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Title Genre Date From To

Whos the Boss: Ridiculous Liaisons Tony is upset when Angela appears to have found the perfect man.


20.01.21 Wed 17:30 18:00

To Be Announced Programming to be announced.


20.01.21 Wed 22:00 23:00

Whos the Boss: Hey Dude Samantha announces that she plans to drop out of college and get married.


21.01.21 Th. 17:00 17:30

Whos the Boss: The Fabulous Robinson Sisters When Angelas Judith Light dating schedule slows down Tony Tony Danza persuades Mona Katherine Helmond to entertain her.


21.01.21 Th. 17:30 18:00

Whos the Boss: Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind Tony Tony Danza meets Kathleens Kate Vernon father Mitchell Ryan while Angela Judith Light baby-sits a little boy Jonathan Halyalkar .


22.01.21 Fri 17:00 17:30

Whos the Boss: One Flew Over the Empty Nest Tony Tony Danza is lonely when Samantha Alyssa Milano leaves for college and Angela Judith Light is busy with her boyfriend.


22.01.21 Fri 17:30 18:00

The Great Waldo Pepper Aerial tale set in the 1920s about a travelling aviator whose exaggerations look set to be discovered when he begins work on a film with a pilot with whom he claims to have done battle. Having told co


16.01.21 Sat 14:00 16:20

Two by Two Finny a Nestrian and his new friend Leah have to band together to survive the elements and predators after they fall off Noahs Ark.


16.01.21 Sat 15:00 16:45

Turbo Turbo a lowly garden snail get to live his racing dream when his DNA is supercharged with nitrous oxide. Backed by some unlikely sponsors and a crew of fast-talking street snails Turbo finds himself l


16.01.21 Sat 15:10 17:00

Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous FBI agent Gracie is given another makeover to become the face of the Bureau prior to embarking on a promotional tour. When two of her friends are kidnapped - Miss USA and a beauty pageant director - s


16.01.21 Sat 18:50 21:00

Knight and Day When a woman meets a secret agent who could be the man of her dreams her life is turned upside down as the pair travel around the globe fighting for their lives.


16.01.21 Sat 18:50 21:00

The Jewel of the Nile Jack and romance writer Joan are once again fighting like cats and dogs. However when Joan is imprisoned by a tyrannical dictator while travelling in Africa Jack rushes to rescue her. Together they cr


16.01.21 Sat 19:15 21:20

Michael McIntyres The Wheel Michael McIntyre hosts as three contestants try to answer their way to a fortune guided by seven celebrity experts.


16.01.21 Sat 20:30 21:30

Top of the Pops 22 June 1990. Jakki Brambles presents the pop chart programme first broadcast on 22 June 1990 and featuring Magnum Yazz and Elton John.


16.01.21 Sat 23:50 00:20

Top of the Pops 28 June 1990. Gary Davies presents the pop chart programme first broadcast on 28 June 1990 and featuring Bob Geldof Elton John and Maxi Priest.


17.01.21 Sun 00:20 00:50

Simon Kings Shetland Diaries Simon is enjoying the islands at their best with 19 hours of glorious sunlight the remarkable Simmer Dim the Shetland word for the midnight gloaming and a plethora of wildlife. The visit ends with a s


17.01.21 Sun 02:50 03:50

David Attenboroughs Natural Curiosities A Curious Twist. David Attenborough reveals natures most amazing animals. A look at the tusk of the narwhal and the spiral shells found on snails and ammonites.


17.01.21 Sun 07:15 08:00

Cornwall and Devon Walks with Julia Bradbury Julia walks five miles of the stunning north Cornish coast from popular picturesque Padstow to the surfing hotspot of Trevone Bay. Along the way she experiences dramatic coastal landscapes featured in


17.01.21 Sun 09:30 10:00

The Choice Travis and Gabby first meet as neighbours in a small coastal town and wind up in a relationship that is tested by lifes most defining events.


17.01.21 Sun 13:05 15:15

Rise of the Guardians When evil spirit Pitch and his army of nightmares come to Earth the Guardians must protect the children of the world while they sleep. Pitch is powerful so they need help from a reluctant new team mem


17.01.21 Sun 14:15 16:15
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