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Man With a Plan: Holey War When none of the kids will confess to putting a hole in the wall Adam and Andi team up to find the guilty one.


06.03.17 Mo. 20:30 21:00

Oh What a Lovely War Oh! What a Lovely War (1969) Richard Attenboroughs award-winning musical satire about the First World War. With Ralph Richardson, Laurence Olivier, Maggie Smith and Vanessa Redgrave. Some offensive l


25.01.17 Mi. 11:00 13:50

A Different World: War of the Words Maggie prepares to debate Whitley on the issue of women's rights.


24.01.17 Di. 09:30 10:00

A Different World: Dr. War Is Hell Jaleesa and Whitley have new roommates Dwayne tries to avoid a dreaded course.


03.02.17 Fr. 09:30 10:00

Dirty Gold War: De la mine à la vitrine À travers le portrait des principaux opérateurs miniers et des victimes de l exploitation aurifère plongée au coeur de la filière de l or. Une industrie très prospère mais également très cont


23.02.17 Do. 12:33 13:25

A War of Children Gripping drama centred on the latter-day troubles in Ireland. Two families in Belfast find that their long-standing friendship is threatened by the escalating sectarian violence surrounding them.


18.02.17 Sa. 17:00 19:00

A Taste of History: Winning the War With Bread Classic turkey pot pie gingerbread and poached pears.


26.02.17 So. 15:00 15:30

A Different World: War and Peace Emotions run high as Dwayne's classmates send their friend Zelmer to the Persian Gulf.


17.03.17 Fr. 09:30 10:00

A Taste of History: Fort Mifflin s River War Shrimp and rutabaga fricassee corn fritters okra fish stew baked fennel.


12.03.17 So. 15:00 15:30

A Different World: War of the Words Maggie prepares to debate Whitley on the issue of women's rights.

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04.05.17 Do. 09:00 09:30
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