November 2020




Science fiction, Acclaimed futuristic chiller about two strait-laced businessmen who go to a theme park in which robots help them live out the adventures of their dreams. While taking part in a Wild West-style saloon shoot-out one of the robots malfunctions retaliating in high-noon fashion. Suddenly the men find their lives are in grave danger as they are stalked by a cowboy robot who will stop at nothing to eliminate them.
Weather for the Week Ahead
Weather, Detailed weather forecast.
BBC News
News, Twenty-four hours a day the latest national and international stories as they break.
BBC News
News, Twenty-four hours a day the latest national and international stories as they break.
Dateline London
Newsmagazine, Foreign correspondents currently posted in London look at events in the UK through outsiders eyes.
BBC News
News, Twenty-four hours a day the latest national and international stories as they break.
The Firing Line
Documentary, Rory Peck Awards 2020. 2020 has been heavily defined by the Covid-19 pandemic which has led to social disruption around the world and the deepest economic recession since the Great Depression. The year has also seen a record number of entries for the Rory Peck Awards. The awards pay tribute to an international field of freelance journalists around the world who have continued to capture some of the most dramatic and important news and current affairs stories working in difficult and dangerous circumstances.
BBC News
News, Twenty-four hours a day the latest national and international stories as they break.
Computers, 100 Women Special. To celebrate BBC 100 Women this is a profile of the most inspiring women in technology.
BBC News
News, Twenty-four hours a day the latest national and international stories as they break.
The Week in Parliament
Politics, BBC Parliament s programme looking back at the week in Westminster presented by David Cornock.
UK Championship Snooker
Snooker, Extra. Seema Jaswal introduces extended highlights from Saturday afternoon s second-round match as players battle for a place in the last 32.
Entertainment, A preview of upcoming programmes from BBC Two.
The Bridge
Crime drama, Episode 6. Henrik believes that he has found the connection between all the victims Tommy Petersson a minor criminal killed four years previously by his gang leader William Ramberg when his police informing was exposed.
Full Circle with Michael Palin
Documentary, Peru and Colombia. Host Michael Palin crosses into Colombia travelling back up the Andes and into Bogota before visiting the city of Cartagena an emerald mine and a coffee plantation.
Francesco s Italy: Top to Toe
Travel, The Heart of Italy. Francesco discovers why Rome is the Eternal City and goes head to head with Mussolini. Travelling via the fantastic water gardens of Villa d Este and the royal seat of the Bourbon dynasty he arrives in Naples. After an encounter with Italy s most astonishing sculpture and a lesson in Neapolitan pizza making Francesco descends deep into the caverns of underground Naples and discovers a cult of the dead.
This Is BBC Four
Event, BBC FOUR is the BBC channel for people who want more. More depth more range more to stimulate the mind.
This Is BBC Four
Event, BBC FOUR is the BBC channel for people who want more. More depth more range more to stimulate the mind.
Newsmagazine, The latest news sport business and weather from the BBC s Breakfast team.
Match of the Day
Soccer, Gary Lineker presents highlights from the day s Premier League games including Liverpool s lunchtime trip to Brighton and Manchester City s clash with local rivals Burnley.
The Andrew Marr Show
Talk, Andrew Marr interviews key newsmakers and reviews the weekend s stories.
Politics, London. The latest political news interviews and debate.
Sunday Worship
Religious, First Sunday of Advent. The Very Rev Dr Paul Shackerley leads a service for the first Sunday of Advent from Brecon Cathedral in Wales. With hymns from the Songs of Praise archives from across Wales.
Homes Under the Hammer
House garden, A third-floor flat in Walworth in London and a block of flats in Hengoed in mid-Glamorgan are all sold under the hammer. Dion and Martel meet the new owners and hear their plans for their investments.
Bargain Hunt
Game show, Peterborough 7: Reversion. Charlie Ross visits one of the largest antiques fairs in the country the East of England Showground in Peterborough. He also finds time to stop by Blakesley Hall in Birmingham and experts Philip Serrell and Christina Trevanion are on hand.
The A to Z of TV Gardening
House garden, Letter U. Carol Kirkwood explores a host of gardening subjects that all begin with the letter U getting advice from some of the BBC s most popular gardening presenters and programmes.
Environment, Lincolnshire Wolds. Anita Rani and Joe Crowley are in the Lincolnshire Wolds at historic South Ormsby which has ambitions to be the finest farming estate in the world. They discover the entrepreneurial spirit driving the revival of the local rural economy including two young women carving out new careers. Adam Henson has high hopes for an inner city teenage jockey competing in her first race while Tom Heap investigates whether it s time to ditch the greenbelt.
