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Title Genre Date From To

Murder They Hope Gemma and Terry have given up their jobs and are now full time private investigators. They have in their possession a valuable collectors piece that the murderous Bunnyman will stop at nothing to acqu


25.04.24 Th. 21:00 21:45

Body on the Beach: What Happened to Annie The Suspect. Investigative journalist Hazel Martin accesses a new source of information which leads to a series of disturbing discoveries shedding new light on what might have happened to Annie.


25.04.24 Th. 21:30 22:00

World Championship Snooker Highlights: Day 6. Highlights from the seventh day of the Snooker World Championship in Sheffield.


25.04.24 Th. 23:15 00:05

World Championship Snooker Extra: Day 6. Further coverage of the sixth day of the Snooker World Championship in Sheffield.


26.04.24 Fri 00:05 02:05

The Crucible: 40 Golden Snooker Years Steve Davis goes back to the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield to celebrate 40 years of the Snooker World Championships. If the walls of this famous regional theatre could talk they would tell tales of te


26.04.24 Fri 02:30 03:30

Location Location Location The South East. In the South East Kirstie Allsopp helps Tom and Kaitlyn whose wish list doesn t match their budget while Phil Spencers with Pete and Georgie who are desperate for more space.

home improvement

26.04.24 Fri 05:15 06:10

Live: World Championship Snooker Day 7. Coverage of the seventh day of the Snooker World Championship from the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield.


26.04.24 Fri 10:00 12:00

Young Sheldon A Resident Advisor and the Word Sketchy. At college Sheldon decides to expand his responsibilities and become a dorm resident adviser Meemaw and Dale make a sketchy business deal Mary and George Sr. r


26.04.24 Fri 11:30 12:00

Live: World Championship Snooker Day 7. Coverage of the seventh day of the Snooker World Championship from the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield.


26.04.24 Fri 13:00 18:00

Young Sheldon A Launch Party and a Whole Human Being. The Coopers can t be found as Mandy goes into labour Sheldon is excited about the launch of his database.


26.04.24 Fri 17:00 17:30

Young Sheldon Teen Angst and a Smart-Boy Walk of Shame. Sheldon confronts the failure of his database Georgie and Mandy struggle as new parents Missy feels forgotten.


26.04.24 Fri 17:30 18:00

Live: World Championship Snooker Day 7. Coverage of the evening session on day seven of the 2024 World Snooker Championship at the Crucible Theatre.


26.04.24 Fri 19:00 21:00

Bill Baileys Australian Adventure Exmouth. Bill Bailey heads to Western Australias Ningaloo Coast where he samples the laid-back red dirt lifestyle goes swimming alongside whale sharks and visits the celebrated Pink Lakes. There are a


26.04.24 Fri 20:00 21:00

Astrid: Murder in Paris The flowers of evil. The lifeless body of a biologist with a passion for plant intelligence is found inside a tropical greenhouse. Could her past research projects have something to do with her murder


26.04.24 Fri 21:00 22:00

Late Night Lycett Joe Lycett presides over the mischief and mayhem as he presents his comedy entertainment show live from Birmingham with celeb guests local heroes and of course Joes aunties.


26.04.24 Fri 22:00 23:05

Hope Street Local GP Siobhan raises the alarm when a dementia patient goes missing. As Marlene and the team search they find themselves uncovering a tale of shipmates smuggling and stolen treasure. Plus Callum di


26.04.24 Fri 13:45 14:30

Escape to the Country The Lothians. After 26 years in London a couple are heading north to the Scottish Lothians in search of a complete change of lifestyle. They have a house-hunting budget of £475 000 and Nicki Chapman

house garden

26.04.24 Fri 15:00 15:45

Meteor Storm San Francisco becomes a target for waves of destructive meteors after a rogue comet orbits around the earth. For astronomer Michelle Young what was meant to be an once-in-a-lifetime celestial event so

science fiction

26.04.24 Fri 19:20 21:00

Countryfile Wisley Bees. From the blooming gardens of RHS Wisley in Surrey Hamza Yassin and Sammi Kinghorn celebrate one of natures heroes: the bee. Plus Joe Crowley investigates the controversy over a pesticide


21.04.24 Sun 17:00 18:00

Antiques Roadshow Ham House 3. Fiona Bruce and the team return to Ham House and gardens in Richmond-upon-Thames. Treasures are in plentiful supply with miscellaneous expert Bunny Campione valuing an 18th-century effigy


21.04.24 Sun 20:00 21:00
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