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The Uninvited Global Questions BBC News Dateline London
Horror, Anna loses her mother in a fire and is sent to a mental institution after trying to commit suicide. After ten months in the facility she is released - still unable to recall what happened on the fateful night her mother died. At home once more Anna is haunted by ghosts and is convinced that her father s new spouse Rachel Summers was responsible for her mother s death.
Our World
News Info, America s TikTok Election. How is TikTok changing US politics and what influence will it have on who the next resident of the White House will be
BBC News
News Info, Twenty-four hours a day the latest national and international stories as they break.
Computers, Click talks exclusively with legendary UK rapper Stormzy about his appearance in the upcoming Watch Dogs: Legion video game.
What We Do in the Shadows
Comedyshow, Vampire housemates try to cope with the complexities of modern life and show a newly turned hipster some of the perks of being undead while being followed by a documentary team.
Entertainment, A preview of upcoming programmes from BBC Two.
This Is BBC Four
Event, BBC FOUR is the BBC channel for people who want more. More depth more range more to stimulate the mind.
News Info, The latest news sport business and weather from the BBC s Breakfast team.
Match of the Day
Soccer, Gary Lineker presents the best of the action and key analysis from Saturday s games.
The Andrew Marr Show
Aktuelles Thema, Andrew Marr interviews key newsmakers and reviews the weekend s stories.
Politics, London. The latest political news interviews and debate.
Sunday Morning Live
Debate, A thought-provoking debate and instant audience reaction on the big ethical talking points of the week together with roving reports from around the UK.
Wanted Down Under
Documentary, Myburgh Family. Having fragile X syndrome means life is tough for Albie. Mum Jayne knows the warm lifestyle of Australia would be good for him but dad Eugene needs more than the promise of sunshine to be convinced.
The A to Z of TV Gardening
House garden, Letter L. Carol Kirkwood explores gardening subjects that all begin with the letter L.
Environment, Big Adventures. We could all do with a bit of adventure in our lives after the last few months and what better place to find it than in our great British countryside. This week Joe Crowley visits Box Hill in Surrey to take on its infamous zigzag cycle route pitting himself against cycling Olympic gold medallist Joanna Rowsell Shand. And we go on an adrenalin-fuelled journey through the Countryfile archives in search of the some of the best thrills and spills in our countryside.
Gardeners World
House garden, At Longmeadow Monty gives tips on how to look after wildlife in the months ahead shows how to look after and protect tender garden plants and plans ahead for next year s harvest of fruit. Joe Swift finds out what it takes to look after a historic garden with a collection of heritage fruit trees in Hampshire and Arit Anderson meets Fergus Garrett head gardener at Great Dixter to discover how the planting and garden management have increased biodiversity.
Agriculture, Dougie is at Ardnamurchan Lighthouse the UK s most westerly point looking out for marine wildlife and discovering the new Hebridean whale trail. Euan investigates why a no-deal Brexit could be devastating for Scottish upland sheep farmers.
The Beechgrove Garden
House garden, Beechgrove Repotted: Garden Art. We visit gardens and people who see the garden as an artist s palette from a topiary zoo to the woman who makes her art out of other people s rubbish. We also visit EA Hornell s garden in Kirkcudbright to appreciate how the garden inspires the artist and the artist inspires the garden.
Saturday Kitchen Best Bites
Cooking, Matt Tebbutt takes a look back at some of his favourite recipes and best moments from Saturday Kitchen .
Nadiya Bakes
Cooking, Celebration Bakes. Nadiya cooks up some wow-factor celebration bakes from an eight-layered birthday cake to sparkly Mardi Gras king cake and from hot cross buns to a spectacularly festive biscuit tower.
Educational, Lend Me Your Ear. Arthur Buster and Brain are worried when Mr Ratburn isn t acting like himself. He s always pleased to see them so what has made him change his tune
Shaun the Sheep
Comedyshow, Mission Inboxible. The Farmer is engrossed in trying to set up his new computer. The Flock take the opportunity of his back being turned to have a game of football. When the ball accidentally lands inside the farmhouse under the nose of the Farmer Shaun comes up with an ingenious disguise to help him retrieve it.
Danger Mouse
Adventure, Big Penfold. The world is in jeopardy and the only thing that can save it is a 1 000 feet Penfold.
Dennis Gnasher Unleashed
Adventure, Things Get Chilli. With Paul on vacation Pieface falls under the influence of a fiery chili pepper and unexpectedly turns rogue.
