April 2020




Weather for the Week Ahead
Weather, Detailed weather forecast.
Talking Movies
Entertainment, Pandemic Special. In a special pandemic edition we look at how the coronavirus has devastated the movie industry in many parts of the world.
BBC News
News Info, Twenty-four hours a day the latest national and international stories as they break.
The Travel Show
Travel, Seeing the World Without Sight. Follow blind backpacker Tony Giles through Jerusalem and Bethlehem to find out how he experiences the world without being able to see it.
BBC News
News Info, Twenty-four hours a day the latest national and international stories as they break.
Dateline London
News Info, Foreign correspondents currently posted in London look at events in the UK through outsiders eyes.
BBC News
News Info, Twenty-four hours a day the latest national and international stories as they break.
Our World
News Info, The Trees That Bleed. Rosewood is one of the most trafficked wild commodities on earth. When it s cut it bleeds a blood-red sap. Having exhausted stocks elsewhere Chinese traders have turned to west Africa. We are in Senegal where it s illegal to fell or export a rosewood tree. And yet we can reveal they are being logged and smuggled at an alarming rate - from Senegalese forests through to the port of neighbouring Gambia and all the way onto China. Umaru Fofana investigates trade in trafficked rosewood.
BBC News
News Info, Twenty-four hours a day the latest national and international stories as they break.
Computers, Click celebrates its 20th anniversary in style as we look at the biggest inventions from the last 20 years in tech.
BBC News
News Info, Twenty-four hours a day the latest national and international stories as they break.
Talking Movies
Entertainment, Pandemic Special. In a special pandemic edition we look at how the coronavirus has devastated the movie industry in many parts of the world.
Drama, Islamic militants occupy the ancient Malian city of Timbuktu imposing a regime of terror. Not far from there cattle herder Kidane lives peacefully in the dunes with his family.
Entertainment, A preview of upcoming programmes from BBC Two.
Top of the Pops
Music, 22 June 1989. Gary Davies and Simon Mayo present performances by Living In A Box Gladys Knight U2 Bangles Clannad Bono Prince D Mob featuring LRS The Beautiful South Soul II Soul and Placido Domingo Jennifer Rush.
Blues and Beyond with Cerys Matthews and Val Wilmer
Music, DJ and broadcaster Cerys Matthews and acclaimed blues photographer Val Wilmer select their favourite blues musicians several of whom Val has met and photographed. As they view their selection they reveal the reasons behind their choices. Discover why Muddy Waters is their master of mojo and how Val rescued Jimi Hendrix from some over-eager fans.
Coast: The Great Guide
Documentary, Our North Sea Coast. Neil Oliver and Tessa Dunlop present their insiders guide to the North Sea coast a stretch that takes in two nations and is book-ended by two huge estuaries the Forth in Scotland and the Humber in England.
Rick Stein s Long Weekends
Documentary, Palermo. Rick Stein visits the fascinating city of Palermo in northern Sicily. Like a vibrant carpet the city is patterned with echoes of Arab north African French Spanish and Italian influences making its cuisine unique and irresistible.
This Is BBC Four
Event, BBC FOUR is the BBC channel for people who want more. More depth more range more to stimulate the mind.
This Is BBC Four
Event, BBC FOUR is the BBC channel for people who want more. More depth more range more to stimulate the mind.
News Info, The latest news sport business and weather from the BBC s Breakfast team.
The Andrew Marr Show
Aktuelles Thema, Andrew Marr is joined by key political personalities to discuss topical politics.
Politics, North West. The latest political news interviews and debate.
BBC News
News Info, Twenty-four hours a day the latest national and international stories as they break.
Sunday Worship
Religious, Palm Sunday. As Holy Week begins the Dean of Hereford the Very Reverend Michael Tavinor leads a service for Palm Sunday from the city s historic cathedral. The programme features hymns recorded for Songs of Praise in 2017.
