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Titel Genre Datum Von Bis

The Goldbergs Danas Back. Adam gets a blast from the past in the shape of Dana - his first love. Meanwhile Erica and Barry are heading to college with nowhere to live.


14.07.20 Di. 17:00 17:30

Murder She Wrote Murder a la Mode. The lover of a model who helped Jessica research a book is targeted by a killer in Paris and Jessica is confronted with the scandal of slave-labour sweatshops in the world of high fa


14.07.20 Di. 17:00 18:00

The Goldbergs Food in a Geoffy. Murray and Geoff have to run around Jenkintown looking for an important cheese steak after a food delivery job goes sideways.


14.07.20 Di. 17:30 18:00

The Professionals The Acorn Syndrome. Bodie and Doyle stalk East German agents who are blackmailing Government employee John Copeland. The life of his daughter Sandy is threatened unless he hands over top-secret plans


14.07.20 Di. 17:55 19:00

The Simpsons Brawl in the Family. The family fight when a game of Monopoly goes wrong and Maggie has to call the police. They are arrested the story makes the papers and Homer and Flanders Vegas wives turn up inte


14.07.20 Di. 18:00 18:30

Murder She Wrote Big Easy Murder. Jessica links the death of a former senator to a voodoo curse.


14.07.20 Di. 18:00 19:00

Great Australian Railway Journeys Port Augusta to Darwin: The Ghan. Michael Portillo ventures down under to experience one of the worlds greatest rail journeys aboard the legendary Ghan Railway. His 1913 Bradshaws Guide tells him a tr


14.07.20 Di. 18:30 19:00

River Walks River Lea. Sean Fletcher puts on his hiking boots and heads north-east to walk the eight-mile route along the River Lea. He takes in the landmarks of an industrial past and discovers what the future h


14.07.20 Di. 19:00 19:30

Star Trek: The Next Generation The Ensigns of Command. A battle of diplomacy begins when a hostile nation tells the Enterprise that it is going to destroy a colony of humans.

science fiction

14.07.20 Di. 19:00 20:00

Jurassic World: The Legend of Isla Nublar Mission Critical. A theme-park reviewer has become trapped in an tram right above a hungry T-Rex hoping for a meal.


14.07.20 Di. 19:05 19:30

Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby MGM Cotai Macau. Monica and Giles travel to the self-governing Chinese city of Macau which is the gambling capital of the world welcoming millions of Chinese visitors every year. Joining the 6 000 sta


14.07.20 Di. 20:00 21:00

Dalziel and Pascoe Under Dark Stars. Pascoe takes it personally when the trial of a child killer he investigated collapses and against Dalziels advice finds himself increasingly embroiled in the lives of one of the vict


14.07.20 Di. 20:00 22:00

Britains Most Historic Towns Professor Alice Roberts explores the Georgian era in her hometown of Bristol from architectural gems to the worlds first chocolate factory backstreet gin and the horror of the slave trade.


14.07.20 Di. 21:00 22:00

CSI: NY Charge of This Post. When a security guard is stabbed to death Mac and Flack rush to the scene of the crime. While investigating the murder a bomb is detonated and Flack is sent to the hospital with s


14.07.20 Di. 21:00 22:00

Shocking Emergency Calls UK A distressing call is taken by emergency call handlers from a young woman who returns home to find her flatmate murdered in Gateshead. Extreme fog in Kent leads to one of the biggest road traffic acci


14.07.20 Di. 22:00 23:05

Sniper: Ghost Shooter Elite snipers Beckett and Miller are tasked with guarding a gas pipeline. A ghost shooter seems to know exactly where they ll be at all times and they begin to suspect hes being aided from within.


14.07.20 Di. 22:55 00:55

Scott Bailey Rachels personal life gets even more complicated when she reveals to Nick that she is pregnant. At work the team face a particularly gruesome case - a mother of two has been brutally raped and left to


14.07.20 Di. 23:00 00:05

Derry Girls The Prom. Jenny Joyce organises a 50s style prom but the girls are more intrigued by the arrival of a new girl at Lady Immaculate. Erin Clare and Michelle are looking for prom dates but Orla has alrea


14.07.20 Di. 23:05 23:40

Silent Witness Voids. A tough case for Emilia Fox and the expert forensic pathologists. Harry and Nikki try to remain professional when they find themselves on opposite sides of a high-profile job.


14.07.20 Di. 23:20 01:30

Being Beethoven Beethoven embarks on a new creative path and attempts to find love. But as is often the case the composers life appears to be following a very different trajectory to his art.


14.07.20 Di. 23:25 00:25
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