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Title Genre Date From To

Inside Edition

news info

06.05.21 Th. 19:00 19:30

Access Hollywood

news info

06.05.21 Th. 19:00 19:30

Entertainment Tonight

news info

06.05.21 Th. 19:30 20:00

All Access

news info

06.05.21 Th. 19:30 20:00

News 4 NY at 11 Local and regional news.

news info

06.05.21 Th. 23:00 23:34

Jimmy Kimmel Live Celebrity guests and comedy skits.

aktuelles thema

06.05.21 Th. 23:35 00:37

I Can See Your Voice I Can See Your Voice 4/8. Paddy McGuinness and panelists Jimmy Carr, Alison Hammond and Amanda Holden are joined by guest star Fleur East. [S] [HD]


06.05.21 Th. 00:15 01:05

See Hear See Hear 2/16. Exploring anti-Asian hate crime, deaf people doing jury service, still-life painting and the Deaf Mosaic exhibition. [S] [HD]

public affairs

06.05.21 Th. 00:30 01:00

River Walks River Walks Jemma Woodman takes a culinary tour of the River Dart, meeting those who get inspiration and food from this scenic part of the south west. [S] [HD]


06.05.21 Th. 01:00 01:30

Dragons Den Dragons Den 4/14. A 29-year-old tech enthusiast is confident that his clever way of monetising peoples personal online data will spark interest with the Dragons. [S,AD,SL] [HD]

bus. financial

06.05.21 Th. 01:00 02:00

Kill Em All Kill em All A mysterious stranger arrives at a hospital on the brink of death. But when a gang comes to hunt him down, the hospital becomes a warzone. Stars Jean-Claude Van Damme and Peter Stormare.


06.05.21 Th. 01:05 02:55

The Mouse That Roared Classic farce in which the tiny Grand Duchy of Fenwick declares war on the United States with the aim of glorious defeat and a hefty sum in post-war aid. An advance party travels to New York and kidna


06.05.21 Th. 01:30 03:10

What a Carve Up Death follows when a motley group of relatives gather at an eerie mansion for the reading of their late uncles will.


06.05.21 Th. 03:10 04:35

The Great Lover The French Sûreté and private eye Higgins pursue a killer who uses innocent young Americans in a crooked gambling racket.


06.05.21 Th. 06:00 07:35

Money for Nothing In Somerset upcycling expert Sarah Moore explores Keynsham Recycling Centre hoping to discover unwanted items that can be revamped or revitalised and sold on for profit. Sarah enlists the help of scre


06.05.21 Th. 07:15 08:00

Roadblock An insurance investigators obsession with a gold digger leads to his submersion in a life of crime.


06.05.21 Th. 09:15 10:45

The Pumpkin Eater A mother of six suffers a nervous breakdown after learning that her third husband has been unfaithful. When she discovers that she is pregnant again she is wracked with indecision about her future. Ha


06.05.21 Th. 10:45 13:00

Emmerdale Classic Emmerdale Tricias Hollywood Night gets underway. Kathy and Graham reminisce about Rachel. Biffs plan to propose to Kathy ends in disaster.

familien-serie telenovela

06.05.21 Th. 13:45 14:15

Getting the Builders In Getting the Builders In 4/15. Three pairs of builders go head to head to win jobs. The builders compete to work on a cloakroom in Sandhurst, Berkshire, and a kitchen in Ormskirk, Lancashire. [S] [HD]

home improvement

06.05.21 Th. 13:45 14:30

Emmerdale Classic Emmerdale Kathy tells Graham how angry she is with Biff. Zak tries to talk Emily into speaking to Butch. Bernice receives some unwelcome financial news.

familien-serie telenovela

06.05.21 Th. 14:15 14:50
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