So if I understood correctly, in OTR, the only case where there is no problem to make double posts in both chat and OTR forum is only if the double post is also in chat in the Off Topic room, and also in the forum community in the Off Topic forum.
@RAMI1234: Because of SF I would choose the forum in your place. But also there the following applies: no answer guarantee and not in time span X.
@RAMI1234: Do you know a job creation measure? If you ask the same question in different places, then you employ more people than necessary to deal with it. So it is useless and only robs other people's time.
@HENSON: Where do you think I will get a more accurate answer regarding SF? In the forum or in the chat? Because it seems to me that you are angry that the same question is asked in OTR both in chat and in the forum, so I am trying here to avoid a situation of double question on my part.
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