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S E Title Genre Date From To
S03 E09

Rick and Morty The ABCs of Beth. Rick and Beth sort out issues from her childhood by visiting a world called Froopy Land. Morty and Summer are a little wary of Jerrys new girlfriend.


30.11.22 Wed 00:20 00:50

McFarland USA Led by Jim White a group of Latino students with an exceptional talent for long-distance running learn about discipline and a good work ethic as they face adversity together and bid to become cross co


30.11.22 Wed 00:30 02:30

Farscape Die Me Dichotomy. An alien surgeon comes to the aid of Crichton removing the control chip from his head and healing the Moya.

science fiction

30.11.22 Wed 02:05 03:00

Christmas Miracle A Christmas storm forces eight complete strangers to take refuge in a disused church. Will these stranded travellers cope with this holiday crisis


30.11.22 Wed 03:00 04:30

Family for Christmas After an offhand wish to a man playing Santa Claus a woman wakes up to find herself married to her college sweetheart.


30.11.22 Wed 06:00 08:00

The Christmas Ornament Kathy plans to avoid any holiday traditions that bring back memories of her late husband until she receives an ornament from a handsome shop owner. To move on from her loss Kathy works for a balance b


30.11.22 Wed 08:00 10:00

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas When Maggie learns that her long-time crush doesn t care for Christmas she tries to bring back his holiday spirit by showing him the magic of Christmas.


30.11.22 Wed 10:00 12:00

Christmas Confessions A struggling actress returns to her small hometown for Christmas where a holiday romance proves the life she left behind may be better than Broadway.


30.11.22 Wed 12:00 14:00

A Taste of Christmas Emily receives a mysterious Christmas calendar and everyone tries to find out who sent it. Assuming the handmade gift was from a secret admirer the locals become obsessed with finding out who it is.


30.11.22 Wed 14:00 16:00

Planet Earth Live A Tale of Three Bears. Sam Sophie and Sybil are three tiny black bear cubs who have just emerged from their den in the Northwoods of Minnesota. But this spectacular wilderness is full of threats wolve


30.11.22 Wed 14:15 14:30

Live: Match of the Day FIFA World Cup 2022 Group D: Australia v Denmark. Mark Chapman introduces live coverage as Australia take on Denmark at the Al Janoub Stadium in Qatar. The Socceroos have only reached the knockout rou


30.11.22 Wed 14:45 17:15

My Christmas Love A hopeless romantic who can t ever seem to give a guy a real chance begins receiving each of the 12 Days of Christmas as gifts anonymously at her door. She begins to believe that the mystery suitor ma


30.11.22 Wed 16:00 18:00

Kristins Christmas Past A woman gets the chance to go back in time and revisit her estranged family at Christmas 16 years earlier before the events took place that drove them apart. While she finds changing the past is impos

kinder j. sonstiges

30.11.22 Wed 18:00 20:00

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two Janette Manrara dishes up more backstage gossip and behind-the-scenes action from the world of Strictly.


30.11.22 Wed 18:15 18:45

Live: Match of the Day FIFA World Cup 2022 Group C: Saudi Arabia v Mexico. Live coverage of the last round of fixtures in Group C as Saudi Arabia take on Mexico at the Lusail Stadium in Qatar. The Saudis beat Egypt in their


30.11.22 Wed 18:45 21:10

BattleBots Its A Flippin Robot Party. World-class robots Bronco and Bombshell go head-to-head as the elite group of robots compete for the title of 2018 World Champion.

competition reality

30.11.22 Wed 19:00 20:00

Top Gear Kiefer Sutherland. The boys embark on a road trip across Australias Northern Territory. Tasked with picking a fast luxurious GT for the trip Clarkson chooses a BMW M6 Gran Coupe Hammond a Bentley Cont


30.11.22 Wed 19:00 20:00

Farscape Season of Death. Crichton has been left helpless and virtually speechless after an operation to remove the Scorpius chip from his brain Aeryn Sun has been placed in a cryogenic chamber awaiting a spac

science fiction

30.11.22 Wed 20:05 21:00

Cherry Valentine: Gypsy Queen and Proud At 18 George Ward left the Gypsy community. He d felt rejected having come out as gay. Leaving his gypsy identity behind he invented Cherry Valentine a drag alter-ego. Now he wants to find out if he c


30.11.22 Wed 21:00 22:00
S03 E10

Rick and Morty The Rickchurian Mortydate. The president needs help from Rick and Morty prompting a bit of a confrontation. Beth begins to suspect that she may be a clone.


30.11.22 Wed 23:50 00:20
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