Price list
OTR is free in Beginner mode.
For the premium status you pay between 167 and 199 cents per month.
The main advantage of the premium status is that you don't need to choose the shows in advance and program recordings. If you are a premium user, all shows of all channels are available for you in all formats. Other advantages

Premium price depends on the duration.

Monthly fees
Duration of Premium status Total costs

Start Premium status now

On OTR there are neither terms of termination nor traps of subscriptions, obligations or similar. You will never receive an invoice from us even if your account balance is negative. You make a payment at first and can use your account balance on OTR at your discretion (purchase of the status, downloading, etc.).

Additional costs depending on using
Feature For premium For beginner Note
Download-traffic from 6 to 2 o'clock CET Free* 12 Cent per GB exact KB
Download-traffic from 2 to 6 o'clock CET (HappyHour) Free 2 Cent per downbload
Automatic sending to your FTP server Free* 12 Cent per GB exact KB
* First the flat rate volume is used up. Only then do additional costs arise. 12 Cent per GB

Possible additional costs
Following prices are always specified in advance

High speed download without limitation: 5 ct. per download
Skip the download queue: 5 ct. additionally to normal download costs.

Decoding of mirror shows older than 30 days:
Beginners pay 5 ct. per decoding. Premium users - only if the show comes from the their beginner status time.
Beginners pay 5 Ct. additional costs when sending a recording to Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. Premium only if there is no longer any flat volume.

All features and rules can be changed at any time in order to changed system or membership requirements.
Users who bought a 3, 6 or 12 month premium status are allowed to request a partially refund after important changes of the terms and service conditions.

Dear user..
...we are trying to make the service as inexpensive as possible
OTR is a market leader in this area already during 17 years.
We support mirror downloads for free from private mirrors.
For decoding of files you need our decoder software (for free).

But we would be glad if you will use the comfort of the direct download from OTR.
The costs for typical 90 minutes film (from 3 ct., according to format) are extremely low.

According to new EU legislation the VAT must be held from payments since 01/01/2015.
All prices above are net prices. The sum of the VAT depends on your country of origin that you can specify when you will send a payment.

We offer different payment methods.
Urgent payment by phone/SMS causes high duties for your account. Bank transfer or sending by post are duty free.

The account balance can be charged up by banner clicks and other features without payment.
As you see, we offer a fair service for unbeatable favorable conditions.

Please recommend us to your friends.
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