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Titel Genre Datum Von Bis

Father Dowling Mysteries The Moving Target Mystery. A hired killer refuses an assignment when he discovers that the target is Father Dowling and warns him that someone else is likely to accept the contract.


12.07.20 So. 10:00 11:00

Diagnosis Murder How to Murder Your Lawyer. After an attempt is made on the life of the teacher at Steves night school Dr Sloan gets an education of his own.


12.07.20 So. 10:00 11:00

Saturday Kitchen Best Bites Saturday Kitchen Best Bites Matt Tebbutt takes a look back at some of his favourite recipes and best moments from Saturday Kitchen. [S] [HD]


12.07.20 So. 10:00 11:30

Catherine Cookson Dramas A Dinner of Herbs. When a man is killed his friend offers to take on the responsibility of his surviving children. As the children grow the woman must cope with their questions and sadness about their


12.07.20 So. 10:00 13:00

Go Jetters Go Jetters Venice, Italy. Meet the Go Jetters, four explorers on a global adventure! The Go Jetters get a sinking feeling when Glitch turns the canals of Venice into roads. [S] [HD]


12.07.20 So. 10:05 10:15

Gym Stars Gym Stars To Be the Best in the World. Tumbler Seb is off to the World Championships in Tokyo with tumbling teammates Bailey, Freddy and Tristan. [S] [HD]


12.07.20 So. 10:05 10:30

They Rode West Assignment Paris An investigation into the rumour of a plot to overthrow Hungarys communist dictatorship entangles an American journalist in a dangerous web of intrigue. Stars George Sanders and Dana


12.07.20 So. 10:05 11:50

Mr Bean Mr. Bean: The... ...Animated Series. Fish Sitting: The animated antics of the hapless bumbler Mr Bean. Mr Bean has to look after Mrs Wickets goldfish, but Scrapper the cat is keen to help. S2 Ep2


12.07.20 So. 10:10 10:25

YolanDas Band Jam Jam #29: Shingai. YolanDa gets everyone moving with the Clapping Song encouraging everyone to clap and dance in a lively and fast way. Joining YolanDa is singing superstar Shingai Shoniwa from the Noi


12.07.20 So. 10:15 10:30

Politics Politics England Political discussion and interviews. Guests include Dehenna Davison MP, Nadia Whittome MP, director of IPPR North Sarah Longlands and founder of Advantage Group Alvin Owusu-Fordwuo.


12.07.20 So. 10:15 10:45

Dress to Impress Dress To Impress Tommy, Miguel and Jac compete for the affections of Londoner Remus. Which of the three single shoppers fashion choices will win them a date? [AD,S] S2 Ep8


12.07.20 So. 10:15 11:15

Buck and Buddy Buck and Buddy Toupee Touche: Roger the Roach shows up one morning wearing a gigantic wig, acting like hes always had the flowing locks of a post-apocalyptic Adonis. S1 Ep26


12.07.20 So. 10:25 10:30

John and Lisas Weekend Kitchen John and Lisas Weekend Kitchen The show is full of inspiration from the Mediterranean this time; bringing your favourite holiday flavours home. Dishes include bruschetta served three ways. [S,HD] S4


12.07.20 So. 10:25 11:30

Mighty Mike Mighty Mike Mikeyzushi: Mike wants to impress Iris with a special sushi dinner, but everything goes to pot when the raccoons break in. S1 Ep34


12.07.20 So. 10:30 10:40

My Life My Life: If I Go Blind If I Go Blind. Bookworm Alexa has a rare condition that means she could go blind, so is cramming in seeing as much as she can, finding a way to read and preparing for a life wi


12.07.20 So. 10:30 10:55

Justins House Justins House Remote Control Suit. Justin Fletcher entertains with singing, dancing and comedy. Things go wrong when Justin becomes Roberts butler for the day in order to host a cake party. [S] [HD]


12.07.20 So. 10:30 10:55

Judge Judy A teenager says he was tricked into making a fraudulent check deposit at an ATM.


12.07.20 So. 10:30 11:00

Mighty Mike Mighty Mike Sneezed to Meet You!: Mike gets Iris a beautiful bouquet of flowers, only to discover that she has a terrible allergy to them. S1 Ep35


12.07.20 So. 10:40 10:50

Sunday Morning Live Sunday Morning Live 4/20. Sean Fletcher and Sally Phillips take a look at the weeks talking points and explore the ethical and religious issues of the day. [S] [HD]


12.07.20 So. 10:45 11:45

Mighty Mike Mighty Mike Crooner Mike: Mike decides the best way to impress Iris is to sing her a romantic song, but Mercury and Fluffy have different ideas. S1 Ep36


12.07.20 So. 10:50 11:00
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