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Weather for the Week Ahead
Weather, Detailed weather forecast.
BBC News
News, Twenty-four hours a day the latest national and international stories as they break.
BBC News
News, Twenty-four hours a day the latest national and international stories as they break.
Computers, The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a huge increase in bike and e-bike sales. Click looks at the latest e-bikes and shows how you can turn your own regular bike into one.
BBC News
News, Twenty-four hours a day the latest national and international stories as they break.
The Week in Parliament
Politics, BBC Parliament s programme looking back at the week in Westminster presented by Alicia McCarthy.
BBC News
News, Twenty-four hours a day the latest national and international stories as they break.
Computers, The programme for everyone interested in the internet and new media. Whether it s e-commerce new developments and products or gadgets and games Click looks at the tools that will revolutionise business and personal life.
The Film Review
Entertainment, Anna Smith gives her take on the best and worst of the week s film and DVD releases.
BBC News
News, Twenty-four hours a day the latest national and international stories as they break.
Our World
Newsmagazine, One Virus Two Worlds. Brazil has been devastated by coronavirus: more than 1.4 million people have been infected and the numbers are rising fast. Our World travels to Sao Paulo.
BBC News
News, Twenty-four hours a day the latest national and international stories as they break.
The Travel Show
Travel, Norway Music. Christa Larwood takes a musical journey from Oslo to Bergen along one of the world s most stunning rail lines the Bergensbanen looking into the roots of Norway s music to get a sense of how its landscapes culture and society are brought to life.
Anita Me
Comedy, 1972 and 12-year-old British Asian girl Meena is on the verge of her teenage years when Anita her blonde and glamorous 14-year-old neighbour becomes her friend.
Public affairs, Britain s Cancer Crisis. Coronavirus has killed thousands but now there are fears that the pandemic has caused a crisis in cancer care that could mean many thousands more will die. Panorama working with the podcast You Me and the Big C explores how the focus on Covid-19 has impacted on cancer treatment. Reporter Deborah James who herself has incurable bowel cancer investigates how the NHS has managed cancer care during lockdown speaking to experts and analysing new research.
What We Do in the Shadows
Dark comedy, The Return. The vampires decide to open their home to an old nemesis who s down on his luck and Guillermo grapples with the fact that he is descended from Abraham Van Helsing.
What We Do in the Shadows
Dark comedy, Collaboration. Nandor s old familiar from the 1970s returns to Staten Island Guillermo leaves to serve a new master and Nadja and Lazslo revive their musical act.
Entertainment, A preview of upcoming programmes from BBC Two.
Better Than the Original: The Joy of the Cover Version
Documentary, Documentary which celebrates the role of the cover version in the pop canon and investigates what it takes to reinvent someone else s song as a smash. Through ten carefully chosen cover versions that whisk us from the British Invasion to a noughties X-Factor Final this film journeys over five decades to track how artists as varied as the Moody Blues Soft Cell Puff Daddy and Alexandra Burke have scored number 1s with their retake on someone else s song.
Country Music by Ken Burns
Documentary, Don t Get Above Your Raisin 1984-1996. As the genre takes off country music artists such as George Strait Randy Travis and the Judds work to keep country music true to its roots. There is also the rise of Garth Brooks and the return of Johnny Cash.
Huey Morgan s Latin Music Adventure
Music, Cuba. Huey arrives in Cuba to explore a country at a moment of reinvention. After the communist revolution of 1959 the country effectively closed its doors to the sights and sounds of the rest of the world.
Latin Music: A Session with
Music, Daymé Arocena. Daymé Arocena is an award-winning classically trained Cuban musician singer and composer. Here she performs music inspired by her Afro-Cuban heritage including tracks from Cubafonía the album that catapulted her onto the global stage.
This Is BBC Four
Event, BBC FOUR is the BBC channel for people who want more. More depth more range more to stimulate the mind.
Newsmagazine, The latest news sport business and weather from the BBC s Breakfast team.