The Zoo
Animals, Jurgen: Simply the Worst. With the narrator held up with car trouble gorillas Dave and Geoffrey take over camera and interview duties with Jurgen. But as he attempts to present himself in the best light Geoffrey and Dave have other ideas about his most entertaining moments.
Odd Squad
Educational, Oscar Strikes Back: Part Two. The Odd Squad investigates strange events. Oscar is at a gathering of Odd Squad scientists at Odd Squad Academy.
Danny and Mick
Comedyshow, Ghost Thief. Stuff is going missing in the leisure centre. As head of security Joy tasks Mick with getting to the bottom of it. That means spending a night in the leisure centre all alone or with Danny Mick isn t sure what s worse. Together the boys vow to keep an eye out and get to the bottom of this mystery once and for all. However with a sleepwalking Joy prowling the corridors it seems like everyone is going to get more than they bargained for in the morning.
News Info, News magazine keeping young viewers up to date with the latest stories and events happening at home and abroad.
News Info, Young Black and British - Hear Us. A Newsround Special Part 2. Formula One star Lewis Hamilton joins three black teenagers on a mission to make life better for black kids growing up in the UK. Zionne Isaiah and Mandi have all experienced racism and have created a manifesto of the big changes they want to see.
Nikki Lilly Meets
Aktuelles Thema, Raheem Sterling. Nikki meets England and Manchester City s goal machine Raheem Sterling. Nikki finds out that he was a bit of a naughty kid and once took his BMX down to the Chicken Shop on Christmas Day. Raheem opens up about how he deals with racial abuse and how buying his Mum a house has been his biggest extravagance whilst tucking into a plate full of chocolate brownies.
Blue Peter
Quiz & Gameshow, Doggy Treats and Training Henry. Adam attempts some dog training techniques with Henry while vet Rory is in studio to show how to make your own doggy treats at home. And we hear how BP fans have been celebrating Black History Month.
Out of This World
Educational, Earth From Space. Dr Maggie takes us into space to study Earth and see how it has helped us to understand climate change. Dr Maggie s star guest is Susanne Mecklenburg who is in charge of analysing Earth s climate at the European Space Agency.
Art Ninja
Art, Day of the Eco-Warrior. Ricky is surprised to find out that Rich has embraced his inner hippie and wants to become at one with nature. It inspires Ricky to make a pineapple plant pot and the Grand Master to make flowers that are blooming marvellous.
Gym Stars
Gymnastics, It s Time to be Amazing. With the South West Championships looming for the Acro squad two partnerships are determined to put on a top performance. It s the first time Harry and George will be competing since George broke his arm and was told he d never be able to do gym again. And the squad s newest partnership Dove and Nyree are determined to prove they are ready to take on the world ... but first they need to find some leotards
My Life
Documentary, Surf s Up. Scottish teenager Iona has five months to prepare for the World Junior Surf Championships in the Azores Portugal. Surfing off Scotland s coast is a world away from the Azores where Iona will be up against the gnarliest waves she has ever faced.
Odd Squad
Educational, Not So Splash. In the middle of summer Olive and Otto must figure out why parts of the town are turning snowy and cold.
Odd Squad
Educational, By the Book. Olive and Otto interrogate two suspects to figure out which one is innocent and which one is guilty.
Horrible Histories
History, Awesome Alfred the Great Special. Watch King Alfred the Great argue with his older brothers then defeat the Vikings using his cunning hit-and-run tactics summoning the spirit of Ed Sheeran. Meanwhile across the world and Ant and Dec host a very special Chinese edition of I m A Celebrity.
Deadly Dinosaurs with Steve Backshall
Animals, King of the Killers. Steve tries to chomp through a car like a T-rex wield an axe like an Allosaurus and hitch a ride in Britain s biggest tank to showcase the might of a Spinosaurus.
Bargain Hunt
Unterhaltungsshow, Carmarthen 4. The teams are let loose in the antiques fair taking place amongst the bloom and blossom of Carmarthenshire. Keeping them in check are experts Nick Hall and Gary Pe while Charlie finds out more about the age-old use of medicinal plants.
BBC Weekend News
News Info, National and international news followed by weather.
