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Title Genre Date From To

Morgan Morgan is a bioengineered child who began walking and talking after one month of existence exceeding the wildest expectations of her creators. When Morgan attacks one of her handlers a corporate troub

science fiction

18.08.22 Th. 02:20 03:55

Naked Attraction Emmy-Lou from Brighton hopes its third time lucky after having already been in the pod twice before and forensics student Charlie from Oxford strips as he seeks his ideal partner in crime.


18.08.22 Th. 03:10 04:05

Veronica Mars Kanes and Abel s. Veronica hunts down a saboteur intent on ruining the grades of a promising Neptune student. She also pursues evidence that could prove Abel Koontz is innocent of killing Lilly.


18.08.22 Th. 09:00 10:00

Magnum P.I. Dead Mans Channel. Magnum sets sail in search of a man lost at sea. However how will the intrepid investigator fair in the cursed Nehoa Channel


18.08.22 Th. 14:45 15:50

Downton Abbey Opinions are divided above and below stairs when Tom and Mary open Downton Abbey to the public for a day in aid of the hospital. Headmaster Mr Dawes has a proposition for Mr Molesley and Baxter is thr


18.08.22 Th. 17:55 19:00

Vera Cold River. Lisa Varseys sister is found dead in the water after a family party on the River Tyne. The family are convinced that her death was nothing more than a tragic accident but Vera and Malcolm


18.08.22 Th. 20:00 22:00

Body Armour A bodyguard must protect an international assassin who needs to testify for a trial.


18.08.22 Th. 21:00 22:50

Breaker Morant Australians fighting for England in the Boer War face a trumped-up court-martial being accused of killing prisoners of war. Are they murderers of were they just following orders. Based on a true story


18.08.22 Th. 21:00 23:10

Face to Face Steven Spielberg. Steven Spielberg one of the most successful film directors of all time talks about his career with Jeremy Isaacs.

aktuelles thema

18.08.22 Th. 23:25 00:05

The Secrets She Keeps Two years after her child was kidnapped someone is dead and as Meghan Shaughnessy is being held in police custody for murder the events that brought her to this place unfold including a shocking new s


19.08.22 Fri 00:10 00:55

Einsteins Quantum Riddle The story of perhaps the strangest phenomenon in science Quantum Entanglement. Its a story of mind-bending concepts and brilliant experiments which lead us to a profound new understanding of reality.


19.08.22 Fri 01:05 02:05

Hotel Splendide Kath returns to Hotel Splendide where she used to work as a chef in the hope of rekindling her romance with Ronald Blanche the son of the crumbling spa hotels owner. However she has to contend with Ro


19.08.22 Fri 01:20 03:25

Veronica Mars Weapons of Class Destruction. Veronica probes a possible bomb scare at the school while Duncan confronts her about the investigation into his sisters death. Keith stuns his daughter when he reveals wh


19.08.22 Fri 09:00 10:00

Danielle Steels No Greater Love A Titanic survivor who lost her fiancé learns to love again with the devotion of a theatrical producer. Adapted by Danielle Steel from her own novel.


19.08.22 Fri 10:00 11:50

Magnum P.I. The Woman on the Beach. Rick asks for Magnums help in solving a crime that occurred 35 years ago.


19.08.22 Fri 14:40 15:45

Downton Abbey Henry Talbot invites the Crawleys to watch him motor racing at Brooklands but events leave Mary reeling. Violet makes a plan which surprises the family and delights Denker and also gets to the bottom


19.08.22 Fri 17:55 19:00

To Sir With Love A young teacher from British Guiana is assigned to a school in Londons East End where he faces a class of rowdy undisciplined students. No stranger to hostility he meets the challenge by treating them


19.08.22 Fri 18:50 21:00

The Hunters Prayer An assassin is sent to kill a young woman but finds himself unable to pull the trigger. They form an uneasy alliance and flee from their pursuers.


19.08.22 Fri 21:00 22:50

Psycho Gus Van Sants remake of the Hitchcock classic about an embezzler who checks into a remote motel run by a psychopath. While remaining faithful to the original the modern setting and slightly more expli


19.08.22 Fri 21:00 23:00

The Last Leg Adam Hills Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker dissect the biggest stories of the week with celebrity guests. S25 Ep6


19.08.22 Fri 22:00 23:05
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