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Titel Genre Datum Von Bis

Odd Squad Odd Squad Wax On Wax Odd. The Mobile Unit faces a series of odd challenges that only Orla knows how to stop. [S,AD] [HD]


30.10.20 Fr. 16:10 16:25

The Rubbish World of Dave Spud The Rubbish World... ...of Dave Spud. Bored Silly: Gran accidentally wins a board game as a Bingo prize, and after being locked up for years the game has a vendetta all of its own. S1 Ep6


30.10.20 Fr. 16:10 16:25

Andys Dinosaur Adventures Andys Dinosaur Adventures Allosaurus and Salt. Childrens dinosaur history series. Andy travels back 145 million years to the time of allosaurus - a massive meat-eating dinosaur. [S,AD] [HD]


30.10.20 Fr. 16:20 16:35

Four in a Bed Four in a Bed Its the last day and Patrick has some questions for Jacqui and Jane, while Martin and Catherine have some explaining to do, before the payments are revealed and the winner is announced.


30.10.20 Fr. 16:20 16:55

Scrambled Bites Scrambled! Bites Jokes with Luke, riddles with Sam and gunge with Kerry come together in todays bite-sized helping of Scrambled! silliness. S1 Ep9


30.10.20 Fr. 16:25 16:30

Danny and Mick Danny and Mick Episode 10. Danny and Mick try to raise money for a good cause, but succeed in raising laughs, eyebrows and hair instead. [S,AD] [HD]


30.10.20 Fr. 16:25 16:40

Speechless Speechless B-r-i--British I-n-v--Invasion: Mayas regal mother pays a visit at Thanksgiving and the family struggle to impress her. Kenneths overbearing father arrives. (S2 Ep6/18)


30.10.20 Fr. 16:30 17:00

Judge Judy Family Drama Fallout Taxi Company Start-Up Mom. A woman admits to calling childrens services on her brother a woman on disability sues her childrens father for reneging on an offer to invest in her bu


30.10.20 Fr. 16:30 17:00

The Bidding Room The Bidding Room 5/30. The dealers bid against each other to secure a vintage fairground game, a Chinese inkwell, a toy pedal car and a Victorian watchmans clock. [S] [HD]


30.10.20 Fr. 16:30 17:15

Chicken Run Scrambled! Bites Jokes with Luke, riddles with Sam and gunge with Kerry come together in todays bite-sized helping of Scrambled! silliness. S1 Ep9


30.10.20 Fr. 16:30 18:10

Bitz Bob Bitz & Bob Gripping Yarn. Animated preschool series. Robo Wolf has locked Ra-Purl-Zel in the tower, so Bitz must engineer a way to rescue her. [S,AD] [HD]


30.10.20 Fr. 16:35 16:45

The Pets Factor New: Heirs of the Night The Rooftop Reader. Alisa meets Nicu again while looking for the book about Draculas history, and Nicu askes her out to dinner. [S] [HD]


30.10.20 Fr. 16:40 17:30

Go Jetters Go Jetters Middle of the World City, Ecuador. Glitch is out to prove hes just as good as the Go Jetters when he heads to Ecuador and moves the Monument to the Equator. [S] [HD]


30.10.20 Fr. 16:45 17:00

Dress to Impress Dress To Impress Dom: Dating series with a difference. Three singletons try to win the affections of former goth Dom by each buying him an outfit. Whose choice will win them a prized date? [S] S1 Ep3


30.10.20 Fr. 16:50 17:50

Soccer Bites The Sand Pebbles In 1926, a cynical American naval engineer is assigned to a gunboat on a rescue mission in war-torn China. Stars Steve McQueen, Richard Attenborough, Richard Crenna and Candice Berge


30.10.20 Fr. 16:55 17:00

The Secret Life of the Zoo The Secret Life of the Zoo Andean bear cub Madidi goes on an adventure into a neighbouring paddock. Young elephant Nandita is desperate to befriend babies Aayu and Indali but is too boisterous for th


30.10.20 Fr. 16:55 17:55

YolanDas Band Jam Jam #34: Bouncing Bhangra. YolanDa welcomes Amrit Kaur to the Band Jam. Amrit demonstrates an Indian instrument called the sarangi.


30.10.20 Fr. 17:00 17:15

Judge Judy Day Care Endangerment Housing Wars. Unsanitary child-care conditions and stranger danger and an assault is said to have lead to a traumatic brain injury.


30.10.20 Fr. 17:00 17:30

Unsolved Mysteries An heiress and eccentric dog breeder goes missing a wave of UFO sightings turn nasty for one local resident and a woman looks for her long-lost brother.


30.10.20 Fr. 17:00 18:00

The Fugitive Stroke of Genius. Kimble is riding with a clergyman when the man is killed by a snipers bullet. While Kimble manages to get away Gerard is not far behind him.


30.10.20 Fr. 17:00 18:00
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