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Titel Genre Datum Von Bis

NCIS Hit and Run. The NCIS team investigates a Marines car accident and ignites some upsetting past memories for Abby as a young girl on the trail of her first case.


13.09.19 Fr. 23:00 00:00

Classic Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Classic highlights from the quiz show relive nail-biting moments and chat with the contestants.


13.09.19 Fr. 23:00 00:00

A Miracle on Christmas Lake A grieving teenager mourning the loss of his best friend discovers a magical hockey rink on a lake where the friends used to play.


13.09.19 Fr. 23:00 01:00

BBC Weather The latest weather forecast.


13.09.19 Fr. 23:00 23:05

ITV News London ITV News London The latest news and weather from London and the South East. [S,HD]

news info

13.09.19 Fr. 23:00 23:15

It Takes a Killer Six Degrees of Serial Murder. A serial killer uses Louisianas capital city as his private hunting ground leaving a trail of dead women over a three-year span cops struggle to stop him. Until he leaves


13.09.19 Fr. 23:00 23:30

24 Hours in A E 24 Hours in A&E Its a busy day at Kings, as 400 patients are treated in 24 hours. Peggy, 85, comes in with her doting husband, and Bens swollen finger is more serious than he realises. (S4 Ep4/6)


13.09.19 Fr. 23:05 00:15

Family Guy Family Guy Lets Go to the Hop: Animated comedy about the everyday trials of family life. Peter infiltrates Quahog High undercover and convinces the kids to quit getting high by licking toads. [AD,S]


13.09.19 Fr. 23:05 23:30

Rescue: River Deep Mountain High New: Rescue - River Deep Mountain High In the north of England, severe flooding, the worst in 70 years, has brought chaos to the region. The Kinder Mountain Rescue Team explain the hazards of these f


13.09.19 Fr. 23:15 23:45

It Takes a Killer Fatal Secrets. A soccer mum moonlighting as an escort disappears from Western Colorado and it takes homicide detectives nearly seven years to unravel what proves to be a cold-blooded murder and a horr


13.09.19 Fr. 23:30 00:00

American Dad American Dad! The Worst Stan: Animated series about Stan Smith, a hapless CIA agent. In a bid to fulfil his dream of being a best man, Stan convinces his last single friend to get married. [AD,S] S8


13.09.19 Fr. 23:30 23:55

Exit Wounds Exit Wounds Tough action thriller starring Steven Seagal and DMX, 2001. A tough cop in an inner-city precinct discovers a web of dirty cops and corruption.


13.09.19 Fr. 23:45 01:50



13.09.19 Fr. 20:00 20:30

Prem era. Irina Starshenbaum Aleksandr Petrov Rinal Muhametov Oleg Men shikov Sergej Garmash Lyudmila Maksakova v fil me Fiodora Bondarchuka Prityazhenie (16 )


13.09.19 Fr. 20:30 22:45

Vechernij Urgant (16 )


13.09.19 Fr. 22:45 23:40



13.09.19 Fr. 23:15 00:00

Dmitrij Nazarov Dmitrij Nagiev Marina Mogilevskaya Oleg Tabakov v komedii Kuhnya. Poslednyaya bitva (16 )


13.09.19 Fr. 23:40 01:40

Ne soshlis harakterami. H f


14.09.19 Sa. 00:00 01:20

Petrovich. H f


14.09.19 Sa. 01:20 03:00

Ivan Ohlobystin Rinal Muhametov Il ya Ryazanov v fil me Vremennye trudnosti (16 )


14.09.19 Sa. 01:40 03:00
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