Glorious Gardens from Above
House garden, Essex. Christine experiments with triangular planting and shares tea and cake with a gardening legend. At RHS Hyde Hall she shifts rocks with a former student and it s all aboard a vintage Thames sailing barge for a trip on the Blackwater Estuary.
Life in a Cottage Garden with Carol Klein
House garden, Spring. Plantswoman Carol Klein shares a year in her garden at Glebe Cottage in North Devon. March and April is a time of huge change in the garden as the remnants of winter make way for the hope of spring. Carol is busy clearing away the last of the winter detritus to make way for waves of planting. There s pruning to be done and she sows the first seeds of the year.
Agriculture, Dougie is in Angus at the Montrose Basin an important nature reserve that is home to wintering birds. He is on the lookout for waders and wildfowl and finding out why this tidal area is such a mecca for wildlife in winter. Meanwhile Euan is on the west coast investigating the risks of locating salmon farms in more exposed sites while Arlene meets journalist Lesley Riddoch and finds out about her passion for hutting.
House garden, Beechgrove Repotted: Urban Gardens. Beechgrove s Kirsty Wilson like many millennials is unable to afford a house with a garden. In this programme Kirsty shows how to grow stylishly and be green without actually having a garden.
Saturday Kitchen Best Bites
Cooking, Matt Tebbutt takes a look back at some of his favourite recipes and best moments from Saturday Kitchen.
Hairy Bikers Best of British
Cooking, Francophile. Dave and Si look across the Channel to see how our French cousins have influenced the way we cook and eat over the centuries. The Bikers prepare a delicious roast chicken with forty cloves of garlic and a delicate mille feuille they also show us that Britain is now leading the way in many traditional French areas for gastronomy from award winning English wines to outstanding Scottish garlic.
This Is BBC Four
Event, BBC FOUR is the BBC channel for people who want more. More depth more range more to stimulate the mind.
Educational, Wish You Were Here. Sue Ellen can t wait to meet her pen pal in person. But Tenzin seems to be more interested in cars and fashion than world culture. Has her friend changed or was Sue Ellen just reading him wrong
Shaun the Sheep
Comedy, The Skateboard. Shaun decides he wants to have a go at skateboarding and sets about building a skatepark from scrap he finds in the dump. Before too long he gets carried away and suddenly discovers it s a bit riskier than he first thought and it s Bitzer to the rescue.
Danger Mouse
Adventure, From Duck to Dawn. Count Duckula is back and he s determined to take over the world one terrible TV show at a time.
Dennis Gnasher Unleashed
Adventure, Dinmaker Diva. Dennis and the gang are fed up with dinner lady Olive s completely inedible school dinners. In their mission to drop the slop they discover a poster of her past career as a singer. The gang ask her to join The Dinmakers hoping she ll swap a life in the kitchen for fame. However after unleashing Olive s inner diva their new mission is how to get Olive back into the kitchen
The Zoo
Animals, The Wegeterian. Neil the wimpy lion is under pressure from his mother-in-law to buff up like previous alpha-male lion Maximus. Neil seeks out ways to improve his physique and mpressed by Jurgen s muscles he decides to copy the gorilla and go vegetarian.
Odd Squad
Educational, A Case of the Sillies. The Odd Squad investigates strange events. Dr O gets an odd illness called the sillies.
Danny and Mick
Comedy, Ping Pong Problems. Lance is a ping pong whizz he always aces the annual Pottsfield Ping Pong competition. This year Danny s determined to teach him a thing or two and has stayed up all night watching online tutorials. Now he can t keep his eyes open long enough to play Lance smells victory Mick smells trouble. Mick is determined to find Danny somewhere to get a nap. However with Joy on the prowl and Lance making things difficult it looks like Danny may never lift that trophy
News, News magazine keeping young viewers up to date with the latest stories and events happening at home and abroad.
The Dengineers
Home improvement, Highlights Episode. The presenters look back at all the amazing dens they ve built throughout the series and reminisce about the great kids the tense surprises and the big reveals.
Blue Peter
Variety, Christmas Countdown Begins with Strictly Stars. The countdown to Christmas starts soon so we show you how to make your very own Christmas tree advent calendar with some Strictly Come Dancing superstars. And Henry helps Mwaksy with her fear of dogs.