Saturday Kitchen Live
Cooking, Matt Tebbutt and chefs Olia Hercules and Bryn Williams are joined by special guest Martin Kemp via videolink. There are great moments from the BBC food archive including clips from Rick Stein Keith Floyd Mary Berry and Nadiya Hussain and drinks expert Helen McGinn picks the wines to go with the studio dishes.
The Great Food Guys
Documentary, Asian Fusion. Chef Nick Nairn and Dougie Vipond look at Asian fusion and cook up salt-chili squid with a Vietnamese dipping sauce. Joining them in the kitchen are award-winning chef Kaori Simpson from the Harajuku Kitchen in Edinburgh and actor Greg McHugh who brings along his choice of craft beer to accompany the food.
Marrying Mum and Dad
Reality, Enchanted Forest. A fantasy-inspired wedding is full of treats for planner and Wolfblood fan Amy who discovers Wolfblood star Leona will help her plan the wedding. Mum and dad journey into an enchanted forest on unicorns before their fantasy wedding can appear.
Wild Weird
Animals, Gruesome Goings-On. Tim and Naomi investigate some of the most gruesome goings-on in the natural world including a strange slime invading people s gardens a plant that pretends to be a dead animal and the baby wasp that has a giant spider for breakfast.
All Over the Place
Adventure, UK: Dr Who Southwold Pier and Straw Racing. Ed Petrie and friends have a bale of a time competing in the Oxenhope Straw Race discover what is really Under the Pier in Southwold materialise in Swansea to meet a Doctor Who collector and explore an Omagh folk park.
Blue Peter
Variety, Six Badges of Summer - Purple Fan Club Week. It s Purple Badge Week in the Six Badges of Summer Challenge which means it s all about BP fans and what they love. There is den building with The Dengineers and the cast of Malory Towers join Mwaksy to bake some tasty treats.
Deadly 60
Animals, Norway. Steve and his trusty team head to the frozen north of Norway. He follows the tracks of Europe s largest cat the elusive lynx up into the hills in the hope of seeing one and gets a little nervous when he meets some in captivity. Arctic foxes and musk oxen are also on the menu in this deadly snowy episode.
Steve Backshall s Extreme Mountain Challenge
Documentary, Part 2. Steve and the team make a last attempt to reach the summit of the tepui then move on to a new tepui. Steve then joins a team of Italian cavers to venture deep inside a newly discovered cave. They discover strange creatures and geological forces.
Big Cats
Documentary, Following the nocturnal pursuits of the tiny black-footed cat in South Africa that stakes its claim to the title of the world s deadliest and in remotest Mongolia the rarely seen Pallas s cat is at home with her kittens. Finally in the Karoo of South Africa the serval thrives amongst the futuristic landscape of Africa s biggest industrial complex.
Wild West: America s Great Frontier
Documentary, The High Country. America s High Country is the land of grizzly bears and giant trees of frigid winters and scorching summers of tough ranchers and gold-rush fever. From the Rockies to the Sierra Nevada survival demands endurance and know-how. From parasitic plants to thieving black bears tenacious pikas and battling bison it s in the High Country that the west gets really wild.
Educational, Invasion of the Soccer Fans. Kate appears to be hypnotised by the soccer game on the television. Pal Amigo and Killer try to snap her out of her TV trance.
Shaun the Sheep
Comedy, Save the Dump. The Farmer decides to build a golf course on the farm to impress the local squire. When the flock discover they ll lose their beloved dump they need to come up with an imaginative solution to try and save it.
Danger Mouse
Adventure, A Fistful of Penfolds. The danger agents are at Squawk s super secret wild-west testing facility home to a society of Penbots robots who have a rather familiar face. Squawk is sure she s improved upon Penfold and made the perfect robotic sidekick for Danger Mouse Tenfold. But Tenfold malfunctions and transforms into the ruthless Meanfold determined to destroy anyone who s not quite perfect.
Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese
Entertainment, Safety Dance. The gang realises they need some sort of house safety plan in the oft-chance a disaster strikes. Boy is put in charge and helps them train. But he overdoes it and the others quit refusing to take part in any more safety drills.
MOTD Kickabout
Soccer, Football show featuring top stars from the world of sport and entertainment.
The Playlist
Music, Joel Corry s Ultimate Playlist. Joel Corry chooses his favourite tracks.
News, News magazine keeping young viewers up to date with the latest stories and events happening at home and abroad.
Deadly 60
Animals, Unseen Special. The team visit Namibia the Philippines Mexico and the jungle to reveal some of the unseen Deadly 60.
Dragons: Race to the Edge
Fantasy, Blindsided. Astrid rescues the dragons from a stable fire caused by a powerful lightning storm and suffers an injury that leaves her blind.
Dragons: Race to the Edge
Fantasy, Blindsided. Astrid rescues the dragons from a stable fire caused by a powerful lightning storm and suffers an injury that leaves her blind.
Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese
Entertainment, Curling Tail. When Boy Girl and Cheese learn that their animal siblings have a tough time going through life with their unwieldy tails they want to understand what it s like. So Mouse builds them mechanical tails to wear.
She-Ra and the Princesses of Power
Adventure, System Failure. A recruitment trip to Dryl goes awry thanks to a virus that corrupts Princess Entrapta s robots. When Adora transforms it also infects She-Ra.
She-Ra and the Princesses of Power
Adventure, System Failure. A recruitment trip to Dryl goes awry thanks to a virus that corrupts Princess Entrapta s robots. When Adora transforms it also infects She-Ra.
Odd Squad
Educational, Skip Day. When Olive catches a case of the skips and goes missing rookie agent Otto must solve his first case by himself.
Show Me What You re Made Of
Documentary, The kids make their way south west to a clothes-recycling centre in Bristol. They hope to finally be able to prove to a boss that they have what it takes to act like a normal worker. When they go home discover if the trip has changed anything.
Diddy TV
Comedy, Hairy Diddies. The Hairy Diddies are in the kitchen and hopefully can pass their public health inspection. It s laundry day for the Mighty Useless Clunking Robots and Bottom Gear features a star in a reasonably priced pair of pants.
The Dog Ate My Homework
Game show, Saskia v Tal. Two teams fight it out to dodge detention and put the cool back into school.
Hey You What If
Educational, The Earth Stopped Spinning. Find out why stopping the earth from spinning isn t such a good idea.
The Dumping Ground
Dramaserie, I m Sasha. Dumping Ground characters gather to watch videos made by Ashdene Lodge residents about their lives there. Featuring a mixture of new scenes and classic moments from The Dumping Ground and Tracy Beaker Returns. This time it s Sasha s turn.
Nikki Lilly Bakes
How-to, Pitta Bread. Nikki Lilly creates a light and scrumptious pitta pocket. Learn the magic of yeast and doughy deliciousness.
4 O Clock Club
Sitcom, Handcuffs. School parents evening has some big surprises for Reiss Magnus Henry and Mr Nunn. And Eleesha gets a driving lesson to remember from Isaac.
Football Focus
Soccer, Dan Walker presents topical discussion and interviews ahead of the weekend s football action which includes Liverpool against Burnley and the north London derby between Tottenham and Arsenal.
BBC Weekend News
News, National and international news followed by weather.
IAAF Diamond League Athletics
Track field, The Inspiration Games. Highlights of the Inspiration Games. Thirty track and field superstars compete simultaneously across eight disciplines in different venues across the globe. The innovative three-team event sees a European side take on the USA and the Rest of the World. One of the most anticipated races is expected to be the women s 150m as the USA s 200m Olympic and world champion Allyson Felix is scheduled to take on Bahamian 400m Olympic champion.
