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Titel Genre Datum Von Bis

A Touch of Frost A Touch of Frost Unknown Soldiers: Frost investigates incidents he thinks are linked - a soldiers death, a security van robbery and himself being held at gunpoint by a drug dealer. S4 Ep2


04.07.20 Sa. 23:00 01:05

American Dad American Dad! DeLorean Story-An: Animated series about hapless CIA operative, Stan Smith. Stan is excited by the prospect of building his dream car, a DeLorean, and he ropes in Steve to help. [AD,S]


05.07.20 So. 00:15 00:40

Two Days One Night Two Days, One Night Marion Cotillard stars in an Oscar-nominated role as a woman desperate to keep her job. Deals with adult themes. [2014] [S] [HD]


05.07.20 So. 00:15 01:45

American Dad American Dad! Live and Let Fry: Animated series. When Langley Falls implements a ban on trans fats, Stan finds himself legally separated from his favourite foods. [AD,S] S5 Ep11


05.07.20 So. 00:40 01:10

Gogglebox Gogglebox Including Mary Berrys Easter Feast, Saturday Night Takeaway, University Challenge, Big Little Lies, The Toilet: An Unspoken History, The Dog with an IQ of 102 and Line of Duty. (S9 Ep8) [SL


05.07.20 So. 01:10 02:15

Gogglebox Gogglebox What do Britains favourite viewers think of Britains Got Talent, Natures Weirdest Event, Dr Who, First Dates, Culinary Genius, and the News? (S9 Ep9) [SL]


05.07.20 So. 02:15 03:20

Murder She Wrote The Dead File. Jessica is appalled to discover a satirical New York comic strip has caricatured her as a blackmailing fox who extorts money from policemen and stockbrokers.


05.07.20 So. 06:00 07:00

Murder She Wrote Night of the Coyote. Jessica Fletcher meets her match in a local sheriff when the owner of an old mining towns museum in murdered.


05.07.20 So. 07:00 08:00

Mr Bean Mr. Bean: The Animated Series Car Trouble: Animated antics. When his car gives up the ghost and he is forced to sell it to the junkyard, Mr Bean builds a hot-air balloon to get around. [AD,S,HD] S1 E


05.07.20 So. 07:50 08:00

Murder She Wrote Sugar and Spice Malice and Vice. Jessica enters the dangerous world of dirty international banking when her friend an MI6 agent is accused of murdering his daughters fiancé.


05.07.20 So. 08:00 09:00

Gardeners World Gardeners World 16/32. Monty adds plants which give shelter to insects and invertebrates to his wildlife pond, and Carol Klein gives a comprehensive and seasonal guide to getting plants for free. [S]

house garden

05.07.20 So. 08:30 09:30

Murder She Wrote The Classic Murder. When a millionaire disappears a psychic claims that he is dead. Has Jessica Fletcher stumbled upon another murder-mystery


05.07.20 So. 09:00 10:00

The Andrew Marr Show The Andrew Marr Show Andrew Marr is joined by Anneliese Dodds, Simon Stevens and Mary Jordan. The newspapers are reviewed by Helen Pidd and Vicki Young. [S] [HD]

aktuelles thema

05.07.20 So. 09:00 10:15

The Motorbike Show The Motorbike Show Henry Cole discovers the delights of riding in Cornwall, tells the amazing story of the Paris Dakar Rally and uncovers the strange history of Hesketh. S8 Ep2


05.07.20 So. 09:25 10:30

The Princess and the Pirate When pirates attacks cowardly actor Sylvesters ship he isn t quite the hero he said he was.


05.07.20 So. 09:55 11:50

Murder She Wrote The Sound of Murder. A dead man is discovered being used as a prop during the making of a music video.


05.07.20 So. 10:00 11:00

Politics Politics England Political discussion and interviews. Guests include Debbie Abrahams MP, Paul Scully MP and Pamela Campbell-Morris from the Centre for BME Health. [S] [HD]


05.07.20 So. 10:15 10:45

Murder She Wrote Final Curtain. Jessica investigates when the manager of a major film star about to star in a new play in her home town of Cabot Cove is killed.


05.07.20 So. 11:00 12:00

Countryfile Spring Diaries Countryfile Spring Diaries The Countryfile Spring Diaries team unveil the secrets of spring. The team find out how to give toads a helping hand to reach their natural habitat. [S] [HD]


05.07.20 So. 11:45 12:15

The Goldbergs The Goldbergs Recipe for Death II: Kiss the Cook: Adam asks his father for money to film his own action movie, while Erica and Beverly go on a clothes shopping expedition. (S4 Ep6/24)


05.07.20 So. 12:00 12:30
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