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Title Genre Date From To

The Masters 2019: Tiger Roars Again The Masters 2019: Tiger Roars... ...Again. History was made on the fairways of Augusta National in spring 2019 as Tiger Woods claimed a fifth Green Jacket and the 15th Major title of his career in dr


12.04.21 Mon 13:30 14:30

Otis Boogie Beebies Otis Boogie Beebies Zoom to the Moon. Series for young children, getting them to join in and boogie! In this episode, Oti teaches us how to zoom to the moon! [S] [HD]


12.04.21 Mon 13:35 13:40

Small Potatoes Small Potatoes Potato Train. Animated series about a group of singing potatoes. The Small Potatoes hop on board the Potato Train and chug through town, greeting local townspotatoes along the way. [S]


12.04.21 Mon 13:40 13:45

Class Dismissed Class Dismissed The Phantom Toilet Blocker. The whole school is thrown into turmoil when all the toilets in the school get blocked, leaving everyone desperate for the loo. Who is the phantom toilet b


12.04.21 Mon 13:40 13:55

The Saint The Saint The Double Take: Adventure series. Simon Templar helps a magnate who is troubled by a dishonest double. S6 Ep4


12.04.21 Mon 13:40 14:45

Something Special: We re All Friends Something Special: Were All... ...Friends. Star Chart. Justin meets two Irish dancing stars, while Mr Tumble earns stars for his star chart. [S] [HD]


12.04.21 Mon 13:45 14:05

Impossible Impossible 20/30. The quiz show where players must avoid Impossible answers to stay in the competition. How many of todays players will survive to face the ?£10,000 question? [S] [HD]


12.04.21 Mon 13:45 14:30

ITV News London ITV News Calendar The latest news from around the region with interviews, features and a local weather forecast. [S,HD]

news info

12.04.21 Mon 13:55 14:00

Teen Titans Go Teen Titans Go! Some of Their Parts: Animated series. Robin uses a prism to split the other Titans into their core personalities and make the worlds best fighting team. S2 Ep52


12.04.21 Mon 13:55 14:10

Judge Judy Speeding Motorcyclist Crash Incriminating Photos. Despite speeding a motorcyclist blames another driver for a fender-bender. Ex-tenants deny trashing their old apartment.


12.04.21 Mon 14:00 14:25

The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory The Extract Obliteration: Sheldon is thrilled when Stephen Hawking agrees to play against him in an online game. Penny signs up for a class at the community college. (S6 Ep6/24)


12.04.21 Mon 14:00 14:30

JAG Secrets. After escaping from prison a private convicted of spying takes several JAG officers hostage and insists they retry him.


12.04.21 Mon 14:00 15:00

Sue Thomas F.B.Eye The Mentor. Jack and his team are called in to help the FBI stem a sale of uranium destined for a nuclear bomb.


12.04.21 Mon 14:00 15:00

Teletubbies Teletubbies Not Enough Room. Preschool series. The Teletubbies are about to go on the Tubby Custard Ride with the hat, bag, ball and scooter when they realise there is not enough room. [S] [HD]


12.04.21 Mon 14:05 14:20

Teen Titans Go Teen Titans Go! The Scoop: The Titans find it odd when Starfire becomes friends with an ice cream scoop. S5 Ep1


12.04.21 Mon 14:10 14:25

Countdown Countdown Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley host as contestants race against the clock to pit their wits against vowels, consonants and numbers. Nicki Chapman joins Susie Dent in Dictionary Corner. [S]


12.04.21 Mon 14:10 15:00

Four in a Bed Four in a Bed The competition kicks off at the Park Hotel in Gloucestershire, where Lauren Abraham and Callum Hogg make their bid for the prize, but some robust feedback leaves them wanting answers.


12.04.21 Mon 14:15 14:50

Bing Bing Camping. Sula and Bing go camping to see the night sky. But then Bing sees a scary shadow... [S,AD] [HD]


12.04.21 Mon 14:20 14:25

The Whip Hand A vacationing journalist gets an unfriendly reception from the inhabitants of a small town provoking his curiosity and leading him to uncover a sinister plot.

science fiction

12.04.21 Mon 14:20 16:00

Tee and Mo Tee and Mo Best Day Ever. Tee and Mo are having the greatest day ever and Tee doesnt want it... [S] Followed by My Petsaurus; Chloe has to get up early to feed Topsy, but greedy Topsy demands a secon


12.04.21 Mon 14:25 14:33
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