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Titel Genre Datum Von Bis

Lets Go for a Walk Lets Go For A Walk Horses and Flowers Walk. Ranger Hamza and the Ramblers spot some horses and walk like signposts, all on a walk to water the flowers! [S,SL] [HD]


11.07.20 Sa. 15:55 16:10

NCIS Lost Found. The agents stumble upon a nine-year-old kidnap case while showing a group of boy scouts around HQ. The investigation leads to an unsolved murder case a missing father and a corrupt policem


11.07.20 Sa. 16:00 17:00

Murder She Wrote: South by Southwest Jessica Fletcher must evade federal agents as she searches for a missing witness with an important story to tell.


11.07.20 Sa. 16:00 17:50

NCIS Corporal Punishment. When a marine escapes from a psychiatric unit the NCIS are called to ensure his safe return. However the marine still thinks he is fighting in Iraq and the team soon discovers the


11.07.20 Sa. 17:00 18:00

Midsomer Murders The Killings of Copenhagen. When the boss of Calders Biscuit Company is murdered in Copenhagen Barnaby and Nelson join forces with two female Danish detectives the abrasive and astute Poulsen and the


11.07.20 Sa. 17:15 19:05

NCIS Tribes. Ducky lands in hot water when he refuses to conduct an autopsy on a Muslim marine out of respect for his beliefs.


11.07.20 Sa. 18:00 19:00

A House Through Time A House Through Time 2/4. The story of those who lived in one house, from the time it was built until now. David Olusoga follows the residents of the house in Liverpool from the 1850s to the 1890s. [


11.07.20 Sa. 18:15 19:15

NinjaGo: Masters of Spinjitzu: Hunted Iron Stone. Cole and Young Wu attempt to free their friends who have been taken captive by a tribe of Dragon Hunters. Lloyd is reunited with some old friends who may prove valuable allies against Empe


11.07.20 Sa. 18:25 18:50

The Queens Lost Family Just after WWI monarchies throughout Europe have toppled most working men and many women now have the vote. It is a new democratic unpredictable age. George V has changed the royal familys name from S


11.07.20 Sa. 20:00 21:00

Love Island Australia Love Island: Australia As finale week continues, tensions between the couples comes to an all-time high when a power struggle erupts over an emotional dumping. [S] S1 Ep27


11.07.20 Sa. 21:00 22:20

New Tricks Left Field. UCOS reinvestigate the disappearance of five-year-old Yasser Blackledge 25 years ago when a recently released prisoner John Davies confesses to his abduction and murder. The team are suspi


11.07.20 Sa. 21:00 22:20

Midsomer Murders Blood on the Saddle. Trouble seems to be brewing in the pretty village of Ford Florey when a tract of waste ground dubbed the Swamp becomes the focus of a land dispute between two old agricultural fam


11.07.20 Sa. 21:00 23:00

The Blue Lagoon Two castaway children who survive a shipwreck grow to adolescence on a remote South Pacific island and experience the pangs of first love.


11.07.20 Sa. 21:00 23:10

Peter Crouch: Save Our Summer Peter Crouch: Save Our Summer 6/8. Tinie Tempah and Katherine Ryan play Musical VAR, Mo Farah takes on Jessica Ennis-Hill in the Sporting Fix, and Ellie Goulding gives an exclusive performance in the


11.07.20 Sa. 21:15 22:00

CSI: NY Super Men. When a patient from a psychiatric hospital who masquerades as Superman is found dead in an alleyway Mac and Stella retrace his steps to find his murderer and restore justice to the city. Me


11.07.20 Sa. 22:00 23:00

Celebrity Juice Celebrity Juice Joining the panel this week is Radio Ones Nick Grimshaw, Baby Spice Emma Bunton, TV presenting legend Dermot OLeary and friend of the show Paddy McGuinness. [S] S19 Ep8


11.07.20 Sa. 22:20 23:05

Commando Commando (1985) Violent thriller starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. To free his kidnapped daughter, a US ex-commando must agree to assassinate a South American president. Very strong language. [S]


11.07.20 Sa. 22:50 00:30

No One Lives Backwoods bandits find they ve made a grievous error when they victimise a couple who are not nearly as helpless as they seem.


11.07.20 Sa. 23:00 00:45

American Dad American Dad! Hayley Smith, Seal Team Six: Animated comedy. When everyone in the family agrees that 18-year-old Hayley is a downer, she wonders what happened to her as a child that changed her. [AD,S


12.07.20 So. 00:05 00:30

American Dad American Dad! Daddy Queerest: Animated series about hapless CIA operative, Stan Smith. Stans neighbour Terry is expecting a visit from his father who is unaware that he is gay. [AD,S] S5 Ep19


12.07.20 So. 00:30 01:00
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