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Title Genre Date From To

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table Returning from banishment by Merlin Morgana and Mordred vow to destroy every descendant of Arthur and his knights.


13.08.22 Sat 08:00 09:50

Dennis Gnasher Unleashed Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed Cavern Creatures. Below the town hall, a mysterious species of oversized hamsters may or may not exist. [S,AD] [HD]


13.08.22 Sat 08:05 08:20

Don t Tell the Bride Dont Tell the Bride Excitable groom Jonny plans an adrenaline-fuelled wedding for his bride-to-be Kate, who favours something simple. Will Jonnys big plans send Kate over the edge?


13.08.22 Sat 08:05 09:05

Octonauts Octonauts The Enormous Elephant Seal. Animated deep sea adventures with Captain Barnacles and his explorers. Peso and the Octonauts help an enormous elephant seal. [S,AD] [HD]


13.08.22 Sat 08:15 08:25

Pokémon the Series: DP Battle Dimension Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl Riding the Winds of Change! Ash and friends find themselves in a city that has been overrun by lost Gligar. [S,AD] [HD]


13.08.22 Sat 08:20 08:40

Griffs Great Australian Adventure Griffs Great Australian... ...Adventure. Griff takes his first tandem parachute jump from 12,000 feet, to view an internationally renowned Australian landmark: Uluru. S1 Ep6


13.08.22 Sat 08:20 09:30

ITV News ITV News National and international news with reports and analysis from ITVs Correspondents in the UK and around the world as well as the latest major sports results. [S,HD]

news info

13.08.22 Sat 08:25 08:30

Chuggington Chuggington The Old-Fashioned Way. Koko has Old Puffer Pete feeling like his old ways are methodical and too slow. [S,AD] [HD]


13.08.22 Sat 08:25 08:35

Dorg Van Dango Dorg Van Dango Dorgs in a Pickle: Animated series. The gang use their powers to get Normills very last pickle out of an ancient jar and end up chasing a giant runaway pickle jar. S1 Ep5


13.08.22 Sat 08:25 08:40

Teleshopping Presenting the latest products live on television so that viewers can order the items they want directly. The product range extends from vacuum cleaners and bath towels to sports equipment.


13.08.22 Sat 08:30 09:00

M A S H M*A*S*H In the middle of a freezing Korean winter, Henry tells the surgical staff that the enemy has cut their supply lines. Hot Lips suggests that they take drastic emergency measures. (S2 Ep21)


13.08.22 Sat 08:30 09:00

Bitz Bob Bitz & Bob A-Maze-ing Adventure. Animated preschool series. When the puppy that Bob is looking after gets lost in Bitzs maze, they need to rescue it. [S,AD] [HD]


13.08.22 Sat 08:35 08:50

OOglies Funsize OOglies Funsize Episode 13. Stop-motion animation. The potato racers crash around the kitchen, the cavemen mushrooms plan is foiled, and Stunt Tomato attempts an exciting escapology trick. [S,AD] [HD

kinder j. sonstiges

13.08.22 Sat 08:40 08:45

Dorg Van Dango Dorg Van Dango Dorg Gets A Job: Animated series about a kid with magical best friends. Dorg gets a job rounding up stray shopping trollies at the mall which proves harder than expected. S1 Ep6


13.08.22 Sat 08:40 08:55

Clipheads New: Clipheads Thunder Sticks. Learn how not to fish, and get the inside scoop by watching viral videos with our Clipheads! [S,AD] [HD]

kinder j. sonstiges

13.08.22 Sat 08:45 09:05

The Furchester Hotel The Furchester Hotel The Woolly Sisters. Preschool puppet show. Furgus and Funella think there is one Ms Woolly, but there are more - theyre identical sisters! [S,AD] [HD]

kinder j. sonstiges

13.08.22 Sat 08:50 09:00

Dreamworks The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants The Epic Tales of Captain... ...Underpants. Captain Underpants and the Terrifying Perilous Misfortune of the TP Mummy: George and Harold are banned from buying toilet paper to stop them pulling a hug


13.08.22 Sat 08:55 09:25

Food Unwrapped Food Unwrapped Why do baguettes go stale faster than a sliced loaf? Why is buffalo mozzarella much more expensive than cow mozzarella? And the surprising secret to how mushy peas get mushed. (S18 Ep1


13.08.22 Sat 08:55 09:30

Something Special Something Special: Were All... ...Friends. Fruity Fun. Justin and friends go fruit picking, and Aunt Polly judges the Fabulous Fruit Competition. [S,AD] [HD]

kinder j. sonstiges

13.08.22 Sat 09:00 09:25

Judge Judy Uninsured Motorcycle Crash Crash After Bible Study. An accident involving an uninsured motorcyclist leads to a dispute. A car accident after a Bible-study class.


13.08.22 Sat 09:00 09:30
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