Wimbledon Tennis
Tennis, The Greatest Finals: Ladies Singles Finals. What was the greatest Wimbledon ladies singles final of all time Sue Barker takes a nostalgic trip down memory lane to mark what should have been this year s ladies final day. A team of BBC experts have reviewed the archives and chosen the best ten finals of the Open era to relive and enjoy. Serena Williams Steffi Graf Martina Navratilova Chris Evert Virginia Wade and Ann Jones are among a host of Wimbledon legends in action with drama emotion and excitement aplenty.
Nadiya s British Food Adventure
Cooking, West Country. Nadiya is in the West Country to check out garlic and jam. She meets Sarah Churchill who has her own preserve-making business and Mark Botwright who has been growing garlic since 1997. Back at her kitchen Nadiya creates a cream tea with a twist.
My Life on a Plate
Reality, Russell Grant. A journey back to his childhood reveals that Russell Grant was once a devoted little choirboy with an impressive soprano voice. His passion for rural Middlesex where he grew up hasn t left him and his memories are full of the tastes of childhood.
The 39 Steps
Thriller, Richard Hannay pursued by the police for a murder he did not commit and by an international spy-ring for information he does not possess finds himself fleeing across the desolate Scottish moors handcuffed to a beautiful blonde.
Talking Pictures
Documentary, Hitchcock s Leading Actors. Alfred Hitchcock is looked on as one of cinema s best and most influential directors. This is an exploration of the relationship between Hitch and his leading actors using rarely seen interviews of the man himself and a line-up that includes Kim Novak Tippi Hedren Joan Fontaine Janet Leigh and Sean Connery.
Documentary, All at Sea 1. The team are all at sea as they head offshore to explore surprising stories.
Escape to the Country
House garden, Greatest Escapes: Remote. Nicki Chapman delivers a collection of homes and lifestyles that are rural getaways in every sense of the word. There is also a focus on the finest views featured over the years as well as highlights from rural businesses and activities where presenters have found themselves off the beaten track.
A Week to Beat the World
Docudrama, The Stories: The Guatemala Story. The boys team of rugby player Franc American footballer Reef and gymnast Sol are in Guatemala Central America to learn about the ancient Mayan ball game of pitz the sport they will play in a tournament at the end of the week.
News, News magazine keeping young viewers up to date with the latest stories and events happening at home and abroad.
Jamie Johnson
Dramaserie, Equaliser. Zoe plans a special all-girls match to show the Hawkstone coach that there are talented female footballers in the area and must finally tell Kat the truth.
My Life
Documentary, Girl Genius. Child genius Kashmea has an IQ of 162 more than Einstein and Stephen Hawking but instead of trying to solve the mysteries of the universe she is focused on solving a problem closer to home. Following the death of a close family friend due to an allergic reaction Kashmea decides to put her coding skills and intelligence to good use to try to solve a massive problem.
News, News magazine keeping young viewers up to date with the latest stories and events happening at home and abroad.
Got What It Takes
Reality, Saffron s Social Stars. Anna Maynard presents the singing competition where the contestants mums are the judges. Eight new talented teens arrive at the music mansion and take part in a live streaming challenge with Strictly s Saffron Barker.
Got What It Takes
Reality, Writing and Rollercoasters. Girls Aloud s Nicola Roberts sets the singers a protect our planet songwriting challenge. Can the mums face their fears and board a terrifying rollercoaster to win that final Sing Off spot
Got What It Takes
Reality, Dance Dance Dance. Choreographer to the stars Liam Lunniss puts the singers dance skills to the test before the mums get to show off their own moves.
Got What It Takes
Reality, Bars and the Beast. Lady Leshurr runs a rap masterclass and Adebayo Akinfenwa gets the mums out on the football pitch.
Monsters University
Comedy, Ever since he was a kid monster Mike Wazowski has dreamed of becoming a Scarer. To make his dream a reality he enrolls at Monsters University. During his first semester he meets Sulley a natural-born Scarer. Sulley and Mike engage in a fierce rivalry that ultimately gets them both kicked out of MU s elite Scare Program. To make things right Mike and Sulley -- along with a bunch of misfit monsters -- will have to learn to work together. A Pixar animation.
