December 2022




Match of the Day: Top 10
Talk, Best Teams Never To Win The World Cup. Gary Lineker is joined by Micah Richards and Alan Shearer to celebrate and debate the greatest national teams to have graced a World Cup without winning it.
Match of the Day
Soccer, FIFA World Cup 2022 Replay Round of 16. A full replay of one of today s matches from the round of 16 with the winners of Groups A and C facing the runners-up from Groups B and D respectively.
Weather for the Week Ahead
Weather, Detailed weather forecast.
Joins BBC News
Special, BBC One joins the BBC s rolling news channel for a night of news.
BBC News
News, Twenty-four hours a day the latest national and international stories as they break.
Africa Eye
Documentary, What Happened to the Housegirls. Nancy Kacungira previously reported on the plight of three young women Mercy Scovia and Esther who left their homes to find jobs as domestic workers. Now Nancy is back and catching up with the three young women to find out how their lives have changed and whether their hopes and dreams became reality. From babies to boutiques to back to school Nancy discovers how each former domestic worker has overcome difficulties and embraced their new lives.
BBC News
News, Twenty-four hours a day the latest national and international stories as they break.
Technology, First Aid Kit. A look at the cutting-edge gene therapy helping patients with serious diseases and the artificial intelligence being used to assess the risk of breast cancer returning. Plus a device that transforms the everyday lives of blind people.
BBC News
News, Twenty-four hours a day the latest national and international stories as they break.
The Media Show
News, Social media anti-social media breaking news faking news: this is the programme about a revolution in media.
The Conversation
Thriller, Thriller in which an obsessive surveillance expert becomes over-involved in a case finding himself embroiled in murder and high-level power play. After listening to recordings of a bugged conversation he starts to believe it points to a conspiracy much larger than the routine marital infidelity he expected.
The Millionaire s Gift Guide
Special, Enter the world of luxury through the eyes of the planners and suppliers who help the super-rich spend their money. High-end event planners Sophie and Charlotte are launching a new venture at a stately home: a Christmas party with real reindeer.
Special, A preview of upcoming programmes from BBC Two.
This is BBC Three
Special, This is BBC Three. Programmes start at 7.00pm.
This is BBC Three 1
Special, This is BBC Three. Programmes start at 7.00pm.
Some People with Jokes
Comedy, Some Vicars with Jokes Part 2. More laughs from the pulpit as vicars from around the UK crack their favourite jokes. Old new clean and blue it s a side-splitting sermon for saints and sinners alike. Hallelujah
The Real Marigold on Tour
Documentary, Cuba. The group experience retirement in Cuba where life expectancy is high food is rationed and the way to travel is in 50s cars. They stay in Havana where they spend their first night learning to dance with the locals and Wayne visits a dance troupe.
Secret Life of Farm Animals
Animals, Cows. It s summer and the focus is on cows. We discover that cows love music problem-solving and thrive in the wild. We also learn that chickens use 24 different clucks to communicate.
Raiders of the Lost Past with Janina Ramirez
History, The Sutton Hoo Hoard. Nina explores the discovery in a Suffolk garden of the Sutton Hoo Hoard an incredible Anglo-Saxon ship-burial dating from the early 7th century AD the final resting place of a supremely wealthy warrior-king.
This Is BBC Four
Special, BBC FOUR is the BBC channel for people who want more. More depth more range more to stimulate the mind.
This Is BBC Four
Special, BBC FOUR is the BBC channel for people who want more. More depth more range more to stimulate the mind.
Newsmagazine, The BBC s Breakfast programme features the latest news sport business weather and other items on a daily basis.
Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg
Interview, Interviews with key politicians and public figures.
Politics London
Politics, The latest political news interviews and debate.
My Life at Christmas with Sally Phillips
Holiday, The Rev Richard Coles. Sally takes the Rev Richard Coles back to the church pew where he first found his faith to discover how Christmas has brought some of the most joyful meaningful and sorrowful moments in his life. From childhood chorister and Communards fame to life as a vicar and the death of his beloved life-partner David Richard tells a story filled with frank funny and festive memories.
