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Titel Genre Datum Von Bis

The Dog Ate My Homework The Dog Ate My Homework Finlay v Lily. Darren Harriott is joined by Adam B and team captains Finlay and Lily with guests Sam and Mark, Maisie Adam and Vic Cook, in this hilarious comedy panel show. [


18.01.20 Sa. 07:30 08:00

MOTD Kickabout MOTD Kickabout Bend it Like Jones. If you want to know how to bend the ball like Liverpools Curtis Jones did against Everton then this is the show for you. [S] [HD]


18.01.20 Sa. 07:45 08:00

Mr Bean Scrambled! Mr. Bean: The Animated Series For Sale: Mrs. Wicket is selling up and moving on... but what will happen to Mr. Bean? [AD,S,HD] S3 Ep20


18.01.20 Sa. 07:50 08:10

Thunderbirds Are Go New: Scrambled! Thunderbirds... ... Are Go. Break Out: International Rescue puts together a daring plan to rescue the Mechanic from prison, but there is one thing they didnt count on: the Chaos Crew.


18.01.20 Sa. 08:30 09:05

Supersized Earth Food Fire and Water. Dallas examines what it takes to keep seven billion humans alive with food energy and water. 40 per cent of the Earths surface is now devoted to growing food. To appreciate how we


18.01.20 Sa. 09:00 10:00

Frasier Frasier Guns N Neuroses: Lilith and Frasier are set up on blind dates on the same day by a mutual friend. Niles and Daphne are upset when Martins gun accidentally goes off. [AD,S]


18.01.20 Sa. 09:40 10:10

The Goldbergs The Goldbergs I Drank the Mold: Adam has a birthday sleepover, during which his friend Garry shares out some of his fathers home brewed beer and makes everyone sick. (S2 Ep18/24)


18.01.20 Sa. 09:50 10:20

Mutant X Deadly Desire. Brennan turns against Mutant X when he falls in love with a beautiful mysterious and deadly new mutant.

science fiction

18.01.20 Sa. 10:00 11:00

Frasier Frasier Seabee Jeebies: After Maris is accused of murdering her husband, Niles becomes famous and starts mixing in the highest echelons of Seattle society. [AD,S]


18.01.20 Sa. 10:10 10:40

The Goldbergs The Goldbergs La Biblioteca es Libros: Beverly hears Adam is failing his Spanish class and blames his teacher. Barry gets a job delivering pizzas to win Murrays respect. (S2 Ep19/24)


18.01.20 Sa. 10:20 10:50

A Place in the Sun: Summer Sun A Place in the Sun: Summer Sun Jasmine Harman shows music therapist Sarah Hadley and her best friend Sue five incredible properties for a budget of £150,000 on the Greek island of Crete.

house garden

18.01.20 Sa. 10:25 11:25

The Dog Ate My Homework The Dog Ate My Homework Mya v Ethan. Lauren Layfield is joined by Adam B and team captains Mya and Ethan, with guests Ed Petrie, Vic Cook, Sarah Keyworth and Joe Tasker, in this hilarious comedy pane


18.01.20 Sa. 10:35 11:05

The Goldbergs The Goldbergs Just Say No: As the presidential election approaches, Erica is shocked to discover that Beverly always votes for the political candidate that Murray favours. (S2 Ep20/24)


18.01.20 Sa. 10:50 11:20

Mutant X A Breed Apart. When the personnel at a military base become infected with a deadly parasite the team step in to help.

science fiction

18.01.20 Sa. 11:00 12:00

The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes: The Master... ...Blackmailer. A shadowy recluse brings misery to high society, so Holmes takes a menial role to flush the serpent out.


18.01.20 Sa. 11:10 13:30

Pokémon the Series: Sun Moon: Ultra Legends Pokemon Sun and Moon:... ... - Ultra Legends. League Offenders and Defenders!: The animated adventures of Ash, Pikachu and friends. The Alola Pokemon league is set for a big opening. S22 Ep36


18.01.20 Sa. 11:25 11:55

A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun Godsisters and best friends Roselyn and Jennifer from London are looking for a holiday home that could one day be a full-time retirement location on the Caribbean islan

house garden

18.01.20 Sa. 11:25 12:30

Football Focus Tranmere Rovers relive their epic FA Cup comeback against Watford on this weeks Football Focus and former Premier League referee Bobby Madley opens up about why he lost his job. All the goals and talk


18.01.20 Sa. 12:00 13:00

Mutant X Past as Prologue. An ailing Ashlocke attempts to save his own life by reviving an ancient Egyptian Sorceress who poses a lethal threat to the Mutant X team.

science fiction

18.01.20 Sa. 13:00 14:00

NCIS Honor Thy Father. The NCIS team investigates whether a fire on a US Navy ship that served as a secret detention site for indicted terrorists was accidental or an intentional diversion for an escape.


18.01.20 Sa. 14:00 15:00
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