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Marvels Avengers: Ultron Revolution Captain Marvel. The Avengers join Captain Marvel in a fight to stop a powerful sentient space ship from destroying Earth.


31.05.19 Fr. 17:29 18:00

The Supervet: Noel Fitzpatrick Otto Elvis and Gucci. Kevin and Natalies world collapses when they discover their German shepherd Otto has a life-threatening tumour. Noel and his team also see Jane and Simon whose Rottweiler puppy.


31.05.19 Fr. 17:55 18:55

Eggheads The Eggheads team are made up of some of Britains top quizzers. They face a team of challengers trying to beat the incumbents in order to win a cash prize. If the Eggheads beat the challengers the c


31.05.19 Fr. 18:00 18:30

The Simpsons Lets Go Fly a Coot. The clan hear about Grampas days in the Air Force. Plus Milhouses cousin swings by. Game of Thrones Carice van Houten guest stars.


31.05.19 Fr. 18:00 18:30

Gogglebox Britains sharpest armchair critics share more of their sharp insightful passionate and sometimes emotional critiques of the weeks biggest and best shows on television.


31.05.19 Fr. 21:00 22:00

Father Brown The Labyrinth of the Minotaur. Father Brown is asked to look after Lady Felicias wayward niece Bunty who soon finds herself suspected of murder.


31.05.19 Fr. 21:00 22:00

Resident Evil: Retribution New allies and old friends aid Alice in her worldwide search for those responsible for the T-virus outbreak that continues to turn humans into flesh-eating zombies.


31.05.19 Fr. 21:00 22:55

BBC News at Ten The latest national and international news with reports from BBC correspondents worldwide.

news info

31.05.19 Fr. 22:00 22:25

CSI: Miami Rio. Horatio Caine and Eric Delko arrive in Rio de Janeiro with revenge on their mind intent on hunting down Antonio Riaz the killer of Horatios wife and Erics sister Marisol.


31.05.19 Fr. 22:00 23:00

New Tricks Old School Ties. The UCOS team reinvestigate the disappearance of a PE teacher when the remains of a body are discovered on the perimeter of the elite public boarding school where he used to teach.


31.05.19 Fr. 22:00 23:20

The Mash Report The Mini Mash Report. Highlights from the satirical show present everything that has and hasn t happened this week.

news info

31.05.19 Fr. 22:15 22:30

The Peoples History of Pop 1976-1985 Tribal Gatherings. Series telling the story of pop music through fans memories and memorabilia. Pauline Black lead singer of Two Tone band The Selecter looks at the years 1976-1985 when she


31.05.19 Fr. 23:00 00:00

The Persuaders Anyone Can Play. Danny has to go on the run from enemy agents after his gambling winnings at a Brighton casino turn out to be part of a communist plot to pay off spies when they use the right code wor


31.05.19 Fr. 23:00 00:00

First Dates 61-year-old Italian restaurant owner Giovanni thinks he can give Fred a run for his money on the charm front. And Jason has to try and see past Tyrones ADHD for a successful date.


31.05.19 Fr. 23:05 00:05

When English Football Ruled Europe A look at how Bob Paisleys Liverpool and Brian Cloughs Nottingham Forest ushered in a new era of domination for English teams in Europe.

aktuelles thema

31.05.19 Fr. 23:20 00:20

Sport Clips Die Aussteigerinnen.


01.06.19 Sa. 00:00 00:40

Hell on Wheels Zurück in die Hoelle. Cullen kehrt gemeinsam mit Durant Mickey und den anderen befreiten Maennern nach Cheyenne zurück. Waehrend Durant und Cullen versuchen gemeinsam mit Campbell einen Deal auszuha

western serie

01.06.19 Sa. 00:05 00:45

Switch Reloaded


01.06.19 Sa. 00:35 01:05

Mythen der Geschichte Als die Staedter die Lust an den Alpen entdeckten brauchten sie Hotels die ihnen den staedtischen Luxus auch in abgelegenen Taelern bieten konnten. Es war die Geburtsstunde der oesterreichischen Berg

dokumentation & report

01.06.19 Sa. 01:15 02:00

Sport Clips Nacktgymnastik.


01.06.19 Sa. 01:45 01:50
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