Songs of Praise
Music, Remembering Black History. For Black History Month guest presenter Mark De-Lisser visits the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool. He meets the director Dr Richard Benjamin to find out about Britain s involvement in the slave trade and the role the church played at the time. Mark meets the museum s historian-in-residence Laurence Westgaph to hear about his ambition to create what could become the country s first memorial to the enslaved.
Points of View
Entertainment, Viewers have their say on BBC television programmes.
Fundraiser, Jessie s Fund. Maxine Peake presents a Lifeline appeal on behalf of Jessie s Fund a UK charity helping disabled and seriously ill children through the use of music.
Escape to the Country
House garden, Cotswolds. Margherita Taylor heads to the Cotswolds with a house-hunting couple who have a £550 000 budget and a dream of swapping coastal life in Southend-on-Sea Essex for views of rolling countryside. Along the way Margherita visits Westonbirt The National Arboretum where the annual Arboricultural show is in full swing and sees tree experts putting a range of impressive skills into action.
Money for Nothing
Reality, In Altrincham in Greater Manchester Jay Blades is scouring the recycling centre in search of three unwanted items to save and sell on. Designer Sarah Peterson attempts to give an old table a new lease of life while clockmaker Paul Parry has an interesting challenge on his hands with a redundant record player. For his own project Jay has a farmhouse chair to overhaul but will he succeed in finding new homes for all three upcycled items
The Bidding Room
Auction, First in today is Justin from the Lake District with a highly decorated chair thought to be from West Africa with an unusual use. He knows what that use is but he s determined to keep the dealers guessing as he s convinced when they work out what it is they ll want to pay good money for it.
Hairy Bikers Best of British
Cooking, Potatoes. Dave and Si explore the history behind the greatest staple food: the potato. From a warming Lancashire potato and butter pie to a chicken casserole with potato cobbler recipes that show the unassuming tuber at its best. They also look at how British potato vodka is winning global awards and remember a dark time in Welsh history when the fish and chip shops almost ran out of chips.
Royal Recipes
Cooking, Shorts: Pies Pudding. Michael Buerk and Anna Haugh knock up a fastidious queen s favourite pie historian Dr Polly Russell goes to Gloucester to trace the history of an ancient royal delicacy chef Cyrus Todiwala puts a royal twist on a classic British pudding.
The Long Ships
Adventure, A pirate Viking beguiles his men with the story of The Mother of Voices a huge bell made of solid gold but his stories reach Aly Mansuh the leader of an army of Moors who capture Rolfe and his crew. Mansuh and Rolfe form an uneasy alliance as they set off in search of the treasure.
Talking Pictures
Documentary, The Black Stars of Film. The programme examines how black actors achievements have been recognised by the movie industry and the Oscars Academy and explores Hollywood s complicated role in America s fight for civil rights sometimes praised for championing black artists often condemned for perpetuating racial stereotypes.
All Over the Place
Adventure, UK: Cromer Crabs Harry Potter and Gurning Competition. Ed Petrie and friends compete in the World Gurning Championships in Egremont explore a Devonshire sculpture park with American travel vloggers Mandy and Clifford take a magical trip around Harry Potter s Edinburgh fish for crabs off Cromer Pier and have a purr-fect day in Chipping Norton when they visit a cat collector while Holly H takes a paw-some celebrity kitty-cat challenge.
Operation Ouch
Science, It s a Tug-O-War. There s a tug of war in today s lab as the doctors show the incredible strength of your ligaments. Dr Xand meets a dad and his son making bionic hands in their living room we catch up with Ouch Patients Amelia and Finn and our Ouch babies for the last time. And can you spot the disappearing head in Mindbenders Meanwhile over in the Emergency Department Thomas has had a nasty fall from a swing and Roman has cut his chin playing tag.
The Dumping Ground
Dramaserie, Truth or Scare. As the DG settle in to celebrate Halloween with a round of spooky stories the bone-chilling tales of ghosts and witches may be too much for some.
Jamie Johnson
Dramaserie, Why Always Me. New girl Kat joins the Phoenix U16s but tensions soon mount between her and Zoe while Liam rejoins the U14s claiming he has changed.
So Awkward
Comedyshow, Electronic Dance Martha. Martha and Kat use maths to create a dance track and become overnight popstars but end up arguing over their second tune. Meanwhile Lily gets competitive and Sid gets writer s block.
So Awkward
Comedyshow, So Lily. Lily and Jas go a little crazy when Mazel changes Mugshotsz around and reveals that the café s new online experience cake cam has 250 000 followers.
