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Title Genre Date From To

El campeón en ti: All in a Days Work Un luchador olímpico ilustra el valor del trabajo duro un padre crea una liga de golf para puras niñas.


20.02.21 Sat 08:00 08:30

Sabrina the Teenage Witch: A Birthday Witch A terrifying witch Barbara Eden from another realm visits on Sabrinas birthday Roxies ex-boyfriend surprises her with a performance by his brothers singing group Hanson .


20.02.21 Sat 10:00 10:30

Sabrina the Teenage Witch: Deliver Us From E-Mail Sabrinas evil twin Katrina wreaks havoc by e-mailing a supernatural virus that turns Sabrina into a dumbbell.


20.02.21 Sat 10:30 11:00

FOX Sports: Voices: Season of Change


20.02.21 Sat 12:00 12:30

Inside College Basketball In-depth highlights and analysis of the latest college basketball results and news. Plus profiles of coaches and players from the nations elite teams and previews of the top upcoming games.

fußball ii.liga

20.02.21 Sat 12:30 13:00

FOX College Hoops Tip-Off Highlights analysis and preview of the days college basketball action.

aktuelles thema

20.02.21 Sat 12:30 13:00

Corridors of Blood A 19th-century London doctor Boris Karloff becomes addicted to anesthesia and makes a deal with grave robbers.

horror movie

20.02.21 Sat 12:55 14:55

To Be Announced Programming to be announced.


20.02.21 Sat 13:00 14:30

Cycle Around Japan Highlights


20.02.21 Sat 13:30 14:00

Black History Always A mix of new productions music and taped elements to show that sports are always writing Black history and what it means to be game-changing. Hosted by The Undefeateds Clinton Yates.

special sports non-event special

20.02.21 Sat 14:30 15:00

Premier League Goal Zone The best moments from the weekend in Premier League action.

aktuelles thema

20.02.21 Sat 14:30 15:00

The World the Flesh and the Devil A man Harry Belafonte a woman Inger Stevens and a bigot Mel Ferrer roam the city of New York deserted after a nuclear war.

science fiction movie

20.02.21 Sat 14:55 17:00

Misión Europa


20.02.21 Sat 15:00 16:00

PGA Tour Golf: The Genesis Invitational Third Round


20.02.21 Sat 15:00 18:00

227: Babes in the Woods Mary Sandra Alexandria and her Girl Scout troop get lost in the woods.


20.02.21 Sat 16:30 17:00

Eyewitness News at 5 Local and regional news.

news info

20.02.21 Sat 17:00 18:00

The Goldbergs: Agassi Adam tries to join the tennis team to stay close to his friend Chad Beverly helps Erica get through her post-breakup depression.


20.02.21 Sat 19:00 19:30



20.02.21 Sat 19:00 19:30

The Seaside Hotel: Mens Visit The Count of Ditmar and his parents arrive at the hotel and he seems to be looking for a business partner Edward receives an anonymous love note.


20.02.21 Sat 19:00 20:00

The Goldbergs: The Spencers Gift Erica is jealous of Barrys performance when they both get jobs at Spencers Murray insists that Adam get a job but Beverly thinks he should focus on filmmaking.


20.02.21 Sat 19:30 20:00
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