What s Cooking Omari
Cooking, Omari s Mega-Loaded Fries. Chef Omari makes mega-loaded fries. These crunchy potato wedges topped with spicy flavours are the perfect snack to give the family all the energy they need to outwit one another during their game of mega hide-and-seek.
Mimi on a Mission: Meet My Family
Documentary, Spooked. It s Halloween and Mimi is on a mission to prank her best friend Ashleigh who claims she is not afraid of anything. She has found a spooky cave rumoured to be haunted by a ghost searching for his own heart which was stolen several hundred years ago. Mimi also introduces sisters Angel Melody and Nevaeh who are super-proud of their traveller heritage and go trick or treating on their plot of land.
Nine Minute Ninja
Entertainment, Ricky s feeling snack happy inspiring him to animate faces on his fridge and make art that s so good he wants to eat it
Gym Stars
Gymnastics, Time to Talk. Acro gymnast George has had enough of people misunderstanding his sport so decides to give a presentation to his classmates at school to let them know what it s really like to be a world class acrobatic gymnast. Trampoline gymnast Corey returns home from the World Championships in Russia and the gym holds a mini World Champs competition to celebrate his success.
My Life
Documentary, Saving Our Beautiful Bali. A rare insight into the world of a young and inspirational environmental campaigner who lives on the beautiful island of Bali. 16-year-old Isabel has been campaigning for a law to ban single-use plastic on the island since she was only ten years old. Her hard work and dedication paid off as this year the law was passed - but for Isabel this is just the beginning
Odd Squad
Educational, There Might Be Dragons. When the power goes out in headquarters Odd Squad must figure out a way to control the temperature of dragon eggs.
Odd Squad
Educational, Dawn of the Read. Odd Squad takes on a page-turner of a case at the local library where books are mysteriously coming to life.
Horrible Histories
History, Crafty Cleopatra Special. Egyptian queen Cleopatra clashes with her brother seizes power and hooks up with great Roman leaders Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony. Meanwhile across the world we catch up with the thoughts of famous Chinese philosopher Confucius and encounter the less glamorous side of life in Rome.
Deadly Dinosaurs with Steve Backshall
Animals, Secret Skills. Steve goes on an undercover mission to unearth the sneakiest dinosaurs that were far deadlier than they first appeared.
Songs of Praise
Music, Young Chorister of the Year: Boys Semi-Final. Aled Jones presents the boys semi-final of the BBC Young Chorister of the Year competition from Gorton Monastery in Manchester. Five of the best boy choristers in the UK compete to impress judges John Rutter Laura Wright and Carl Jackson and win one of three remaining places in the final.
BBC Weekend News
News, National and international news followed by weather.
Final Score
Sports talk, FA Cup Second Round. Jason Mohammad presents all of today s FA Cup results along with reports and reaction from the afternoon s big games.
Escape to the Country
House garden, Devon. Ginny Buckley meets a couple who are looking to lay down roots in Devon after decades serving in the army. They have a £400 000 budget to find their ideal home near the English Riviera. Away from the property hunt Ginny capitalises on being in Devon at the same time as the County Show to find out what it takes to win Pig of the Year.
David Attenborough s Natural Curiosities
Documentary, Finding the Way. Some animals have an extraordinary ability to find their way. The dung beetle an insect revered by ancient Egyptians uses the sun the moon and even the Milky Way to move its prized ball of dung in the right direction.
Live: UK Championship Snooker
Snooker, Second Round. The remaining 16 second-round matches take place on a packed day of action in Milton Keynes. Seema Jaswal introduces live coverage from the Marshall Arena.
This Is BBC Four
Event, BBC FOUR is the BBC channel for people who want more. More depth more range more to stimulate the mind.
All Over the Place
Adventure, UK: Pencil Museum Olympic Slide and Highland Games. Ed Petrie and friends learn how to toss a caber at the Blairgowrie Highland Games visit a pencil museum in the Lake District slide down the UK s tallest sculpture at London s Olympic Park visit Dudley s Black Country Museum and discover what connects Liverpool and a collection of vacuum cleaners while TheNewAdam99 plays We Will Rock You using only household appliances.
Operation Ouch
Science, Food Poo and You. The doctors investigate food and poo to show you why it s important to know what you re eating. They reveal how much hidden sugar is in your dinner find out what s good and bad about fat and what your poo can tell you about your general health.