Wanted Down Under
Documentary, Thom Family. The Thoms have travelled the world as a military family with the RAF but now mum Lori s dream is to settle in Australia. But with his latest posting back home in Scotland has everything changed for husband Kev
The Instant Gardener
Home improvement, Presenter Helen Skelton and garden designer Danny Clarke and the team make over a boggy scruffy back garden in Fife into a safe and stimulating space for an elderly father with dementia.
The A to Z of TV Cooking
Cooking, Letter D. John Torode sifts through the archives and serves up a selection of mouth-watering dishes from some of the nation s favourite television chefs featuring recipes and ingredients linked by the letter D. Raymond Blanc cooks roast duck with celeriac puree and a blackberry sauce and Greg Wallace cooks potato dauphinoise.
Gardeners World
House garden, Join the team as they present the seasonal highlights from across the country visiting stunning gardens meeting the gardeners and finding out their secrets of success. Adam Frost presents from his garden and suggests essential gardening jobs for the weekend.
Environment, Signs of Spring. Ellie is in the Lugg Valley in Herefordshire where recent heavy floods have left their mark. Despite this she is on the hunt for signs of spring not least toads. She joins volunteers making sure the amorous amphibians can make it safely across main roads to their favoured spawning grounds. Ellie also meets members of the community who have just planted out their first forest garden and she joins an artist who sees beauty in the flooded landscape.
House garden, Gardening show that celebrates Scottish horticulture and growing conditions.
Saturday Kitchen Best Bites
Cooking, Matt Tebbutt takes a look back at some of his favourite recipes and best moments from Saturday Kitchen.
Great British Menu
Cooking, Scotland: Judging. The two highest-scoring chefs from Scotland go head to head and cook their menus again. The chefs need to impress the judges food writer Matthew Fort restaurateur Oliver Peyton and broadcaster and cook Andi Oliver as well as a guest judge.
Educational, Lend Me Your Ear. Arthur Buster and Brain are worried when Mr Ratburn isn t acting like himself. He s always pleased to see them so what has made him change his tune
Shaun the Sheep
Comedyshow, Two s Company. A bedraggled new sheep lands amongst the flock. After a wash in the sheep dip the newcomer turns out to be quite attractive and Shaun immediately falls head over hooves for her.
Danger Mouse
Adventure, Colonel Danger Mouse. When Colonel K disappears on a free holiday Danger Mouse pulls rank and assumes the mantle of caretaker Colonel. However the role is much less exciting than he anticipated as world-saving missions make way for endless paperwork.
Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese
Entertainment, Pen Pals. Everybody gets jealous when Boy bakes amazing cookies that he only shares with his new pen pal Gretchen. They band together and pretend to be Gretchen writing letters to Boy and asking him to send more cookies which they then intercept and eat for themselves. However when Boy asks to meet Gretchen in person Girl Dog Cat Mouse and Cheese come up with a plan to impersonate her and steal Boy s cookie recipe once and for all
The Zoo
Animals, The Big Bang. With the threat of closure looming for any enclosure that is not up to scratch the zoo s annual inspection day is serious. The animals scrub up to look their best. The penguins are polished the baboons are buffed and the tigers are tidied.
Class Dismissed
Comedyshow, Key Stage 3 Rules. Adult man and Year 9 pupil Warren finds new ways to celebrate his love of Key Stage 3. Maths teacher Mr Alan has a T party while badly behaved teaching assistant Poppy is creating trouble for Mr Soleil.
Danny and Mick
Comedyshow, Paper Boys. Danny and Mick s boss Joy has had her office redecorated and has asked the brothers to put everything back in her office. As always Danny and Mick get distracted and don t get the job done. Joy finds them messing about which causes Danny to accidentally spill a smoothie on her new wallpaper. Joy is unaware so Danny and Mick need to secretly sort out the problem before she finds out Danny and Mick don t do anything easily and ending up in a lot of mess with a lot of wallpaper paste
The Dog Ate My Homework
Unterhaltungsshow, Mya v Ethan. They are joined by team captains Mya and Ethan and special guests Joe Tasker Ed Petrie Vic Cook and Sarah Keyworth who battle it out in a series of hilarious rounds.