Homes Under the Hammer
House garden, Reversion. A bungalow in Callington Cornwall and a terrace in Watford are sold under the hammer. Martin and Martel meet the new owners and hear their plans for their auction buys - one project takes several years the other just a few weeks.
Gardeners World
House garden, Winter Specials. Monty harvests his favourite winter veg Joe Swift discovers AJ Odudu s passion for houseplants and Sue Kent and Toby Buckland take an inspirational trip to Piet Oudolf s garden in Somerset.
Environment, Inclusive Farming. Matt Baker and Sean Fletcher roll up their sleeves to help out on a remarkable smallholding in Bedfordshire. Farmer Mike Duxbury lost his sight at the age of six due to glaucoma but that didn t stop him from achieving his dream to farm.
Agriculture, The team investigate the effects of climate change and how extremes in weather are dealt with. Dougie is in the Great Glen in the hills above Loch Ness to find out how foresters future-proof tree plantations from storm events. He sees how the forest is cleared to avoid destruction caused by wind blow. Near Ballater in the north east Shahbaz captures the aftermath of the recent floods by focusing on three bridges along the river Dee catchment.
This Farming Life
Documentary, At Corrimony Farm in Loch Ness pumpkin season finally arrives. The Girvan family put on the largest pick-a-pumpkin event the glen has ever seen just in time for Hallowe en. Donald and Joanna play catch-up after losing two weeks to Covid.
Saturday Kitchen Best Bites
Cooking, A look back at some of the best segments from Saturday Kitchen . The popular cookery show offers recipes and ideas for mouth-watering food interviews with great chefs and celebrity guests.
Mary Berry s Country House Secrets
Cooking, Powderham Castle. Mary visits Powderham Castle in Devon to spend time with the Earl and Countess of Devon. In the historic kitchen she bakes a Devon cream tea and a peach posset for a midsummer eve woodland party.
This is BBC Three 2
Special, This is BBC Three. Programmes start at 7.00pm.
This Is BBC Four
Special, BBC FOUR is the BBC channel for people who want more. More depth more range more to stimulate the mind.
Bargain Hunt
Game show, Stamford Meadows Extended Versions. Natasha Raskin Sharp leads proceedings from Stamford Meadows in Lincolnshire. Mark Stacey and Gary Pe are the experts helping the reds and blues spend £300 on three items in the hope of making a profit at the auction. Natasha also finds out how to spot rare books that could be worth thousands of pounds.
BBC Weekend News
News, National and international news followed by weather.
Weather for the Week Ahead
Weather, Detailed weather forecast.
Songs of Praise
Music, Young Chorister of the Year: Girls Semi-Final. Aled Jones hosts the girl s semi-final of BBC Young Chorister of the Year from Gorton Monastery in Manchester with judges Katherine Jenkins Howard Goodall and David Grant. The music featured includes the Bach Gounod setting of Ave Maria and the hymn There s a Wideness in God s Mercy and three of the girls have chosen music by contemporary composers Love Divine by Goodall Be Thou My Vision by Chilcott and Rutter s Gaelic Blessing .
Money for Nothing
Reality, Sarah finds three items at the Earlswood Recycling Centre. Mark Haig has an electrical meter to take on while wood wizards Josh and Oli are faced by a dated table and Sarah turns her hands to a vintage rocking horse.
Live: Match of the Day
Soccer, FIFA World Cup 2022 Round of 16: 1D v 2C. The winners of Group D face the runners-up from Group C in the round of 16.
Top of the Shop with Tom Kerridge
Documentary, Drinks. Four drinks producers with fledgling businesses come to test out their products on the locals in Malhamdale in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. Amy and Dan from Kingston are coffee aficionados and make cold brew coffee but trying to sell a trendy cold coffee to locals who prefer their coffee hot may be a challenge.