BBC Weekend News
News, National and international news followed by weather.
BBC London News
News, News sport and weather from London.
Celebrity Mastermind
Game show, John Humphrys puts Bronagh Waugh Darren Harriott Adam Pearson and Riyadh Khalaf to the test in the classic quiz where celebrities brave the famous black chair.
Pointless Celebrities
Game show, Journalists. A special journalists edition of the general knowledge quiz in which four teams try to come up with the answers that no-one else could think of. Presented by Alexander Armstrong and co-host Richard Osman. Featuring Owen Jones Paris Lees Kay Burley Adam Boulton Carole Malone Quentin Letts Amol Rajan and Victoria Derbyshire.
A Wild Year
Documentary, The Fens. Hidden away in the most easterly part of the British Isles are the Fens of East Anglia a landscape of big skies and distant horizons wild wetlands and fertile farmland. Water has always been the driving force here.
Inside Central Station
Documentary, The staff and passengers don their glitter and rainbow colours to celebrate Glasgow Pride including Virgin customer service assistant Thomas who arrives on a fabulous rainbow-clad train. Students from the Royal Conservatoire use the concourse as a location for a very special film.
A House Through Time
History, Historian David Olusoga follows the residents of the house in Liverpool from the 1850s to the 1890s. The house s inhabitants are living through one of the fastest periods of change the world has ever seen. The city is a rapidly expanding metropolis at the heart of a global Empire a ruthless place which offers untold riches for some and leaves others on the brink of ruin.
Test Cricket
Cricket, England v West Indies: 1st Test Day 4. Continued coverage of the opening Test between England and the West Indies as the BBC hosts a home cricket Test series for the first time in 21 years. Joe Root s England side are out for revenge after the West Indies wrapped up a series home victory with a Test to spare when the nations met last year. It was the Windies s first series win over England since 2009 and their first against a side other than Bangladesh and Zimbabwe since 2012.
This Is BBC Four
Event, BBC FOUR is the BBC channel for people who want more. More depth more range more to stimulate the mind.
This Farming Life
Documentary, It s January and the new year brings with it wild weather. On the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides on the edge of the Atlantic ex-barrister-turned-crofter Sandy Granville is surveying the damage to his croft after one of the worst storms on record.
Got What It Takes
Reality, The singers head to Radio 1 to be interviewed by Jordan North while the mums reach dizzy heights in tower-stacking challenge Climbing the Charts.
Got What It Takes
Reality, Battle of the Bands. The singers form two bands with the help of Four of Diamonds while the mums dive into their challenge in the Got What It Takes pool.
Got What It Takes
Reality, Musicals Week. The singers take to the West End stage before a Greatest Showman sing-off and the mums turn into photographers to shoot their singer s first album cover.
All Over the Place
Adventure, Asia: Cats Toilets and Sandal Racing. Ed Petrie and his mates get caught up with some traditional Keralan fishing skills in India visit a cat cafe in Tokyo brush up on their calligraphy in China flush out a collector of toilets in India and race giant straw sandals in Japan.
Marrying Mum and Dad
Reality, Prank. Two dastardly cousins plan a day that is jam-packed with pranks With hidden cameras gunge and exploding cakes this is not a wedding for the faint-hearted. But how will mum and dad feel about being pranked on one of the most important days of their lives
Show Me What You re Made Of
Documentary, The kids head to a thriving factory that makes fashion clothes for British high street names and UK supermarkets. How will our kids cope when they are put to work on a real stitching line which reports to the strict factory boss Mick who makes sure his workers deliver quality work at all times And when one of the team shows real promise how do those who are lagging behind react
Step Up to the Plate
Cooking, Zombie: Day Two. The Kitchen Crew cook their zombie-themed menu which the Restaurant Crew serve to a full-house of guests including baking guru Liam Charles before two from each crew qualify for the next round.