So Awkward
Comedyshow, Shaved by the Bell. Sid has an app which flags local eco protests. He and Jas sign up to a bike ride organised to draw attention to climate change. When Sid discovers that participants are expected to shave their heads after the ride he has an identity crisis.
So Awkward
Comedyshow, Academic Lily Speaking. Martha thinks Lily might win the Hastings Prize so tries to distract Lily by finding her a boyfriend. Meanwhile Lily thinks Martha wants a boyfriend and decides to help her find one.
Planet Earth II
Documentary, Grasslands. Grasslands cover one quarter of all land and support the vast gatherings of wildlife but to survive here animals must endure the most hostile seasonal changes on the planet. From Asia s bizarre-looking saiga antelope to the giant anteaters of Brazil grassland animals have adapted in extraordinary ways to cope with these extremes.
BBC Weekend News
News Info, National and international news followed by weather.
BBC London News
News Info, News sport and weather from London.
Environment, Lake Vyrnwy. Matt and Ellie are in Wales exploring how industry and conservation are working together to safeguard important habitats at Lake Vyrnwy. Ellie gets hands-on with woodland management in a bid to protect a rare day-flying moth while Matt discovers the fascinating story of the Bank of the Black Ox. After a disappointing harvest Adam hopes some new crops will make for an improved yield and Charlotte investigates concerns that the UK s environmental watchdogs aren t doing enough.
Antiques Roadshow
Collectibles, Buckfast Abbey 2. The team is at Buckfast Abbey a Benedictine monastery on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon. Finds include a glorious tiara a teddy bear with an intriguing secret and a silver platter that is not all that it seems.
Who Do You Think You Are
Documentary, David Walliams. Actor comedian talent show judge and children s author David Walliams delves into his family history. First he learns of his paternal great-grandfather s prolonged and traumatic experiences on the battlefields of the First World War. The damage to his mental health condemned him to a lifetime in what was then known as a lunatic asylum. On his mother s side David uncovers the story of his great-great-grandfather who was blind as the result of invasive eye surgery.
Flog It
Collectibles, Rochester. The team is at Rochester Cathedral in Kent. Antiques expert Elizabeth Talbot discovers a valuable sculpture that narrowly escaped being destroyed forever and Raj Bisram finds a ghostly Victorian photo album. Meanwhile Paul Martin uncovers the history of the Royal Engineers the unsung heroes of the UK armed forces.
International Rugby Union
Rugby, England v Barbarians. John Inverdale presents highlights of England s prestige match against the always exciting Barbarians at Twickenham. The clash for the Quilter Cup acts as a warm-up for England s final match of the delayed Six Nations against Italy next week and November s Autumn Nations Cup. England s head coach Eddie Jones says the game is an important start to the autumn for us and the invitational Barbarians side made up of a host of the world s best players provides a stern test.
Dragons Den
Bus. financial, A father and son team face potential wipe-out as they present a colourful take on the wetsuit and a pair of ex-politicos go from Westminster to the web as they attempt to take on the energy market and the Dragons. A husband and wife team pitch their authentic African coffee ceremony that they think has a place on one of the most famous high streets in the world.
This Is BBC Four
Event, BBC FOUR is the BBC channel for people who want more. More depth more range more to stimulate the mind.
So Awkward
Comedyshow, Prom. Lily is really excited about prom but none of her friends want to go including Martha which is awkward as Ollie was going to ask her out after the head pupils first dance.
My Life
Documentary, My Big Prom. Fifteen-year-old Lewis is a young man with a big dream - to host a school prom for 150 special teenagers who were too unwell to attend their own. Lewis knows how it feels to miss out as he too has spent so much time in hospital. Despite having a brain tumour himself which sometimes leads to as many as 35 epileptic episodes a week he never gives up. To keep his dream alive Lewis enlists help from friends family and even Radio 1 s Nick Grimshaw.
The Playlist
Music, Tom Grennan s Ultimate Playlist. Tom Grennan gives us a run-down of the top tracks on his Playlist.
Our School
Educational, I m With the Band. Year 8 Tom is looking for someone to join his band and perform in front of the school. Who will pass the audition CBBC boy band The Wonderland make a surprise visit to help out.
