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Title Genre Date From To

The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory The Application Deterioration: Leonard, Sheldon and Howard run into problems when they file for a patent. Emily reaches out to Raj after their break-up. (S9 Ep18/24)


28.09.23 Th. 11:30 12:00

Celebrity Supply Teacher Celebrity Supply Teacher Bruno Tonioli - Italian. Strictly judge Bruno Tonioli swaps the dance floor for the classroom as he teaches an Italian lesson all about food. [S,AD] [HD]

kinder j. sonstiges

28.09.23 Th. 11:35 11:45

Heartbeat Heartbeat Night Mail: Sparks fly as Joe clashes with Rachel over an investigation into a train robbery. Peggy thinks she has hit the big time when she receives news of a legacy. S17 Ep3


28.09.23 Th. 11:35 12:35

Nine Minute Ninja Nine Minute Ninja Mini Skills. Ricky makes some mini masterpieces and a 3D shrunken scene, while the Grand Master constructs an enormous pencil. [S] [HD]

kinder j. sonstiges

28.09.23 Th. 11:45 11:55

Our Family Our Family Ted Goes to the Beach. Ted and his family head to the beach for a day of fun. Ted tries his hand at making a sandcastle. When it doesnt go quite to plan, Dads on hand with some top tips. [

kinder j. sonstiges

28.09.23 Th. 11:45 12:00

Channel 4 News Summary Channel 4s midday news summary.

news info

28.09.23 Th. 11:55 12:00

Danger Mouse Danger Mouse Bot Battles. Animated series. Penfold enters his homemade robot into a competition full of carnage. DM is convinced he can do better, but Megahurtz is intent on destruction. [S,AD] [HD]


28.09.23 Th. 11:55 12:05

My World Kitchen My World Kitchen Sebastiaans South African Bobotie. Sebastiaan is making Bobotie with spiced mince meat, vegetables and an egg topping. [S] [HD]

kinder j. sonstiges

28.09.23 Th. 12:00 12:10

Judge Judy Faulty Fiance Lovers Playpen Party Pooper. A woman sues a driver for wrecking her car but he in turn accuses her fiance and former lovers argue over a loan.


28.09.23 Th. 12:00 12:30

Modern Family Modern Family Benched: When Luke and Mannys hot-tempered basketball coach quits in the middle of a game, Jay and Phil both jockey to fill the position. (S1 Ep20)


28.09.23 Th. 12:00 12:30

The Christmas Cabin When Seth unknowingly interrupts Sammis quiet holiday getaway at her family cabin their hearts get more than they bargained for.


28.09.23 Th. 12:00 12:55

Forensics Operation Keppel. An abandoned car is discovered in a quiet Hamilton street. Police are called and they find an envelope with money in it an IOU note and a suitcase with womens clothing in it.


28.09.23 Th. 12:00 13:00

Dinner Date Dinner Date Coren: Culinary dating series. Coren from London chooses three dates from five menus. Which lucky guy will join her for seconds after the meals are eaten and the dates are over? [AD,S] S6


28.09.23 Th. 12:00 13:00

Stephs Packed Lunch Live: Stephs Packed Lunch Stephs joined by Christine McGuinness, Jodie Prenger and ABCs Martin Fry, who chats about being back on the road. Plus: affordable and accessible toys, and the cost-of-livin


28.09.23 Th. 12:00 14:10

Danger Mouse Danger Mouse Rodent Recall. Animated series. Danger Mouse and Penfold are in a training simulation when one of DMs flying kicks damages the holodeck with catastrophic consequences. [S,AD] [HD]


28.09.23 Th. 12:05 12:20

Find It Fix It Flog It Find It, Fix It, Flog It In the Midlands, Henry Coles taken with a throne from an exotic nightclub, but Simon OBriens restoration of a Victorian dolls house doesnt go to plan. (S2 Ep25/25)


28.09.23 Th. 12:05 13:10

Maddie the Zoo and You Maddie, the Zoo and You How Do We Communicate? Maddie learns about communication and finds out how we use our senses. [S] [HD]

kinder j. sonstiges

28.09.23 Th. 12:10 12:30

Politics Live Politics Live The big political issues of the day. [S] [HD]


28.09.23 Th. 12:15 13:00

Danger Mouse Danger Mouse A Fear to Remember. Animated series. Danger Mouse faces the Queen of Weevils in a fearful Halloween special. [S,AD]


28.09.23 Th. 12:20 12:30

Danger Mouse Danger Mouse We Arent Family. The Danger agents disguise themselves as a family to find out why the worlds villains are all heading to one holiday camp. [S,AD]


28.09.23 Th. 12:30 12:40
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