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Title Genre Date From To

Dress to Impress Dress To Impress George, Justin and Lewis compete for the affections of Londoner Jen. Which of the three single shoppers fashion choices will win them a date? [S] S2 Ep24


25.01.21 Mon 10:30 11:30

Foyles War Foyles War Enemy Fire: Wartime drama. Sabotage, murder and adultery at an RAF burns hospital brings Foyle face to face with the physical and emotional consequences of war. S4 Ep2


25.01.21 Mon 10:30 12:40

Hey Duggee Hey Duggee The Mixtape Badge. The Squirrels make a mixtape for Duggee to remind him of their happy memories together. [S] [HD]


25.01.21 Mon 10:35 10:40

My Petsaurus My Petsaurus Recorder Practice. Preschool series. Chloe is practising her recorder for school assembly, when a curious Topsy decides to join in with the music. [S] [HD]


25.01.21 Mon 10:40 10:45

Kiri and Lou Kiri and Lou Sugar. Lou eats too much sugar and runs amok at a poetry recital. [S] [HD]


25.01.21 Mon 10:45 10:50

Our School Our School Change the World with Kindness. Can the students pull off a surprise party for school receptionist Kendall? [S,AD] [HD]


25.01.21 Mon 10:45 11:05

B.O.T. and The Beasties New: B.O.T. and The Beasties Fluffy Trembler. B.O.T. accidentally shocks the Fluffy Trembler causing its fluff to fly off! The Fluffy Trembler is distraught, and B.O.T. must find its fluff while comp


25.01.21 Mon 10:50 10:55

Scrambled Bites Scrambled! Bites Luke and Sam share some awesome recycling hacks, and Tina Tangle, hairdresser to the stars, gets a visit from another celebrity, but which one? S1 Ep6


25.01.21 Mon 10:55 11:00

Magic Hands Magic Hands We All Stand Together. Click Clack and friends work together as they conquer a precarious mountain. [S] [HD]


25.01.21 Mon 10:55 11:05

Come Dine with Me Come Dine with Me Swansea. Social carer Kola hopes to bring some high-class hip-hop swagger to the competition, with a red-carpet welcome, his mums Nigerian recipes and a very peculiar dessert. (Ep3/


25.01.21 Mon 10:55 11:25

How Scrambled! Bites Luke and Sam share some awesome recycling hacks, and Tina Tangle, hairdresser to the stars, gets a visit from another celebrity, but which one? S1 Ep6


25.01.21 Mon 11:00 11:25

The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory The Comic Book Store Regeneration: The gang prepare for the reopening of Stuarts comic book shop. Penny teaches Sheldon to let it go when he is irritated. (S8 Ep15/24)


25.01.21 Mon 11:00 11:30

Judge Judy Childhood sweethearts dispute the cost of a cruise a dissatisfied restaurant owner refuses to pay the mural artist he hired.


25.01.21 Mon 11:00 11:30

Wanted Down Under Revisited Wanted Down Under Revisited 16/20. Persephone and Debbie thought a new life in New Zealand would be the perfect thing for their family. Three years since we last saw them, did they manage to make the


25.01.21 Mon 11:00 11:45

The Fugitive Bloodline. Kimble learns a potentially ruinous secret concerning a champion Irish setter while working for a dog breeder.


25.01.21 Mon 11:00 12:00

Starsky and Hutch The Omaha Tiger. Three wrestling-connected murders have Starsky practicing new holds on a lady wrestler and Hutch in the ring with a champion.


25.01.21 Mon 11:00 12:00

The Furies The Furies (1950) Barbara Stanwyck and Walter Huston star in Anthony Manns western. A clash between a self-made cattle baron and his equally strong-willed daughter leads to tragedy.


25.01.21 Mon 11:00 13:20

Lets Go for a Walk Lets Go For A Walk Musical Fence and Postbox Walk. Ranger Hamza and the Ramblers blast off like a rocket and play a musical fence, all on a walk to post a letter! [S] [HD]


25.01.21 Mon 11:05 11:20

Art Ninja Art Ninja Day of the Vlog. Gavin thinks that he could get rich and famous by filming a vlog about being the art ninjas annoying best friend. Ricky wants in as well. [S] [HD]


25.01.21 Mon 11:05 11:35

Find It Fix It Flog It Find It, Fix It, Flog It In Nantwich and Stoke-on-Trent, Henry Cole tarts up a 1960s moped once favoured by model Twiggy, and Simon OBrien restores an early Mirror dinghy. (S3 Ep8)


25.01.21 Mon 11:05 12:05
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