Blue Peter
Quiz & Gameshow, We re Staying Home. Like the rest of the nation Lindsey and Richie are staying home this week so that s exactly where Blue Peter is coming from. The show is packed with ways to stay entertained from your own living room from keeping fit with Joe Wicks healthy snacks with an award winning chef and videos from you lot at home.
Craft Party
Arts crafts, Chocolate Party. Stanley and Georgia concoct chocolate bowls but not without making a gooey mess while Curtis and India craft a fake chocolate bar notebook for a prank. They also exchange chocolate wrapper bracelets and play doughnut hoopla at a chocolate-themed party that s totally sweet.
Matilda and The Ramsay Bunch
Cooking, Grand Prix. Tilly and the Ramsays hold the first ever Ramsay Wacky Races and head to the go-kart track to see who s the fastest driver is. Tilly is in charge of the racetrack s pit-stop snacks serving up some delicious food on the go - scrummy tortilla cups and with a little help from mum she makes her first ever homemade sausage wheel. For dessert it s delicious rocky road tyres .
Gym Stars
Gymnastics, Holding on to a Dream. Artistic gymnasts Amelie and Phoebe have been busy preparing for the World Championship Team Trials but Amelie is hit with a major setback when she injures her ankle in training.
My Life
Documentary, Locked-In Boy. This informative moving film is authored by Jonathan an extraordinary smart funny ten-year-old who for the first eight years of his life was locked in his body - unable to speak or communicate. This is the first My Life film authored by a non verbal child. It begins with Jonathan choosing one of his best friends to be the voice of his film telling his story through Jonathan s own words.
Odd Squad
Educational, The Confalones. Olive and Otto are called in to help when objects and people start disappearing inside an Italian restaurant.
Odd Squad
Educational, Blob on the Job. When a blob gets loose in Odd Squad headquarters Olive and Otto compete against rival agents to catch it first.
Horrible Histories
History, Atrocious Artists. A look at some of history s greatest artists from images painted on the walls of caves through to Chris Ofili s work with elephant poo. Plus the most stolen painting in history and how Picasso and Dali found innovative ways of paying for things.
Deadly 60
Animals, It s not that Steve Backshall has a death wish. Quite the opposite actually. He lives for adventure and his mission to come as close as possible to 60 of the world s most deadly animals is a brazen way to challenge himself. The naturalist and wildlife expert journeys to five continents and encounters a wide range of mammals birds reptiles and insects - some familiar others quite unusual - including Baja rattlesnakes tarantula hawk wasps Humboldt squid wolf eels and flesh-eating cockroaches. Backshall also tries to mimic the animals to see if he can match their lethal skills such as hanging like a bat or flying down a zip wire to emulate a fish eagle.
Bargain Hunt
Unterhaltungsshow, Harrogate 21. Anita Manning presents from Harrogate antiques fair with experts Kate Bliss and Mark Stacey. The teams scour the fair in the hope that they will make a profit at auction and Anita also goes on a quilting quest at a local museum.
BBC Weekend News
News Info, National and international news followed by weather.
Songs of Praise
Music, Palm Sunday in Glasgow. For Palm Sunday Sean Fletcher visits Glasgow Cathedral to discuss Holy Week and hears how this historic building plays a prominent role in the Christian life of the city. He visits the Lodging House Mission which has been helping homeless and disadvantaged citizens of Glasgow for over 100 years. He meets the staff and volunteers there who put their Christian faith to work helping others and learns about the holistic approach they take to their guests.
Escape to the Country
House garden, Hampshire. Jules Hudson is country property-shopping in Hampshire with a buyer who has an £875 000 budget and a firm wish to return to her family roots so she has brought her cousin along. Away from a garden-focused house hunt Jules visits Mottisfont Abbey.
Money for Nothing
Reality, EJ Osborne is scouring the skips at Woking Recycling Centre. EJ enlists two magnificent makers. Bag maker Neil Wragg has his hands full with a leather armchair and lighting expert Guy Trench must come up with a bright idea for an old water pump.
Garden Rescue
House garden, Southsea. The team is in sunny Southsea on the south coast near Portsmouth. Christine has lived in her home for many decades and it used to boast a beautiful garden planted and lovingly tended by Christine s now late husband.
