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Title Genre Date From To

Judge Judy Pilfered Belongings Baby Daddy Drama Raging Party Missing Laptop. A woman who left a shared house says her things were stolen. A mother accuses her baby-daddy of being drunk and dangerous around their


10.04.21 Sat 00:30 01:00

Medical Detectives Double Cross. Naval officer who threatened to go public with tales of on-the-job sexual harassment and assault is brutally murdered but when investigators find the allegations could be part of an elab


10.04.21 Sat 00:30 01:00

Itsy Bitsy An ancient mysterious relic unleashes a giant prehistoric spider that terrorises a single mother and her two children in their new house.


10.04.21 Sat 00:35 02:30

American Dad American Dad! There Will Be Bad Blood: Animated series about a hapless CIA agent. Stan invites his half-brother over so that the family can see how wealthy he is. [AD,S] S7 Ep6


10.04.21 Sat 00:40 01:10

The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition: Stuart from the comic book shop invites Amy out on a date. Consumed by jealousy, Sheldon then asks her to be his girlfriend. (S5 Ep10/24)


10.04.21 Sat 00:45 01:15

Ideal World Ideal World is a department store filled with fantastic brands.


10.04.21 Sat 00:50 03:00

M A S H Goodbye Radar. Radar returns from Tokyo to find a new generator for the camp.


10.04.21 Sat 01:00 01:30

Murder by the Sea Mamie Stewart: Swansea. When a trunk is left at a hotel with the address of a missing womans parents inside police become suspicious and everyone is wondering where could the successful chorus girl ha


10.04.21 Sat 01:00 02:00

Hitman: Redemption Hitman Redemption When a job goes sideways, an ageing hitman must seek redemption for breaking an oath he took as a young man. Stars Ron Perlman and Richard Dreyfuss. (2018)


10.04.21 Sat 01:00 03:00

Hey Tracey Hey Tracey! Joel Dommett and Tracey connect celebrities to people around the UK. Megan McKenna, Roman Kemp, Mark-Francis Vandelli, Melvin Odoom, Verona Rose and Christine McGuinness guest. [S] S2 Ep1


10.04.21 Sat 01:10 02:10

The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory The Speckerman Recurrence: Leonard confronts the man who bullied him in high school, while Penny realises that she did her fair share of tormenting in the past. (S5 Ep11/24)


10.04.21 Sat 01:15 01:40

24 Hours in A E 24 Hours in A&E Ashleigh, whos 10, is rushed to St Georges after injuring her leg while playing football. Three-year-old Lola has had a seizure. And Betty, whos 91, has severe chest pain. (S10 Ep19/2


10.04.21 Sat 01:15 02:20

Weather for the Week Ahead BBC News Special Continued coverage from BBC News following the death of the Duke of Edinburgh. [HD]


10.04.21 Sat 01:25 01:30

M A S H Goodbye Radar. Klinger seems to lack Radars knack for cutting through red tape to get some much-needed supplies for the unit.


10.04.21 Sat 01:30 02:00

Auto Mundial Auto Mundial The latest news and reviews from the world of cars. Featuring the new SEAT Leon and Jeeps new V8 Wrangler. S2 Ep13


10.04.21 Sat 01:35 02:05

BBC News BBC News Special Continued coverage from BBC News following the death of the Duke of Edinburgh. [HD]

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10.04.21 Sat 02:00 02:30

NCIS Ex-File. Lt Col Mann turns up to assist the investigation of a murdered Marine Captain and things get personal for Gibbs when one of the witnesses turns out to be his ex-wife.


10.04.21 Sat 02:00 02:55

Medium Night of the Wolf. Allison tries convincing Devalos that she heard a witness giving misinformation to a police sketch artist making them look for the wrong man.


10.04.21 Sat 02:00 03:00

Fatal Vows Secrets of a Dying Man. A look at the remarkable case of Elizabeth Rudavsky a battered wife who stabbed her husband to death only to learn he was really a woman.


10.04.21 Sat 02:00 03:00

Charlies Angels Angels of the Deep. A knife waving diver attacks Julie and her new friend while they are searching for shipwrecks off Honolulu.


10.04.21 Sat 02:00 03:00
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