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Title Genre Date From To

Hubert ohne Staller D 2023

science fiction serie

05.03.24 Tue 23:55 00:55

Hubert und Staller D 2017

science fiction serie

06.03.24 Wed 12:10 13:00

Utta Danella - Der Himmel in deinen Augen D 2006


06.03.24 Wed 14:30 16:00

Ein Hauch von Wildwest im wilden Osten D 2023

dokumentation & report

06.03.24 Wed 15:00 16:00

Shes Music - 4 Musikerinnen in Berlin D


06.03.24 Wed 20:15 21:45

Fussball: Champions League

fußball international

06.03.24 Wed 21:00 22:45

Ab ins Beet Die Garten Soap D 2020


06.03.24 Wed 21:15 22:15

Denzel Washington Spiegelbilder Amerikas Spiegelbilder Amerikas.


06.03.24 Wed 21:40 22:40

Einmal Camping immer Camping D 2016


06.03.24 Wed 22:15 23:25

S.W.A.T. Auf Abwegen.


06.03.24 Wed 22:50 23:45

GUT D 2024


06.03.24 Wed 23:55 01:00

extra 3 2024


07.03.24 Th. 00:50 01:35

Shes music D 2023

dokumentation & report

07.03.24 Th. 01:00 01:20

Shes music D 2023


07.03.24 Th. 01:20 01:50

Shes music D 2023


07.03.24 Th. 01:50 02:10

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Tense game show where contestants compete for a top prize of one million pounds. They must answer 12 questions correctly - and they have just three lifelines to help them.


05.03.24 Tue 20:00 21:00

Yes Prime Minister A Diplomatic Incident. When Jim Hacker discovers the French are planning some dirty tricks to get political advantage the PM turns the tables on them.


05.03.24 Tue 20:30 21:00

Star Trek - Raumschiff Voyager Der gute HirteDer gute Hirte. Drei Crewmitglieder muessen bei einer Mission ihre Leistungsfaehigkei. Der gute HirteDer gute Hirte. Drei Crewmitglieder muessen bei einer Mission ihre Leistungsfaehigkei

science fiction serie

11.03.24 Mon 16:15 17:15

Miriam Margolyes Remembers... Cold Comfort Farm Miriam Margoyles looks back on her role in the BBCs 1995 adaptation of one of the much-loved jewels of 20th-century British literature Stella Gibbons 1930s comic classic Cold Comfort Farm .


06.03.24 Wed 22:00 22:15

Normal People Connell is mugged and goes to Mariannes house where he interrupts a party. Connell reveals hes seeing someone new and Marianne is upset. They discuss the misunderstanding that led to their break-up.


07.03.24 Th. 21:50 22:20
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