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Titel Genre Datum Von Bis

Bramwell The Rule of Thuggery. Eleanor unwittingly saves the life of a brutal east end villain who begins terrorising patients and staff alike.


21.01.20 Di. 07:10 08:00

Hart to Hart Death Dig. On the Greek island of Rhodes the Harts become entangled in a smugglers plan to steal ancient artefacts.


21.01.20 Di. 07:10 08:10

Dennis Gnasher Unleashed Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed! Give Peas a Chance. Animated series. Mayor Wilbur passes a law to increase healthy eating in Beanotown, replacing all foods with peas...of the mushy variety! [S] [HD]


21.01.20 Di. 07:15 07:25

The Farmers Country Showdown The Farmers Country Showdown 11/20. Two farming families are both hoping that their much-loved pygmy goats will bring them acclaim at this years Mid Devon Agricultural show. [S] [HD]


21.01.20 Di. 07:15 08:00

Kojak Kojak On the Edge: An old detective struggling with problems in his personal life decides to take on one last big case, and do anything to get it solved. S3 Ep17


21.01.20 Di. 07:15 08:05

Hey Duggee Hey Duggee The Day Off Badge. Its Duggees day off but the Squirrels show up to tell him about their adventures. [S] [HD]


21.01.20 Di. 07:20 07:25

The King of Queens The King of Queens Pregnant Pause (Part One): Carrie is shocked to discover that she is pregnant, and with characteristic bad timing, Arthur wants Doug to build him a bathroom in the basement. [AD,S]


21.01.20 Di. 07:20 07:45

Hey Duggee Hey Duggee The Pen Pal Badge. Duggee arranges for the Squirrels to write to some pen pals, helping them to learn all about life in far away places. [S] [HD]


21.01.20 Di. 07:25 07:35

Danger Mouse Danger Mouse Mousefall. Animated series. Part one of two. Danger Mouse faces his toughest challenge ever as a super-villain releases all the villains from Arkwright and plots the end of our hero. [S,


21.01.20 Di. 07:25 07:40

Emmerdale Classic Emmerdale The Windsors decide to stand together, while Pollard reveals his master plan to a colleague. Betty promotes alternative medicine, while Seth is finally on the trail of the beast.

familien-serie telenovela

21.01.20 Di. 07:25 07:55

Hollyoaks Hollyoaks Its Jesse and Courtneys wedding day and Jesse is hoping for a more positive future. Meanwhile, James continues to battle with his conscience over shooting Mercedes.

familien-serie telenovela

21.01.20 Di. 07:30 08:00

Teleshopping Bringing you all the best in both entertainment and teleshopping.


21.01.20 Di. 07:30 08:00

Bitz Bob Bitz & Bob Princess Purls Big Sleep. Animated preschool series. Princess Purl is going to sleep for a gazillion years unless Bitz can wake her up. [S,AD] [HD]


21.01.20 Di. 07:35 07:45

Newsround Newsround 21/01/2020. Topical news magazine for children. [S] [HD]

news info

21.01.20 Di. 07:40 07:45

Mr Bean Mr. Bean: The... ...Animated Series. The Visitor: The animated antics of the hapless bumbler Mr Bean. A blast from the past proves to be a blasted pain in the neck and eats Bean out of house and home


21.01.20 Di. 07:40 07:55

Danny and Mick Danny and Mick Football Fools. Danny and Mick need to replace the Pottsfield five-a-side team. But they will need three more heads. [S,AD] [HD]


21.01.20 Di. 07:45 08:00

Peter Rabbit Peter Rabbit The Tale of the Grumpy Owl. Animated series. When Old Brown takes Peters journal, Peter must choose between saving his most precious possession and saving a friend. [S,AD] [HD]


21.01.20 Di. 07:45 08:00

The King of Queens The King of Queens Pregnant Pause (Part Two): Doug struggles to hold down two jobs to save money for the babys arrival. [AD,S]


21.01.20 Di. 07:45 08:10

The West Wall A documentary charting the construction and strategic development of the German Siegfried Line which stretched from the Netherlands to Switzerland.


21.01.20 Di. 07:50 09:00

Mr. Magoo Mr Magoo Whiter Than White: Magoo, thinking hes at the laundromat, wanders into a candy factory, where Fizz and Weasel are creating a bubblegum that makes Fizz-shaped bubbles. S1 Ep18


21.01.20 Di. 07:55 08:05
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