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Titel Genre Datum Von Bis

Hart to Hart Too Close to Hart. Harts throw a party to expose a neighbourhood art-theft ring.


11.07.20 Sa. 10:00 11:00

Lovejoy Fair Exchange. Lovejoy uses a dud cheque as a bridging loan but the deal falls through and hes in trouble. Charlotte buys a beautiful 18th-century portrait which looks uncannily like her from a beauti


11.07.20 Sa. 10:00 11:00

Saturday Kitchen Live Saturday Kitchen Live Matt Tebbutt and chefs Olia Hercules and Bryn Williams are joined by special guest Martin Kemp via videolink. [S] [HD]


11.07.20 Sa. 10:00 11:30

Tee and Mo Song Time Tee and Mo Songtime: Fun at Home Fun at Home. Join Tee and Mo in this joyous and uplifting ditty as they discover all the fantastic things there are to do at home and the fun that can be had by doing


11.07.20 Sa. 10:10 10:15

Mr Bean Mr. Bean: The... ...Animated Series. Super Marrow: Animated antics. Mr Bean finds himself in a race to grow a giant marrow with his next-door neighbour - and there is prize money at stake... S1 Ep50


11.07.20 Sa. 10:10 10:25

Show Me What You re Made Of Show Me What Youre Made Of Episode 5. Five kids live and work alongside the people in Britain who make and do the things they rely on. The kids make their way south west, to a clothes recycling centr


11.07.20 Sa. 10:10 10:40

YolanDas Band Jam Jam #28: Buzzing Trumpet. YolanDa gets everyone moving with the song Let Me See You which is all about dancing and gets the Band Jammers hopping and swaying and ready to have fun Joining YolanDa is to


11.07.20 Sa. 10:15 10:30

Buck and Buddy Buck and Buddy Buddy from Beyond: When a microwave falls on Buddy and he vanishes, everyone thinks hes dead, but hes really just a little bit radioactive. S1 Ep25


11.07.20 Sa. 10:25 10:30

A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun Liz and Grahame have saved hard so that they can buy their dream holiday home in Lanzarote. Jasmine Harman shows them what they can buy for their £63,000 cash budget.

house garden

11.07.20 Sa. 10:25 11:25

Mighty Mike Mighty Mike Vampire Attack: Mike stays in to read a book and avoid the rain, but he soon regrets picking a tale about vampires when every sound spooks him. S1 Ep31


11.07.20 Sa. 10:30 10:40

Justins House Justins House Justins Lost Voice. Justin Fletcher entertains a live audience of children. Justin has been singing so loudly all day that he has lost his voice, so Robert tries to help him out. [S] [H


11.07.20 Sa. 10:30 10:55

Judge Judy A woman says her ex-lovers lies about her financial background cost her 24 000.


11.07.20 Sa. 10:30 11:00

The Big Match Revisited The Big Match Revisited Football highlights from March 1977 including Chelsea against Blackpool, plus action from the Manchester derby between City and United. Ep13


11.07.20 Sa. 10:30 11:35

Mighty Mike Mighty Mike In the Box: Mike has a tricky task at hand when Stephan leaves a beautiful gift for his wife on the kitchen counter. Can he resist it? S1 Ep32


11.07.20 Sa. 10:40 10:50

Diddy TV Diddy TV Hairy Diddies. Diddy Dick and Dom have their very own TV station. Join the Hairy Diddies in the kitchen and see if they can pass their public health inspection. [S] [HD]


11.07.20 Sa. 10:40 10:55

Mighty Mike Mighty Mike That Magnificent Mike!: Its Iris birthday so Mike plans to put on a special show, with a huge guest list, presents galore, and balloons galore. What could go wrong? S1 Ep33


11.07.20 Sa. 10:50 11:00

Andys Dinosaur Adventures Andys Dinosaur Adventures T-rex and Pumice. Childrens dinosaur history series. Andy travels back to the time of Tyrannosaurus rex - one of the largest meat-eating dinosaurs of its day. [S,AD] [HD]


11.07.20 Sa. 10:55 11:10

Dress to Impress Dress To Impress The fashion-themed dating challenge continues. Whose style choices will impress Nate from Nottingham? [AD,SL,S] S2 Ep10


11.07.20 Sa. 10:55 11:55

Murderers Row On a quest for world domination Julian Wall and his evil cohorts in the Brotherhood of International Government and Order kidnap Dr Solaris. Solaris invented a heliobeam a weapon capable of cataclysmi


11.07.20 Sa. 10:55 13:05

Dreamworks The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants The Epic Tales of Captain... ... Underpants. Captain Underpants and the Sickening Fumes of Smartsy Fartsy: The boys create a smart gas cloud to steal Mr Krupps rulebook, but it turns against them. S1


11.07.20 Sa. 11:00 11:24
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