The Hairy Bakers
Cooking, Pies and Pasties. Pies and pasties take the hairy bikers on their longest trip in this baking series from Cornwall to Scotland. Dave and Simon start in the far South-West cooking traditional pasties at Geevor Tin Mine in Cornwall. They then head northwards to the Midlands and then on to Huntly in Aberdeenshire where our hungry hairy bikers sample an extraordinary range of pies.
Mexico: Earth s Festival of Life
Documentary, Forests of the Maya. The ancient temples of the Maya still tower over the forests of the Yucatan where jaguars monkeys and vibrant tropical birds now make their home. It is a forest full of secrets with a vast watery underworld that is still being explored and which holds the key to how animals and people survive the dry season.
Rugby League s Legendary Watersplash Final
Documentary, A look back at the Rugby League Challenge Cup final in 1968 between Leeds and Wakefield Trinity which witnessed one of the most dramatic moments ever seen at a major sporting event. With what looked like the easiest of kicks to win the Wembley showpiece Don Fox of Wakefield stepped up but somehow missed.
Thriller, International jewel thief Elizabeth Lipp recruits her ex-lover Walter Harper to train a motley crew of characters to steal the famous emerald-encrusted dagger of Sultan Mahmud from the Topkapi museum in Istanbul.
Naomi s Nightmares of Nature
Nature, Yellowstone. Heading into Yellowstone Naomi prepares to face some of America s most famously fearsome wildlife bears and wolves The wilderness is also home to gruesome great grey owl chicks with vile eating habits and mountain goats that choose a nightmarish existence on rocky cliff faces. Despite all that could the crews challenge of sitting alone in the dark be Naomi s worst nightmare
Operation Ouch
Science, Gob-smacking Growth Plates. Dr Chris and Dr Xand reveal how your bones grow to make you taller while in Operation Takeover they take on the role of midwives for the day. Plus Dr Chris investigates how scientists are studying people in low oxygen conditions to help seriously ill patients and we catch up with Ouch Patients Kaden and Maisie. Meanwhile in accident and emergency one patient has cut their head falling off a wall and another needs help fishing a pencil out of his ear.
Show Me What You re Made Of
Documentary, The recruits go to an enormous strawberry farm on the south coast which supplies many of the UK s major supermarkets. The five recruits may love eating strawberries but are they cut out for serious farm work
The Worst Witch
Fantasy, A Witch in Time. Desperate to win the Head Girl Triathlon and stop her terrible future vision from coming true Mildred embarks on a dangerous gambit to rewind time with a stolen loop spell from Mr Daisy.
The Story of Tracy Beaker
Comedyshow, The Movie of Me. Tracy Beaker is a care home kid who lives in the Dumping Ground and dreams of her glamorous mum who will one day return and rescue her. Then on the eve of her 13th birthday the doorbell rings and a vision stands before her transforming her life.
4 O Clock Club
Impro-Comedy, Brooch. When Clinton forgets Emily s birthday he finds a perfect last-minute gift in school lost property. Meanwhile Polly and her mum go on a trip so Evan plans a party at their house.
The Croods
Comedyshow, A teenage girl resents the strict rules of her caveman father to keep their family safe in a dangerous world. A forward-thinking boy warns of catastrophic upheavals headed their way and so a desperate adventure begins.
Blue Planet Revisited
Documentary, Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef is the world s largest expanse of coral reefs. It s home to an astonishing diversity of life and vital to the health of our seas. But this extraordinary place and all the life it supports is under threat like never before. To find out what the future holds for one of Earth s greatest natural wonders we ve based ourselves on Heron Island at the southern tip of the reef where scientists are monitoring green turtles and following families of breeding birds.
BBC Weekend News
News Info, National and international news followed by weather.
BBC London News
News Info, News sport and weather from London.
Environment, 24 Hours in the Lambing Shed. It s all systems go in the lambing shed as Adam Henson and Helen Skelton work round the clock to help a Wirral farmer at one of his busiest times of the year. Meanwhile Sean Fletcher is in Carmarthen discovering first-hand the rigours of lambing outdoors.
