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Titel Genre Datum Von Bis

Bought with Love: The Secret History of British Art Collections Bought with Love: The Secret... ...History of British Art Collections. 3/3. How the booming 19th-century economy saw philanthropic industrialists buying great art. [S] [HD]


24.01.20 Fr. 01:15 02:15

The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory The Maternal Capacitance: A disastrous visit from Leonards mother Beverly has the unexpected side-effect of bringing Leonard and Penny closer together. (S2 Ep15/23)


24.01.20 Fr. 01:20 01:50

M A S H Guerrilla My Dreams. Hawkeye wants to heal a wounded Korean woman whom an ROK officer wants to question.


24.01.20 Fr. 01:30 02:00

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Brooklyn Nine-Nine The Mole: When an Internal Affairs investigator reveals theres a mole in the precinct, Peralta and Holt must find out who it is before Wuntch catches on. (S2 Ep5/23)


24.01.20 Fr. 01:50 02:20

Come Dine with Me Come Dine with Me This edition from Barnsley features ostrich eggs, pigs ears, stuffed animals, a wild west evening and tears before bedtime. [S]


24.01.20 Fr. 01:55 02:50

Minder Minder A Taste of Money: Comedy drama series. Arthur comes back to earth with a bump when he learns that he faces tough opposition for the Daley inheritance. [SL] S9 Ep12


24.01.20 Fr. 02:00 02:50

Medium Things to Do in Phoenix When You re Dead. Allison is puzzled by her dreams about several murders witnessed by an apparent ghost Ariel is partnered with a boy she likes in health class.


24.01.20 Fr. 02:00 03:00

Killer Couples Steven Sylvia Beersdorf. Grandparents fall under suspicion when their sons fiance mysteriously disappears.


24.01.20 Fr. 02:00 03:00

Charlies Angels Dancing Angels. A brother comes to the Angels for help when his sister and dancing partner is kidnapped during a 1930s-style dance competition.


24.01.20 Fr. 02:00 03:00

Gunsmoke Manolo. A boy from a Basque community near to Dodge has trouble with the manhood ritual of beating his father in a fist-fight after beating a school rival to death. His brother has no such qualms.


24.01.20 Fr. 02:00 03:05

Hells Kitchen USA Hells Kitchen One Hell of a Party: Chef Ramsay introduces the chefs to his daughter Tilly and challenges them to create dishes for her sweet 16. Later, one of the teams struggles during service. [S]


24.01.20 Fr. 02:10 03:05

Dom Does America Sign Zone: Dom Does America 3/10. Dom takes a break from the blue lights and sirens and really gets his hands dirty, working on a cattle ranch in Austin, Texas. [S,AD,SL] [HD]


24.01.20 Fr. 02:15 03:00

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Brooklyn Nine-Nine Jake and Sophia: Peralta hits it off with a woman in a bar, only to find out she is the defence attorney representing a perpetrator he wants to put in jail. (S2 Ep6/23)


24.01.20 Fr. 02:20 02:50

Bread Bread Family sitcom. Grandad is traumatised after his house is burgled. Meanwhile, Mrs Boswell seeks advice from a priest about her friendship with a man she met in the park. S5 Ep12


24.01.20 Fr. 02:45 03:20

ITV4 Nightscreen Text-based information service.


24.01.20 Fr. 02:50 03:00

Losing It: Our Mental Health Emergency Losing It: Our Mental Health... ...Emergency: As attitudes to mental health change during a surge in the number of people in crisis, this series joins the frontline services in Nottinghamshire. (Ep1/


24.01.20 Fr. 02:50 03:45

Tonight Holidays: Bagging a Bargain... ...Break - Tonight. In the aftermath of the Thomas Cook collapse, how easy will it be to get a bargain holiday in 2020? Helen Skelton reports. [HD]

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24.01.20 Fr. 03:00 03:25

M A S H Change Day. Col Potter learns new military money is being issued in hopes of confusing counterfeiters.


24.01.20 Fr. 03:00 03:30

Troubled Teens: Jail Shock Western Tidewater VA. In Suffolk Virginia the jail becomes the scene of an emotional reunion for an incarcerated mother and her 14-year-old daughter who seems destined for the same fate.


24.01.20 Fr. 03:00 03:40

Teleshopping Bringing you all the best in both entertainment and teleshopping.


24.01.20 Fr. 03:00 06:00
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