The Dumping Ground Survival Files
Dramaserie, Growing Up. Finn vlogs about growing up in the Dumping Ground. He looks back at saying goodbye to his imaginary dad and calls Tyler in Saint Lucia to hear about the day he grew up. Meanwhile Chloe vlogs about Ryan confronting their mum.
Jamie Johnson
Dramaserie, Results Day. Alba heaps pressure on Boggy to get his tactics right for the U13s crucial relegation decider. Eric and Freddie s rivalry reaches fever pitch egged on by Liam.
Dramaserie, The Bond. Issie discovers that rescue horse Blaze has life-threatening injuries. When Tom insists that Blaze is impossible to tame and can t be saved Issie refuses to give up on her.
Hank Zipzer s Christmas Catastrophe
Comedy, No one loves yuletide like Hank Zipzer and he means to have the best Christmas ever. That is until bizarre sleighing accidents police arrests and Hank losing the love of his life threaten to cancel Christmas.
Blue Planet II
Documentary, Coral Reefs. Corals build themselves homes of limestone in the warm clear shallow seas of the tropics. Their reefs occupy less than one tenth of one per cent of the ocean floor yet they are home to a quarter of all known marine species.
BBC Weekend News
News, National and international news followed by weather.
BBC London News
News, News sport and weather from London.
Environment, Plant Britain. Countryfile launches Plant Britain an ambitious two-year challenge aimed at galvanizing everyone in the nation to get planting no matter where you live or how large or tiny a space you may have to help combat climate change and for the added benefits to our well-being and our wildlife. Matt Baker will be in Cheshire planting the very first trees in what will become the Countryfile Plant Britain wood while Anita Rani is in her home town of Bradford helping residents of the Canterbury Estate.
Strictly Come Dancing
Reality, Another two couples face a tense dance-off as they try to make it through to next week s musicals special. Featuring a special performance by pop superstar Gary Barlow.
Flog It
Collectibles, Herstmonceux 33: Reversion. The team are at Herstmonceux Castle in Sussex where antiques experts James Lewis and Catherine Southon unearth treasures brought in by visitors to sell at auction. A Chinese wall plaque catches James s eye and Paul Martin explores the history of Herstmonceux Castle.
FA Cup Football
Classic Sport Event, Second Round Highlights. Manish Bhasin presents highlights analysis and talking points from the second round proper of football s most prestigious cup competition. This stage of the competition always throws up a fairytale story. Last year s second round saw two non-league sides - AFC Fylde and Hartlepool United - reach the third round.
Inside the Factory
Documentary, Pasties. Gregg Wallace is in Cornwall at an enormous bakery where they produce 180 000 Cornish pasties a day. He follows the production of the pastry snacks from the arrival of two tonnes of swedes right through to dispatch.
This Is BBC Four
Event, BBC FOUR is the BBC channel for people who want more. More depth more range more to stimulate the mind.
This Is BBC Four
Event, BBC FOUR is the BBC channel for people who want more. More depth more range more to stimulate the mind.
Crossing England in a Punt: River of Dreams
Documentary, Tom Fort embarks on a 170-mile journey down Britain s third longest river the Trent. Beginning on foot he soon transfers to his own custom-built punt the Trent Otter. Along the way he encounters the power stations that generate much of the nation s electricity veterans of the floods of 1947 the 19th-century brewers of Burton and a Bronze Age boatman who once made a life along the river.
The Madagascar Penguins In a Christmas Caper
Action, Festive animated short featuring characters from the film Madagascar . The penguins of the Central Park Zoo have an adventure in the city on Christmas Eve.
4 O Clock Club
Sitcom, Christmas Special. When Mr Bell decides to ban Christmas it s up to the 4 O Clock Club gang to bring a bit of festive cheer to Elmsmere. While Josh makes it his mission to play Santa for one lucky person Nathan comes home for the holidays with a big surprise for everybody.
All At Sea
Sitcom, Christmas Special. It s Christmas in Scarborough and Charlie keen to make money goes into business as a shopping mall Santa - but can he avoid the anger of local parents and disappointed children Meanwhile Hannah is dating a new boy because he gives very expensive Christmas presents and Louie thinks Santa is a dangerous criminal.
Nikki Lilly Meets
Interview, Susan Calman. Nikki Lilly chats to comic Susan Calman about growing up with depression being a gay teenager and putting out the bins dressed as Wonder Woman.
