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Title Genre Date From To

QI Unrelated. Sandi Toksvig looks at a range of unrelated U topics with Tom Allen Chris McCausland Lou Sanders and Alan Davies.


03.03.24 Sun 22:15 22:45

Gogglebox Britains sharpest armchair critics share more of their sharp insightful passionate and sometimes emotional critiques of the weeks biggest and best shows on television.


03.03.24 Sun 22:30 23:30

Match of the Day 2 Mark Chapman presents highlights of the days two Premier League matches including the Manchester derby at Etihad Stadium. Elsewhere struggling Burnley will hope to gain revenge on Bournemouth.


03.03.24 Sun 22:30 23:30

Trial Retribution The Box. Following his arrest Ronnie Reid refutes the evidence in Annas diary and her own mother questions its authenticity. Meanwhile the tension is rising between Walker and Jack Mullins the Glasgow


03.03.24 Sun 23:05 00:00

DCI Banks Piece of My Heart. When investigative journalist Matt Barber is found dead in a holiday chalet in a remote village Banks and his team are initially confronted by an overwhelming number of leads.


04.03.24 Mon 00:00 00:50

The Hairy Bikers Go West The Hairy Bikers explore Lancashire. For Dave the trip is an emotional homecoming as he was born in the county. They start their trip in the glorious beauty of Morecambe Bay and head to the kitchen to


04.03.24 Mon 08:00 09:00

Magnum P.I. Murder by Night. Filmed in black and white. In the 40s Magnum gathers up suspects in the slaying of a newspaper mogul.


04.03.24 Mon 13:40 14:40

Young Sheldon A Political Campaign and a Candy Land Cheater. Unhappy that school funds are going toward football rather than academics Sheldon decides to run for class president.


04.03.24 Mon 17:00 17:30

Star Trek The Menagerie Part 1. Spock has hijacked the Enterprise and taken it within range of the forbidden planet of Talos IV. At his court martial he produces evidence of Captain Pikes first contacts with th

science fiction

04.03.24 Mon 17:00 18:00

Art of America What Lies Beneath. In Levittown Andrew Graham-Dixon uncovers the dark side of post-war consumerism and the role artists have played in challenging the status quo. He visits New Yorks Metropolitan Muse


04.03.24 Mon 20:00 21:00

Just My Type Vanessa a New York pop culture writer lands her dream interview. It turns out her boss might be of more interest to her than she initially thought.


04.03.24 Mon 20:00 21:50

Grace Dead Simple. Detective Superintendent Roy Grace is approached by colleague Detective Sergeant Branson to help investigate the disappearance of a Brighton property developer who has vanished without a


04.03.24 Mon 20:00 22:00

Inside Our Autistic Minds Chris Packham helps an autistic comedian reveal to her mum whats really going on inside her head gives a non-speaking autistic man the chance to take his message to the world and visits the only state


04.03.24 Mon 21:00 22:00

Trial Retribution Tracks. The body of a teenage girl Maria Cole is discovered in a chalk pit. The tracks of three vehicles are found at the crime scene leading Connor and Walker to local hardman Ray Harper. Rays son An


04.03.24 Mon 22:00 23:00

Trial Retribution Tracks. Andy and Darrens trial takes a dramatic and tragic turn when Andy commits suicide. Following a highly charged and emotional testimony - where he reveals that he and Andy were lovers - Darren i


04.03.24 Mon 23:00 23:50

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Six contestants vie for the chance of answering 15 questions to win a million pounds. Four lifelines - Phone a Friend 50:50 Ask the Audience and Ask the Host - can help them along the way.


04.03.24 Mon 23:15 00:10

Assassin Jamie a skilled killer breaks one of his own rules when he falls in love with a beautiful woman. When he learns his latest target is her estranged father Jamie is forced to turn against his employers.


04.03.24 Mon 23:50 01:25

Magnum P.I. Murder by Night. Filmed in black and white. In the 40s Magnum gathers up suspects in the slaying of a newspaper mogul.


05.03.24 Tue 09:25 10:25

Magnum P.I. On the Fly. Magnums helicopter flying lessons end abruptly when a bullet meant for Thomas seriously wounds instructor TC.


05.03.24 Tue 13:40 14:40

To the Manor Born Never Be Alone. Audrey helps Richard to catalogue his antique China but one valuable piece mysteriously disappears. Suspicion falls on Audrey when she suddenly appears to be spending money liberally.


05.03.24 Tue 20:00 20:30
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