Portillo s State Secrets
Documentary, On Trial. Michael Portillo investigates how Mary Whitehouse defended God in a court of law reveals details of the last woman to be imprisoned under the Witchcraft Acts and unearths documents that reveal the Church s shameful role in slavery.
Great British Railway Journeys
Documentary, Piccadilly Circus to Gravesend. Michael Portillo hits the West End to explore an exotic store which was a favourite among Edwardian ladies. At Covent Garden s Royal Ballet School he hears how in 1909 a Russian ballet company took London by storm and how its prima ballerina inspired the school s founding choreographer. Leaving the capital from Charing Cross Michael heads for Dartford in Kent where he discovers the origins of netball and gymslips at the North Kent College.
Back in Time for the Corner Shop
History, 21st Century. The family reflect on their 100 years in the shop and investigate how the shopkeepers of today are using the lessons from the past and technology of the future to keep the tills ringing into the 21st century.
Ski Sunday
Skiing, Best of 2020. The Ski Sunday team wrap up the very best action of the season from the classic races which had everyone on the edge of their seats to the breathtaking mountain adventures that warmed winter souls.
The Americas with Simon Reeve
Travel, Simon Reeve continues his journey through the Americas. In this third leg of the journey Simon travels down the length of California. In northern California he explores the land of the giant redwoods where he learns that only a fraction of old growth forest survives.
This Is BBC Four
Event, BBC FOUR is the BBC channel for people who want more. More depth more range more to stimulate the mind.
The Secret Life of Ice
Documentary, Ice is one of the strangest most beguiling and mesmerising substances in the world. Full of contradictions it is transparent yet it can glow with colour it is powerful enough to shatter rock but it can melt in the blink of an eye. It takes many shapes from the fleeting beauty of a snowflake to the multi-million tonne vastness of a glacier and the eeriness of the ice fountains of far-flung moons.
4 O Clock Club
Impro-Comedy, Kissing. Owen has a date and needs to learn how to kiss fast - but who will volunteer to teach him Meanwhile Darnesh rewrites Bell s boring autobiography to make his life sound more exciting.
Art Ninja
Art, Day of the Prophecy. Psychic Sarah tells Ricky that she has the gift of being able to make predictions. He doesn t believe her until she makes a eerie prophecy that means he will clean up. Ricky s inspired to create a fortune-telling flamingo and the Grand Master makes a pop-up cat card.
My Life
Documentary, Hike to Happiness. An increasing number of teenage girls are experiencing anxiety and in this insightful documentary we meet 15-year-old Ellie determined to overcome her own anxiety and depression. This film follows her on a trek with the Wilderness Foundation to the Lake District with three other young people facing similar issues.
Gym Stars
Gymnastics, Holding on to a Dream. Artistic gymnasts Amelie and Phoebe have been busy preparing for the World Championship Team Trials but Amelie is hit with a major setback when she injures her ankle in training.
The Snow Spider
Adventure, The Silver Ship. Gwyn is stunned by the visions he sees in Arianwen s webs. Twice a pale girl resembling his sister appears in the web then vanishes again. Gwyn soon sees the truth in his grandmother s warning: being a magician really can be a lonely business.
Top Class
Unterhaltungsshow, Chantry v St Jospeh s. Susan Calman presents the search to find the UK s smartest school. In this semi-final Chantry Primary take on St Joseph s Primary. Who will make it through to the final
My Perfect Landing
Sports non-event, Ready for Battle. Jenny prepares for Hillside and we see how instrumental her father Hector was in helping her realise her gymnastics dream. Jenny is finally able to put her father s death behind her and she is more focused than ever to win at Hillside.
Almost Never
Entertainment, Boy in the Woods. Nate is struggling to write any new songs now he is with Chloe so Harry forces Nate to find some creative inspiration. Meanwhile Fabio and GHF s new line-up have a tough first day together.