Dramaserie, Following the day-to-day lives of the doctors and staff at Holby General Hospital and its emergency room.
Peter Crouch: Save Our Summer
Entertainment, Tinie Tempah and Katherine Ryan pop by for a chat and a game of Musical VAR Mo Farah takes on Jessica Ennis-Hill in the Sporting Fix Peter takes Jamie Redknapp on an extreme retirement challenge and Ellie Goulding gives an exclusive performance in the Garden Sessions.
BBC Weekend News
News, National and international news followed by weather.
Match of the Day
Soccer, Gary Lineker introduces the goals action and talking points from Saturday s five Premier League fixtures with Liverpool and Manchester City among the teams in action. Liverpool entertain Burnley at Anfield looking to extend their winning streak against the Clarets to five matches. The Reds won August s reverse fixture 3-0 courtesy of goals from Sadio Mane Roberto Firmino and a Chris Wood own goal. Elsewhere Manchester City travel to Brighton and Sheffield United host Chelsea.
Hot Property
Documentary, London Adam. Filly meets his match with eccentric Adam a louder than life student who loves to sing about gonorrhoea.
British History s Biggest Fibs with Lucy Worsley
Documentary, The Glorious Revolution. Lucy debunks the Glorious Revolution . In 1688 the British Isles were invaded by a huge army led by Dutch prince William of Orange. With his English wife Mary he stole the throne from Mary s father the Catholic King James II. This was the death knell for absolute royal power and laid the foundations of our constitutional monarchy.
When Harvey Met Bob
Drama, Feature-length dramatisation following the story of how Boomtown Rats singer Bob Geldof and promoter Harvey Goldsmith put together Live Aid the global charity music event. Set between the winter of 1984 and the summer of 1985 it focuses on the extraordinary relationship between Geldof and Goldsmith as they created the concert to feed the world .
I Love the 1980s
Anthology, I Love 1985. Grace Jones looks back at the year she made her mark with Slave to the Rhythm . It was also the year when Bob Geldof staged Live Aid the music event of the decade in aid of the Ethiopian famine.
Top of the Pops
Music, 1985: Big Hits. Celebrating the big hits of 1985 with a selection of iconic Top of the Pops performances spanning the genres from pure pop to power ballads from Hi-NRG to hip-hop to R B and indie classics. Featuring Wham The Smiths Kate Bush a-ha Eurythmics The Cure Dead or Alive Bonnie Tyler Tears for Fears Sister Sledge Jennifer Rush Doug E Fresh and many more.
Earth s Natural Wonders
Nature, Surviving Against the Odds. In some natural wonders people push themselves to the limit to survive. For the people who call these extraordinary places home survival requires skill ingenuity and bravery. These places include Brazil Ethiopia Laos and Switzerland.
The Young Montalbano
Crime drama, Seven Mondays. A number of animals are shot dead at the hands of an elusive gunman. With little evidence to go on Montalbano and his team struggle to understand the logic behind the animal killings and fear that the worst may be yet to come.
Sicily: The Wonder of the Mediterranean
Documentary, Sicily faces a new challenge. The island is on the frontline of Europe s migrant crisis but the Sicilian response formed in part by their own turbulent history may well surprise many north Europeans.
Great Continental Railway Journeys
Documentary, Pisa to Lake Garda: Part 2. Following in the footsteps of Bradshaw s travellers Michael explores the cradle of the Renaissance through Edwardian eyes. Heading north to Gargnano Michael discovers the romantic hideaway of one of Britain s most famous writers DH Lawrence.
Operation Ouch
Science, Dr Xand invents a facial-recognition system to keep his twin out of the lab there is a brand new quiz putting the doctors on the spot in Ouchology and Dr Chris investigates an amazing new technique to help organ transplant patients.
Horrible Histories
History, Mike Peabody gets caught up in the French Revolution Henry VIII enjoys a highly dangerous sport for children and Saxon King Ethelred the Unready suffers online bullying from the Vikings.
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