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Alan Carrs Epic Gameshow Bullseye. Classic gameshow Bullseye sees four plucky pairs of contestants take on the dart boards and questions to get the chance to play the all-new epic endgame: the Four Boards of Bully A hoard of


04.07.20 Sa. 19:30 20:30

How to Build British: Bentley. With access all areas to the Bentley factory we see the luxury car manufacturer build a new £170k Continental GT from the bare-metal bolts to the finished car.


04.07.20 Sa. 20:15 21:15

Horrible Histories Robert Walpole struggles to talk to Englands German King the Roman Emperors channel the King of Pop in their musical argument.


04.07.20 Sa. 20:30 21:00

Independence Day Resurgence: Interview Special Director Roland Emmerich and stars Jeff Goldblum Liam Hemsworth and Charlotte Gainsbourg talk about making the sci-fi sequel.

aktuelles thema

04.07.20 Sa. 20:50 21:00

Modern Family: The Butlers Escape Phil can t accept that Luke wants to quit magic Glorias snoring keeps Jay and Manny awake Mitch and Cam struggle to deal with their reversed role.


04.07.20 Sa. 00:30 01:00

Late Night With Seth Meyers: Kelly Clarkson Ayanna Pressley Talk show host Kelly Clarkson Rep. Ayanna Pressley D-Mass.

aktuelles thema

04.07.20 Sa. 00:36 01:36

The Late Late Show With James Corden: Melissa McCarthy Laura Dern Mark Duplass Melissa McCarthy guest hosts actress Laura Dern actor Mark Duplass Mariah Carey Christmas takeover.

aktuelles thema

04.07.20 Sa. 00:37 01:37

OJ25: No You re Wrong Celebrated medical examiner Dr Michael Baden takes the stand for the defense to refute findings of the medical examiner who performed Nicole and Rons autopsies.


04.07.20 Sa. 01:00 02:00

IndyCar Racing: GMR Grand Prix From Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indianapolis.


04.07.20 Sa. 12:00 14:00

Fútbol Premier League: Wolverhampton vs. Arsenal Wolverhampton enfrenta a Arsenal por la Jornada 33 de Premier League. Los Wolves perdieron solo 1 de sus últimos 5 partidos de PL antes los Gunners tras estar invictos en sus primeros 6 en Premier an


04.07.20 Sa. 12:00 14:30

The Last Stand Un narcotraficante escapa de la custodia del FBI y huye a México pero en su camino hacia la libertad se interpondrá el policía de un pequeño pueblo fronterizo.

action movie

04.07.20 Sa. 13:00 15:00

Countdown to Green Pre-race show with analysis driver profiles reports from the garage interviews with drivers and crew chiefs and more.


04.07.20 Sa. 14:00 15:00

To Be Announced Programming to be announced.


04.07.20 Sa. 14:00 17:00

Whacked Out Sports


04.07.20 Sa. 15:00 15:30

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory A poor boy Freddie Highmore and four spoiled children win a tour through the incredible factory of an odd confectioner Johnny Depp .

kinder j. sonstiges

04.07.20 Sa. 15:30 18:00

PBS NewsHour Weekend

news info

04.07.20 Sa. 18:00 18:30

Friends: The One With the Cheap Wedding Dress Monica regrets telling a woman about a discount bridal shop when they end up competing for a wedding dress.


04.07.20 Sa. 19:00 19:30

Friends: The One With Joeys Award Joey is overjoyed to be nominated for a Soapie award engaged Monica frets when she realizes she will never experience the thrill of a new relationship again Ross spots Chandler sneaking out of a male


04.07.20 Sa. 19:30 20:00

Confucius Was a Foodie: The Big Picture Tracing the footsteps of some of the first Chinese immigrants in New York stories of the earliest Cantonese restaurants and Chinese chefs.


04.07.20 Sa. 20:00 21:00

Cenicienta ENAMÓRATE EN NOVA: CENICIENTA Cuando el padre de aurora, una niña de 13 años ,fallece inesperadamente, su madrastra se hace cargo de ella, muy a su pesar. para aurora, su único consuelo es su veci


03.07.20 Fr. 22:40 02:15
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