The A to Z of TV Cooking
Cooking, Christmas Special. John Torode digs through the archives and serves up a range of festive recipes from some of the nation s best-loved television chefs including Fanny Craddock and Lorraine Pascale.
The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp
Drama, A British epic about the life and loves of a reactionary army officer Clive Candy VC told episodically in flashback. From his dashing career in the Boer War of 1902 the film follows Candy through marriage during the First World War to the Blitz of 1943 when he searches London for his lost youth and loves.
This is BBC Three
Special, This is BBC Three. Programmes start at 7.00pm.
This Is BBC Four
Special, BBC FOUR is the BBC channel for people who want more. More depth more range more to stimulate the mind.
BBC Weekend News
News, National and international news followed by weather.
BBC Weather
Weather, The latest weather forecast.
The Earthshot Prize: Repairing Our Planet
Awards, 2022 Prize Ceremony. Prince William s environmental awards ceremony honours five environmental solutions with £1 million each to further their work helping to restore and protect the planet. Inspired by the achievement of President John F Kennedy s moonshot the seemingly impossible challenge of landing a man on the moon the Earthshot Prize aims to uncover and scale the innovative solutions that will repair the planet within the next ten years.
Live: Match of the Day
Soccer, FIFA World Cup 2022 Round of 16: 1B v 2A. The winners of Group B face the runners-up from Group A in the round of 16.
Natural World
Anthology, Snow Monkeys. In 1970 a picture of a snow monkey bathing in a hot spring graced the cover of Life Magazine. Ever since Japan s hot-tubbing primates have been protected and well fed for the enjoyment of tourists and photographers they have become international superstars of the natural world. While their unique lifestyle has brought fame the rest of Japan s snow monkeys lead very different lives.
Flog It
Collectibles, Llanerchaeron 2: Compilation. A collection of interesting and previously unseen finds from Flog It s travels round the country visiting Muncaster Castle in Cumbria The Bowes Museum in County Durham The Grand Pier in Weston-super-Mare in Somerset and Norwich Cathedral.
This Farming Life
Documentary, The first snowfall of winter arrives. In Orkney Sean works with his dad Michael and Uncle Martin in stormy weather to bring their cows in for shelter. Later Sean reveals he s one step closer to the dream of owning his own farm.
Environment, Winter Wonders. Anita Rani is at the world-famous Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust in Slimbridge a centre of research and conservation founded by Sir Peter Scott in 1946 to discover some wonderful winter sights. Anita waits for one of the most magical moments in the Slimbridge calendar the arrival of Bewick s swans. Having flown all the way from Russia these rarest and smallest of swans land here to spend the winter in warmer climes.
This is BBC Three
Special, This is BBC Three. Programmes start at 7.00pm.
I Can See Your Voice
Game show, Paddy McGuinness hosts as sisters Dominique and Tahiela from Leeds use their detective skills to spot the fake singers. They are assisted by celebrity investigators Jimmy Carr Alison Hammond and Amanda Holden. This week Andy Bell from multi-million-selling band Erasure joins to help identify the imposters.
This Is BBC Four
Special, BBC FOUR is the BBC channel for people who want more. More depth more range more to stimulate the mind.
This Is BBC Four
Special, BBC FOUR is the BBC channel for people who want more. More depth more range more to stimulate the mind.
Children, The Garden of Live Flowers. Second instalment of a special seven-part Jackanory series devoted to Lewis Carroll s Alice s Adventures through the Looking Glass . First broadcast in 2001 and read by writer dramatist and actor Alan Bennett.
Animal Magic
Family, Johnny Morris introduces three orangutans at Bristol Zoo and checks on the progress of a new ape house under construction. Vet David Taylor explains how to diagnose mumps bronchitis and other diseases in dolphins.
Think of a Number
Children, The Shape of Wealth. A light-hearted exploration of numbers and science presented by Johnny Ball. Today s programme is about wealth and features a giant roll-a-penny dicey things about dice a number over 1 000 miles long diamonds the Crown Jewels and gold bars.
