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Titel Genre Datum Von Bis

Everybody Loves Raymond The Car. Ray and Debra take Franks old car but when Debra finds out it was Rays old make-out mobile she wants to get rid of it.


25.09.20 Fr. 09:05 09:35

Frasier Deathtrap. When Frasier and Niles discover a skull while visiting their childhood home the brothers use their deductive powers to unravel what they imagine to be a sinister murder.


25.09.20 Fr. 09:35 10:05

George and Mildred Nappy Days. When the Fourmiles go away for the day George and Mildred are left holding the baby. George decides that you are never too young to go to a darts match.


25.09.20 Fr. 09:55 10:25

Chasing Christmas When grumpy Jack refuses to celebrate Christmas the Bureau for Yuletide Affairs sends the ghosts of Christmas past to change his mind. Things get complicated when one of the ghosts takes him back to C


25.09.20 Fr. 10:00 12:00

This Morning A mix of celebrity interviews showbiz news topical discussion competitions health and more.

aktuelles thema

25.09.20 Fr. 10:00 12:30

Teletubbies Close the Gate. The Teletubbies accidentally leave the Tiddlytubbies gate open and some of them escape into Home Dome. The Teletubbies must find them all and then close the gate.


25.09.20 Fr. 10:05 10:20

Roswell New Mexico Sex and Candy. Marias investigation into her mothers disappearance leads her and Alex to the home of a mysterious boot maker named Travis. Isobels night out leads her into the arms of someone unexpect


25.09.20 Fr. 10:25 11:25

CSI: Miami Deep Freeze. When a retired professional football player is found stabbed to death Alexx is unable to take the body for an autopsy because the victim wanted to be cryogenically frozen.


25.09.20 Fr. 11:05 12:00

Due South Easy Money. Fraser and Kowalski investigate a jewellery store robbery.


25.09.20 Fr. 12:00 13:00

The Christmas Clause As Christmas approaches a stressed-out mum wishes for the freedom of the single life. When her wish comes true however she discovers that life without her family is not all she though it would be.


25.09.20 Fr. 12:00 14:00

Bargain Hunt Join Christina Trevanion in the old market town of Leominster. The reds and blues are on the look-out for treasures with experts Kate Bliss and Tim Weeks. Which team will make the most money at auctio


25.09.20 Fr. 12:15 13:00

Live: ITV Racing Live Cambridgeshire Meeting: Day 2. Ed Chamberlin and Francesca Cumani present coverage of four competitive races on another afternoon of flat racing from Newmarket. Todays feature races are both group two

horse racing

25.09.20 Fr. 13:30 16:00

The Rubbish World of Dave Spud Culture. George takes the Spuds to the museum of mouldy cheese. Anna dares Dave to lick the cheeses on display.


25.09.20 Fr. 13:45 14:00

The Ellen DeGeneres Show Diane Keaton and Lior Suchard. The host is joined by Hollywood veteran Diane Keaton who is in the studio to discuss her book Brother Sister: A Memoir . Plus mentalist Lior Suchard calls in.

aktuelles thema

25.09.20 Fr. 14:00 14:55

The Case for Christmas A greedy business mogul is still bitter about not receiving the presents he wanted as a child so decides to sue Santa Claus.


25.09.20 Fr. 14:00 16:00

Teletubbies Tiddly Phone. Tinky Winky Dipsy Laa­Laa and Po receive a call on the Tubby Phone. Its the Tiddlytubbies who ring to say hello just before the Tubby Phone Dance.


25.09.20 Fr. 14:05 14:20

Operation Dames A sergeant and his men rescue a chorus girl and her troupe in North Korea.


25.09.20 Fr. 14:55 16:35

The Masked Singer US Return of the Masks: Groups A B. Nick Cannon introduces the first four contestants - Butterfly Egg Thingamajig and Skeleton. Panelists Robin Thicke Jenny McCarthy Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger must


25.09.20 Fr. 15:50 17:50

Football Rivalries Investigating the long-festering feud between teams Liverpool and Manchester United.


25.09.20 Fr. 16:00 16:15

The Goldbergs Graduation Day. Erica can t wait to get out of the house as Graduation Day approaches Barrys plans for summer with Lainey turn to dust and Dana pays a visit.


25.09.20 Fr. 16:00 16:30
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