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Title Genre Date From To

Jessica Schweinsberg Klare Als Schamanin gibt Jessica Ihnen zu allen Fragen des Lebens ausfuehrliche Antworten. UEber die Hell.


06.03.21 Sat 09:00 10:00

Hochzeit auf den ersten Blick Australien Die fuenfte Entscheidungszeremonie. Heute findet die bislang dramatischste Entscheidungszeremonie statt. Die Beziehungen stehen auf der Kippe. Welche Paare werden sich trennen

reality soap

06.03.21 Sat 04:20 05:25

Roast Battle Short Summary TV Show.


06.03.21 Sat 04:24 04:50

Geniale Technik Rettung für Tschernobyl. 1986 verlaeuft in der UdSSR im Kernkraftwerk Tschernobyl ein Sicherheitstest verheerend. Dabei kommt es zum Super GAU und dem schlimmsten nuklearen Unfall der Geschichte. Nun

dokumentation & report

06.03.21 Sat 04:00 04:40

Rick and Morty Auto Erotic Assimilation. When Rick Morty and Summer respond to a distress signal Rick reunites with an old flame. Meanwhile Jerry discovers a secret hatch in the garage.


05.03.21 Fri 02:20 02:50

Mara A criminal psychologist investigates the mysterious strangling death of a man in his bed. She soon meets members of a community who tell her about a centuries-old demon that kills people in their slee


05.03.21 Fri 02:35 04:30

CSI: Miami Under Suspicion. Horatio and the team race against time to find out who is trying to frame Horatio for the murder of a woman hes been dating.


05.03.21 Fri 03:00 04:00

The Repair Shop Helle and David have travelled from Wiltshire seeking the help of goldsmith Richard Talman. Helles diamond and sapphire engagement ring was first the treasured possession of Davids great-grandmother a


05.03.21 Fri 07:45 08:45

The Sweeney Nightmare. A lorry drag takes place two men are dead and theres £50 000 worth of cigars missing. Meanwhile Regans girlfriend has a nightmare which has bizarre similarities with the incident.


05.03.21 Fri 08:50 09:50

black-ish Black Math. When Junior is accepted to Howard and Stanford Dre tries to convince him to attend his alma mater. Ruby decides shes going to manage Jacks comedy career forcing Diane to compete for her at


05.03.21 Fri 09:00 09:30

Star Trek: Enterprise Dawn. A solo mission goes wrong when Trip and an alien enemy are forced to land on the dark side of a moon. Now they must work together in order to survive the imminent sunrise.

science fiction

05.03.21 Fri 09:00 10:00

black-ish Dog Eat Dog World. The family is divided over the idea of getting a dog. Meanwhile Bows brother Johan is in town and he doesn t get the warm welcome he expects from Ruby.


05.03.21 Fri 09:30 10:00

Matlock The Defendant. Leanne falls in love with her client Gil Stoddard a handsome philanthropist accused of murdering his partner.


05.03.21 Fri 10:00 11:05

CSI: Miami Under Suspicion. Horatio and the team race against time to find out who is trying to frame Horatio for the murder of a woman hes been dating.


05.03.21 Fri 11:05 12:00

The Goldbergs The Lost Boy. Adam gets lost in the stadium while attending a Phillies game with Murray. Barry and Erica strand Beverly on the side of the road after an argument.


05.03.21 Fri 12:00 12:30

The Goldbergs The Adam Bomb. Beverly asks Murray to speak with Erica about her future after learning that Erica wants to postpone college and pursue a singing career. Meanwhile an April Fools joke leads to an epic


05.03.21 Fri 12:30 13:00

Loose Women A rotating panel comprised of women from the entertainment and journalism worlds discuss issues from a female perspective - from politics and current affairs to the latest gossip.

aktuelles thema

05.03.21 Fri 12:30 13:30

Nostradamus A brilliant detectives investigation into a series of homicides results in his transportation to the 16th Century where he must fight to save the future.


05.03.21 Fri 13:00 14:50

The Ellen DeGeneres Show Jane Fonda. Golden Globes Cecil B DeMille Award 2021 recipient Jane Fonda discusses 9 To 5: The Story of a Movement while Ellen chats to business owners Celia and Joe Ward-Wallace.

aktuelles thema

05.03.21 Fri 14:00 14:55

CSI: Miami Cyber-lebrity. A teenage swimming star becomes an unwitting online sensation when a stalker posts her photograph online. After giving testimony to a grand jury Horatio learns that his life may be in d


05.03.21 Fri 14:05 15:00
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