The Dumping Ground
Dramaserie, Rage. Sasha s life is turned upside down when a flood in a neighbouring care home brings guests to Ashdene Ridge. Mike tells the YP to make the visitors: Freya Sid and Luke welcome but Sasha is worried when she s reunited with Freya an old friend from her car vandalising past. Sasha is wracked with guilt for abandoning Freya in Secure while she started a new life at the DG. Trying her best to build bridges with Freya Sasha can t shake the feeling that Freya is up to no good.
Antiques Roadshow
Collectibles, Lytham Hall 2. At Lytham Hall in Lancashire finds include a chair that is believed to be from Nelson s flagship a gruesome insight into Victorian dentistry and a fantastic series of water colours rescued from a skip and worth thousands. Geoffrey Munn finds a diamond pendant presented by the city of Liverpool and there s some sixties rock and roll memorabilia of the highest pedigree.
The Nest
Dramaserie, It has been weeks since Dan learned the truth about Kaya s past and he is tormented by the dilemma of whether to tell Emily. She and Kaya have built a close friendship and Emily is finally allowing herself to believe that there will be a baby at the end of all this. If Dan tells Emily the truth it will destroy her but he also knows that he can t have a girl like Kaya in his life. Meanwhile local journalist Eleanor has found someone from Kaya s past and they are ready to talk.
BBC Weekend News
News Info, National and international news followed by weather.
BBC London News
News Info, News sport and weather from London.
A Monster Calls
Fantasy, A young boy finds a most unlikely ally when the Monster appears at his bedroom window one night. Ancient wild and relentless the Monster guides Conor on a journey of courage faith and truth that powerfully fuses imagination and reality.
Race Across the World
Travel, The four teams have reached the halfway mark in the 25 000km race to Ushuaia. To reach the next checkpoint Cafayate in Argentina teams must choose to travel through either Bolivia or Chile.
Dragons Den
Bus. financial, Hoping they are the right fit for the Dragons are a couple with an ergonomic underwear range for men. An eco-warrior wants to put a cap on plastic pollution with his water bottles made from starch.
Romance, The day after the wedding. Gemma and Kieran are due to go on their romantic honeymoon in Finland and Ray starts a new job.
The Ranganation
Comedyshow, Romesh Ranganathan joined by celebrity guests and the Ranganation his very own focus group of 25 members of the public takes a funny topical look at modern Britain.
Adventure, Legendary explorer Thor Heyerdal s crossed the Pacific on a balsa wood raft in 1947 in an effort to prove that it was possible for South Americans to settle in Polynesia in pre-Columbian times.
Natural World
Anthology, Nature s Miniature Miracles. Tiny heroes have evolved extraordinary skills and achieved mind-boggling feats. From the animal kingdom s greatest artist to the tiny creatures that provide so much of the air that humans breathe discover what it takes to be a miniature miracle.
Operation Gold Rush with Dan Snow
Documentary, Digging for Gold. The team have just a few dozen miles left to cover of their nearly six hundred mile journey to the gold fields. Following in the footsteps of their 19th-century forerunners they have crossed snowy mountains run terrifying rapids and navigated hundreds of miles of water in a replica historical boat.
Science, My Amazing Twin. The acerbically witty and severely facially disfigured broadcaster Adam Pearson presents a personal film about genetics. He and his twin brother Neil are genetically identical and both share the same genetic disease Neurofibromatosis 1 Nf1 - yet they are completely different. Adam s face is covered with growths whereas Neil looks completely normal. Neil has short term memory loss whereas Adam is razor sharp.
The Bee Gees at the BBC....and Beyond
Music, Classic Bee Gees studio performances from the BBC and beyond including all the big hits rare 60s performances from European TV and some late performances from the 90s with the brothers Gibb in perfect harmony.
The Next Step
Dramaserie, Don t Go Breaking My Heart. Emily begins to suspect Michelle is up to something behind her back. Eldon gets tired of people questioning his relationship with Emily and decides to set the story straight.
Nine Minute Ninja
Entertainment, Growing Skills. Ricky gets to work growing some amazing creations including a picture of flowers made out of toilet roll and an unusual plant pot which looks like a pineapple.
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