The Playlist
Music, Celebrity hosts give us a run-down of the top tracks on their Playlists
Our School
Educational, The Show Must Go On. Everyone is nervous and excited for the all-singing all-dancing end-of-term show. It s Ben s moment to shine as a rapper while Mary tries to conquer her fear of performing on stage.
The Pets Factor
Animals, Archie Conky and Hugo. Cheryl must delve beyond Archie the Cavachon s very curly coat in order to perform knee surgery and sort out this dog s dodgy leg.
Comedy drama, Road Trip. Lucy is questioning government agents and Itch escapes with Tim before the two find themselves stranded in the outback.
Comedy drama, Friends and Enemies. Itch and Tim must find a way to survive in the outback but Itch is double-crossed. Lucy Jack and Chloe learn the truth about Greencorp.
Heirs of the Night
Fantasy, The Rooftop Reader. Nicu and his mum also arrive in Italy. Alisa wants to find out more about Dracula and the Knot and goes to the library. Just as she finds a book on Dracula she bumps into Nicu. They reconnect again.
Secret Life of Boys
Comedy drama, The Darkness. During a power cut the family play a sinister board game that pushes them to the brink. Ethan becomes Thane changing his name and his look.
His Dark Materials
Adventure, Tower of the Angels. Will and Lyra team up and concoct a devious plan as they remain unaware of the dangers or the cost involved.
Small Axe
Drama, Red White and Blue. Spotlights the true story of Leroy Logan who at a young age saw his father assaulted by two policemen motivating him to join the Metropolitan Police and change their racist attitudes from within.
BBC Weekend News
News, National and international news followed by weather.
BBC London News
News, News sport and weather from London.
Match of the Day 2
Soccer, Mark Chapman presents highlights from the day s two Premier League games including a stand-out clash between Chelsea and Tottenham. Always keenly contested the fixture has even more of an edge now former Blues boss Jose Mourinho is in charge of Spurs. Sunday s other game is equally fascinating with Manchester United making the long journey to the south coast to face Southampton.
Defending Digga D
Documentary, Twenty-year-old Digga D is one of the biggest up-and-coming drill artists in the UK. He s on the brink of stardom with his singles getting millions of views online. But he has also been jailed for violent disorder. This film follows him as he is released from a 15-month stint in prison at a pivotal moment in his life. He is intent on making a success of his music career but that s not straightforward.
Dragons Den
Bus. financial, A mother-and-son street food team try to keep their cool as they make the Dragons a spicy business proposition while a former teacher faces a potentially life-changing lesson when he presents his schoolwork-marking system.
The Trials of Oscar Pistorius
Crime, Six weeks into the trial of Oscar Pistorius he takes the stand to explain what happened in the early hours of February 14th 2013.
Live at the Apollo
Standup, Dane Baptiste. Dane Baptiste introduces New York-born comic Desiree Burch and Liverpool funnyman Chris McCausland to the stage.
UK Championship Snooker
Snooker, Second Round: Highlights. Radzi Chinyanganya presents highlights from Sunday s second-round matches at the UK Championship the fifth ranking event of the snooker season.
Natural World
Anthology, Galápagos: Islands of Change. From enormous tortoises and deep-diving lizards to fish-eating snakes and birds that hunt giant venomous centipedes the wildlife of the world-famous Galapagos Islands is unique and bizarre. This wilderness once inspired Charles Darwin s theory of evolution but it is currently undergoing a human revolution with tourism driving a population boom.
Scotland: Rome s Final Frontier
Documentary, Were the ancient Scottish tribes too much for the Roman Empire Or was Scotland simply not worth conquering Archaeologist Dr Fraser Hunter looks back on three centuries of contact and conflict with the Roman invaders. Features the first Tay Bridge the first depiction of tartan and forgotten Roman camps that once held thirty-five thousand men.
Historical drama, Following the crossing of the inner German border by the families Strelzyk and Wetzel from the GDR to West Germany in the summer of 1979. Desperate to leave the GDR they flee in a homemade hot-air balloon.
The Dumping Ground Survival Files
Dramaserie, Growing Up. Finn vlogs about growing up in the Dumping Ground. He looks back at saying goodbye to his imaginary dad and calls Tyler in Saint Lucia to hear about the day he grew up. Meanwhile Chloe vlogs about Ryan confronting their mum.
The Next Step
Dramaserie, There Can Only Be One. Emily finds a staggering fact that could spell the end of A-troupe s chances at nationals and the end of one dancer s spot on the team. Fearful of jeopardizing her friendship with Amy Piper attempts to keep her feelings secret.
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