SAS Rogue Heroes
Dramaserie, A meeting with Winston Churchill sees the SAS embark on their most daring operation to date. While success sees them achieve official status Stirling receives some terrible news.
BBC Weekend News
News, National and international news followed by weather.
BBC London
News, News sport and weather from London.
Spider-Man: Far From Home
Action, Spider-Man teams up with Nick Fury and fellow superhero Mysterio to stop four massive elemental creatures each representing Earth air water and fire from wreaking havoc across Europe.
Antiques Roadshow
Collectibles, Bodnant Garden 2. Fiona Bruce and the team are at Bodnant Garden in north Wales where finds include a pair of rare Wedgewood tigers a carved Russian chair and a silver box with a political connection. There is also some interesting art work: a picture from one of the great Parisian naturalist artists and an original Quentin Blake.
Simon Schama s History of Now
Documentary, Equality. Simon Schama explores the artists at the vanguard of the fight for equality in the decades after the Second World War. He revisits his childhood as a Jewish boy in Southend and his memories of seeing James Baldwin debate William Buckley at the Cambridge Union explores the story behind Nina Simone s classic civil rights song Mississippi Goddam and meets Coleman Woodson Junior who was part of the historic Selma to Montgomery march in 1965.
British Film Premieres Introductions
Documentary, Introduction to Cow. An introduction to Andrea Arnold s film Cow from Melanie Iredale.
Documentary, Chronicling the daily life of a dairy cow in an attempt to move humans closer to them. Hoping to see both their beauty and the challenge of their lives. Hoping to understand one dairy cow s reality and acknowledging her great service.
Gavin Stacey
Sitcom, It s Gwen s birthday and Bryn has arranged a special treat but things take a surprising turn when an uninvited guest turns up and Stacey tells Gavin of her big decision.
Sitcom, Sam s Mom. Sam and Jay travel to where Sam s mother died to see if she s now a ghost Sasappis divulges a secret to his fellow ghosts.
Laugh Lessons
Comedy, First World Problems Of An Influencer. Amber Doig-Thorne takes us through the perils of internet fame from trolls and misconceptions to self-monetising and brand executives.
Canada s Drag Race: Canada vs. The World
Competition Reality, Queens from around the globe descend on Canada to compete for the title of Queen of the World.
Sliding Doors
Romantic comedy, A love story exploring the nature of fate destiny and self-determination in which a young woman s future is affected by a two-second delay. When an ad agency worker loses her job and returns home early to find her boyfriend in bed with his ex she leaves him and embarks on a new life. In an alternative reality she misses her train arriving a few minutes too late and remaining with him oblivious to his infidelity.
My Mate s A Bad Date
Reality, Kelsie. 21-year-old Newcastle lass Kelsie loves nothing more than showing off her acrobatic party tricks vlogging dates live to her friends and having a cheeky cocktail or three on a first date.
Anything Goes: The Musical
Special, When the SS American heads out to sea etiquette and convention head out of the portholes as two unlikely pairs set off on the course to true love proving that sometimes destiny needs a little help from a crew of singing sailors a comical disguise and some good old-fashioned blackmail. Filmed live at the Barbican in London.
This Cultural Life
Talk, Tim Minchin. Comedian actor and composer Tim Minchin the songwriter behind Matilda the Musical reveals his creative influences.
Unsung Heroines: Danielle de Niese on the Lost World of Female Composers
Special, Danielle de Niese explores the lives and works of five female composers from the Middle Ages to the late 20th century who were famous in their lifetimes but whose work was then forgotten. Western classical music has traditionally been seen as a procession of male geniuses but the truth is that women have always composed.
Music, The Young Person s Guide to the Orchestra - Benjamin Britten. Benjamin Britten s The Young Person s Guide to the Orchestra 1945 is one of the most frequently performed works of any British composer. It has introduced and enlivened the interest of whole generations of children in the instruments of the orchestra in thrilling style. It is however much more than an instruction manual for youngsters. Now a classic of the concert hall it is frequently performed to children and adults alike.
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