 01:00 02:00

The Sweeney The Sweeney Hit and Run: George Carters wife Alison is mistaken for a fellow teacher with dubious connections and is killed by a hired assassin. [SL] S2 Ep5


28.05.20 Do. 01:25 02:30

DanceWorks Danceworks: Ballet Black: The... ...Waiting Game. 3/4. Inside the world of Ballet Black, a dance company nurturing black and Asian talent. [S] [HD]


28.05.20 Do. 02:00 02:30

Men at the Barre: Inside the Royal Ballet Men at the Barre - Inside the... ...Royal Ballet. Is there still a stigma for boys who want to enter ballet? Film-maker Richard Macer investigates the reality of being a male dancer today at the Roya


28.05.20 Do. 02:30 03:30

The White Princess English Blood on English Soil. King Henry VII and Lizzie travel to Spain in an attempt to secure their sons betrothal. Growing unrest in Burgundy spills over into an English battle.


28.05.20 Do. 02:45 04:00

The Goldbergs Celebrity Gogglebox From The Chase to Fatal Attraction, what do Westlife, Kelly Osbourne, Laurence and Emilia Fox, Oti Mabuse, Rylan Clark-Neal, Nick Grimshaw and other celebs think of our top telly?


28.05.20 Do. 04:00 04:25

Cheers Cheers Yacht of Fools: Rebecca thinks she has a shot at dating Evan Drake when he invites her and Sam to spend the weekend on his yacht. Birthday celebrations take place at the bar. (S6 Ep16/25) [S]


28.05.20 Do. 06:30 06:55

Cheers Cheers To All the Girls Ive Loved Before: The gang throw Frasier and Lilith stag and hen parties, but after hearing their grim marriage tales, Frasier questions his decision to wed. (S6 Ep17/25) [S]


28.05.20 Do. 06:55 07:20

The Return of Sherlock Holmes The Return of Sherlock Holmes The Devils Foot: Holmes is forced to take a recuperative break, but a murder soon gives him the chance to alleviate his boredom. S2 Ep5


28.05.20 Do. 07:55 09:05

Mike Molly Mike & Molly School Recital: Molly is so focused on directing a school recital that she doesnt realise a fellow teacher is attracted to her. Vince interests Mike in a money-making scheme. (S3 Ep19) [


28.05.20 Do. 08:10 08:35

Mike Molly Mike & Molly Windy City: When Mikes mother Peggy ends her relationship with Captain Murphy, he makes Mike and Carl patrol the Renaissance Fair. Mike and Molly both make confessions. (S3 Ep20) [S]


28.05.20 Do. 08:35 09:00

Coronation Street Coronation Street Clayton takes advantage of Shonas memory loss. Leanne insists that Oliver will make a full recovery. James worries that he made the wrong decision. [AD,SL,S]

familien-serie telenovela

28.05.20 Do. 08:45 09:10

Star Trek The Gamesters of Triskelion. Captain Kirk Chekov and Uhura are transported off the Enterprise and become gladiators who are forced to fight for the amusement of Triskelions rulers.


28.05.20 Do. 10:00 11:00

Holby City Moondance. Connie accompanies a determined Gina to Switzerland but finds herself in turmoil - should Elliot be told the truth before its too late As Bradleys position at Holby becomes increasingly sha


28.05.20 Do. 10:00 11:00

This Morning This Morning With the launch of the NHS Test and Trace system for England today, Ruth and Eamonn are joined by Health Secretary Matt Hancock to talk about how the system will work. [S,HD]

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28.05.20 Do. 10:00 12:30
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