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Titel Genre Datum Von Bis

CSI: Cyber Bit by Bit. A jewellery store robbery-homicide takes place during a power outage in Detroit but then it is revealed that the gems were not the motive for the crime.


10.07.20 Fr. 11:00 12:00

Wimbledon Tennis Wimbledon Rewind A look back to last year, when the singles finals brought together top seeds Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer and former world number ones Serena Williams and Simona Halep. [S] [HD]


10.07.20 Fr. 14:15 17:15

The Chase The Chase Quiz show hosted by Bradley Walsh. Four contestants must pit their wits against the Chaser, a ruthless quiz genius determined to stop them winning the cash prize. [S,HD] S10 Ep77


10.07.20 Fr. 17:00 18:00

CSI: Cyber Family Secrets. Avery confronts the hacker who was responsible for an information breach when she was a psychologist. Krumitz faces off with a murderer.


10.07.20 Fr. 17:00 18:00

Wimbledon Tennis Wimbledon: The Best of the... ...Championships. Live from Wimbledon, Sue Barker is joined by tennis legends past and present to look back on the greatest matches in the championships history. [S] [HD


10.07.20 Fr. 18:00 19:00

Horrible Histories Horrible Histories Awesome Ancient Civilisations Special. Sketch comedy series. A guide to ancient civilizations, featuring new sketches about Alexander the Greats first kiss. [S,AD] [HD]


10.07.20 Fr. 19:00 19:30

Test Cricket Cricket: England v West Indies... ...Highlights. Isa Guha presents action from day three of the first Test between England and the West Indies at the Ageas Bowl in Southampton. [S] [HD]


10.07.20 Fr. 19:00 20:00

First Wave Skywatchers. The disappearance of a Raven Nation operative leads Foster Jordan and Eddie to a mining town.

science fiction

10.07.20 Fr. 20:00 21:00

Vera Vera Old Wounds: Crime drama. When the remains of a teenage girl are found half-buried in a Northumberland wood, Vera and her team find themselves investigating a 30-year-old mystery. [AD,S,HD] S5 Ep


10.07.20 Fr. 20:00 22:00

Code 37: Sex Crimes Twilight Zone. Kevin and Hannah investigate when a woman in a psychiatric hospital is assaulted in her sleep and they have a limited time before the perpetrator strikes again.


10.07.20 Fr. 21:00 22:05

Cobra Hard-hitting action tale about a super-tough LA cop on the warpath who single-handedly confronts a vicious group of bikers. En route he relieves the crazed biker leader of an attractive model who prom


10.07.20 Fr. 21:00 22:50

Skyline When aliens attack Los Angeles and begin abducting people in their thousands a young couple attempt to escape the terrifying invasion.

science fiction

10.07.20 Fr. 21:00 22:50

Peter Kays Car Share Peter Kays Car Share Unscripted Peter Kay and Sian Gibson improvise a full episode in a one-off, unscripted special. Contains some strong language. [S,AD] [HD]


10.07.20 Fr. 21:30 22:00

CSI: Miami 10-7. The CSI team race against time to find and deactivate a radioactive bomb that has been set to go off in the middle of downtown Miami to cause destruction and terror.


10.07.20 Fr. 22:00 23:00

First Dates Hotel Celebrity First Dates Hotel... ...for SU2C: Ulrika Jonsson seeks a man to make her laugh; TOWIEs Pete Wicks tries to shake his bad-boy reputation; and TV presenter AJ Odudu arrives nursing a broken h


10.07.20 Fr. 22:00 23:05

Silent Witness Finding Rachel. When the bones of a British medical student are found in Zambia her father asks the team to help.


10.07.20 Fr. 23:20 01:55

Modern Family: Fulgencio When Glorias mother and sister visit they bring traditions baby names and family baggage Phil helps the kids with their problems Mitchell and Cameron try to correct Lilys bad habits.


10.07.20 Fr. 00:00 00:30

Modern Family: A Slight at the Opera When the lead in the schools production of Phantom of the Opera gets sick Manny is willing to do anything to land the lead Phil and Jay wind up in a golf-off with Mitch and Pepper Gloria and Alex visi


10.07.20 Fr. 00:30 01:00

Mom: Kitty Litter and a Class A Felony The death of a loved one causes Bonnie to behave badly -- leaving Christy scrambling to do damage control.


10.07.20 Fr. 01:30 02:00

The View Women engage in lively conversations about the latest headlines and interview celebrities.

aktuelles thema

10.07.20 Fr. 11:00 12:00
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