Almost Never
Comedyshow, Time to Say Goodbye. Both bands return to the Palais on a high after a successful and exciting tour but they also start to feel the pain of the post-tour low. Back to the normality of home life school and chores. Nate seems to feel it worse than the others and when his dad calls in from LA his head starts to turn to a potentially better life in the US. An awkward chat with Chloe only fuels his uncertainty When Harry and Oakley panic about the band splitting up Nate has some serious thinking to do.
The Pets Factor
Animals, Daisy Yak and Monty. Cat helps out Daisy the French bulldog who has something unpleasant stuck inside her it s her tail. Meanwhile James visits a wildlife rescue centre where he is called upon to perform surgery on a seal. And Rory plays teacher with Monty the cute corgi who needs to learn some vital lessons at puppy school.
Hetty Feather
Dramaserie, The Final Chapter: Part Two. Hetty meets Matron living on the streets while Mathias reunion with the gang threatens his wedding to Harriet. Meanwhile George plans to send his children away and return to India.
Mustangs FC
Dramaserie, Hoof Five. The penalty shootouts are nail-bitingly close but even after the whistle blows and the final score is announced there is still one last surprise in store for the Mustangs.
Malory Towers
Dramaserie, The Ghost. Darrell and Sally are determined to solve the mystery of the Malory ghost but discover the truth is far more complex than they could ever have imagined.
Top Gear
Auto, Freddie Chris and Paddy are in Wales taking a glamorous road trip in the newest grand tourers from Bentley Aston Martin and McLaren before taking on their German rivals and Formula One legend Heinz-Harald Frentzen. Plus a tribute to the late great Sir Stirling Moss.
Dramaserie, As Charmian digs into Peter s political past in Washington DC troubles arise at home as Peter s family discovers his affair.
BBC Weekend News
News Info, National and international news followed by weather.
BBC London News
News Info, News sport and weather from London.
Match of the Day 2
Soccer, Mark Chapman presents highlights from the day s Premier League fixtures.
Art, Andrea Levy: Her Island Story. Author Andrea Levy talks to Alan Yentob about the power of literature to transform lives. Her books explore questions of hybrid identity providing rich details of a divided Britain in the second half of the twentieth century along the way.
Michael Palin: Travels of a Lifetime
Travel, Michael revisits his fourth and in some ways most personal travel series. Inspired by the apparent emptiness of the Sahara Desert as seen from a flight and by boyhood dreams of exploration Michael sets off to find out what this blank space contains. He is delighted and inspired by the societies he encounters there: nomads refugees artists.
Enslaved with Samuel L Jackson
Documentary, Outrage in Britain at the treatment of captured Africans gained momentum and by the early 1800s attitudes had changed. What was once a seemingly unstoppable trade was abolished in 1807. Samuel L Jackson and Afua Hirsh examine the petitions books prints and the work of activists that led to the end of 400 years of the slave trade.
Drama, In 1967 Richard and Mildred Loving take their case to the Supreme Court after violating a Virginia law that prohibits interracial marriage.
Dramaserie, Lizards. Matt investigates the death of a hero another hero is attacked by a new sinister force and Niki Micah and the Haitian return.
Nature, Autumn. Winter is around the corner and there are just two months for the animals to get ready or get out. Elk move down from the mountains to find food and beavers repair dams before ice freezes their ponds. As the snow and ice return many animals move out from the heart of Yellowstone away from the protection of the national park.
Sahara with Michael Palin
Travel, A Line in the Sand. Michael lands in Tangier in Morocco after crossing the Straits of Gibraltar and passes through the high mountains after brief stops in Fez and Marrakesh. From here the Sahawari people help him to negotiate the harsh rugged terrain and guide him south to the Mauritanian border.
Frankenstein: How to Make a Monster
Documentary, Six talented performers interpret Mary Shelley s novel Frankenstein from their own perspective as young people growing up in 21st-century Britain. These young artists explore how modern monsters are created in today s society.
The Secret Life of Books
Documentary, Frankenstein. Mary Shelley s Frankenstein is now shorthand for the horrors of science run amok. Professor Alice Roberts returns to the 18-year-old s manuscripts and finds someone concerned with the very act of creation itself.
The Dumping Ground
Dramaserie, Truth or Scare. As the DG settle in to celebrate Halloween with a round of spooky stories the bone-chilling tales of ghosts and witches may be too much for some.
The Next Step
Dramaserie, The Favourite. When Summer makes a choice affecting Henry s spot at Nationals he questions her decision leading to a difficult realisation about their relationship. Piper cancels plans with Finn and Amy at the last minute.
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